SXSW 2014: Festival Kicks Off in Austin

Anticipated events include the "Veronica Mars" movie, Lena Dunham keynote and Chelsea Clinton.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for SXSW 2014: Festival Kicks Off in Austin
I'm definitely are because entertainment pop so many bosnians and it started SXSW festival a weeklong culture clash of movies music curative -- -- In the heart of Texas in fact they're going to -- 1987 it's. Grown every year ABC entertainment editor messenger highlights look forward to for the next week. Leslie good to see you. As acts as W right is that what it is that's Bryant south by south -- I think it took me about two years to -- it that -- that there was some economic -- -- measurement -- -- And it was a pleasure to have been -- today at the festival kicking off their Celtics -- considered one of the best places to get them showdown. A lot to get to but what are the biggest ones that are generate a lot of. Veronica Mars is premiering -- I think. This is one of those TV shows that has such a follow laying interests faction outpouring of support when they announced that the -- was going to be made. And were any good to see it for the first time Jamie Lee Curtis Kristen -- as well -- right. That's right and they raise money on -- kick starter there was so much support. And this is the perfect place for it to be shown this is where. You know fans of these smaller cult classics go to party and bad reception for this will be one of the biggest of the past and all but. Also some might big names of their next Seth Rogen -- -- front -- -- they're going to be in what neighbors. In neighbors which if you've seen the trailer looks malaria -- -- up front plays a frak YA who lives next started Seth Rogen and rose turn and it's that you premiere later this year. But people out south by look at a sneak preview of what too -- back. If they show up that we'll be even better than it's supposed to be as is but the movie looks -- it's so funny and as a nice contrast you Veronica. Less than calling you on in this help my lexicon out is that what we call itself by that's that's what they -- -- hollering at you well outfit. If the -- if by the kids you mean people like you in the know in the -- say yes I would I will which is why we hang around with -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- glean some of that -- you expect to avoided that makes -- going to be out there. Lena -- who is obviously having a huge moment right now she's hosting -- and how. Girls is doing so -- HBO and she's set to deliver one of the keynote addresses I think on Monday. So. I'm sure they're girls fans there were lining up to buy -- -- she's always turning always funny and it will be great to hear what she asked that he's always Lena she's always -- truly -- -- never puts on a front which is part of her charm. Pray and hopefully -- -- some dirty stories. -- That's what I'm hoping. Every is that if he doesn't that frankly I want a refund those -- out our -- want to let the music because the big items vessel that's next week right. That's next week there is going to be performances from everyone from -- -- to Keith -- to imagine dragons so. Regardless of your taste -- seems to be something for everybody. And if -- lake -- If detector at you are like me whose -- in New York or not and access they're streaming all of that on iTunes so pretty exciting for -- Leslie was -- cheap shot and our bosses for not -- there. I really got picked up on that because it obviously was I call that I call it like I see it I'm looking out for you to -- look at three UN ambassador we -- down -- -- and radio. No and I now are still one more big name it's gonna be coming up next week a big sponsor. -- they got is getting paid two million dollars by jury as just to perform at SXSW. Which Daniel and I just that we would -- you could attend for free south. Pretty good well for her at. Right exit exactly to settle back bosses if you're listening riot it's not gonna cost two million dollars to send us writer right we will we will pay our own way. The -- -- as a a lot of times that did the government talking by the fact that has become so corporate you know it is right to be about like collaboration and already she's getting it's a flak for that. I think -- -- -- that well meaning she want but I think it certainly puts the festival on a different light as you said this was supposed to be. The place where cutting adds new technologies. Cutting edge -- and musicians come just to get their names out there are so land. A huge song of songs -- -- lady guys getting paid two million dollars to perform. It -- puts a different light on what the festival -- present. Now from movies to music -- to the political side of -- I know that there's been a little body heat especially coming from. One representative witnesses -- from report from -- dot com. Saying that Mike Pompeo a Republican from Kansas is asking that -- -- back to withdraw some of the invite -- who was on the list that is gathering so much attention. Well it is pretty controversial there having -- Q interviews done by satellite with Edwards noted and Julian -- I believe. He was more upset about -- snowed in and buy it but it does and you show that this is a cutting edge basketball. And they're looking to you -- interview a number of different personality is regardless of how they're being viewed by the government. And so we've -- Julian Assange who -- Edwards Snowden. Also -- former first daughter Chelsea Clinton right right by it. She's one of the keynote speakers so she'll be speaking at next week about that Clinton health initiative. Talking about how younger people can got involved and trying to educate people about the issues that are closer. Our heart so I think governments are okay with -- I think she's got -- Should she got that -- -- -- A thinker folks might be on the -- but it went past the velvet rope and back and then there's also some quirky submissions -- nine and December -- -- there. Yet basically like shark tank. But at south by south -- and hosted by. Andy Samberg and bill neither can it be testing out different ideas for new inventions to say. What's viable it's not and hopefully some new inventors well. -- the festival very happy so and that's also being streamed online and so for those of us not there we can watch. I love it 11 more dig lastly one more take either we're gonna -- -- myself I -- next week or organ in the unemployment line. What threat do well meted out since -- -- -- misery loves company. And that the whole segment at they're at they're doing that the whole submission is what I blanking lots science. Well that's a different -- bill -- is kind of all over this festival so he's gonna be on panel at a panel hosted by the scifi network quit -- Eugene Berman and a couple other people just trying to answer science. -- -- questions and getting people. I -- who aren't necessarily completely in the know it all things science. Trying to educate us so I loved all night having kind of Renaissance now I can't I'm so excited about it. You think it's experts here for men and the last thing -- -- before before let's go and ask about this. A chocolate chip cookie shot glass. This is as far as I'm concerned the only thing I need to survive. I thought -- -- no surprise here are being introduced by the inventor of the Kron acts. Dominate and -- and that this is going to you make its debut over the weekend I really hope it's ahead because I wanted in New York now. Right and that we can go -- in a four hour line for that I. Well it'll work out well because we won't have jobs at this facility have all the time in the world to do we -- we will get fat and sassy I'm chocolate chip kick -- passes that it -- -- thank you so much thanks let's festival in Austin -- its fifteenth of the month eighties and tame editor is not their unfortunate but we -- we're gonna hold out hope. We'll start a petition right now. Let's that I have a new audio -- is that ABC news that such reports -- --

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{"id":22824998,"title":"SXSW 2014: Festival Kicks Off in Austin","duration":"3:00","description":"Anticipated events include the \"Veronica Mars\" movie, Lena Dunham keynote and Chelsea Clinton.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sxsw-2014-festival-kicks-off-austin-22824998","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}