The Tenors Hit All the Right Notes

Canadian quartet sensation debuts new album in U.S.
3:55 | 01/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Tenors Hit All the Right Notes
-- -- OK. I already am massive hit north of the border and now the tenors are making a big splash in the US than -- -- their second studio album. The platinum selling lead with your heart and we have to the -- here with us today to tell us all about it welcome. We have victory -- and -- -- welcome to both of you from the kinds can today tell us about your latest album. -- you know we're -- very excited because it is it's been a labor of love for over a year. And you know we finally got to the release date which was. The other -- just the other day and it's -- -- You know like Q in the United States in the top ten and iTunes. Amber filed her heart yeah and according to my mom -- number one so. That's now where we're we're doing all right Mary -- it lets your inspiration. Behind the music -- -- created. You know we're thrilled that on this -- we actually -- four songs that we wrote and co wrote as well so this is the first album that we -- -- them -- that the process. We've all we've always been involved in -- ranging. And find in the music but this is a new level -- it really does come from Hamas and you we got this original song lead with your heart and we just feel it that's become like a -- of bars. And that the music is is inspiration I think a lot of people -- we've been hearing from them. Just last week you know -- -- saying the US National Anthem at the football game between the falcons. I half a game -- that went on their eyes. The it. You obviously also worked with some amazing names in the and to name you know just one Paul McCartney zero McLaughlin -- -- -- Yeah it's been quite arrived so far and we love the collaborating. We're we're group we actually have a couple of collaboration that collaborations on this album with -- both -- -- trumpet player. Natalie grant a wonderful. Christian -- -- you welcome that he welcomed the -- resolutely. -- David foster's been a great supporter of Mars is amazing producer. Who found the -- been remarkably just -- -- on Bryant's and so to have his support behind this that he's the chairman of our label verve. He's taken us on tour around the world with him. And he really gave us the stamp of approval not only. -- on on the album but on the songs that we wrote which is really exciting for us and you know through through a performance actually at his house was actually -- get dinner party. They -- just about in ten people there Barbara Streisand was one of the wow piers Morgan and credit luck to fill these different people. And that turned into -- performing on the Emmy -- -- you never know you know what I dinner parties and. The turnout -- do you enjoy maturing process. The -- is it is great -- I mean. I love the recording process it's a different kind of working -- but when you get in and you actually. Get to share it with your audience it's it's a thrill you know it's it's a back and forth of energy a two way get -- Yeah you know we're lucky because -- four guys that are like Brothers and and we. We have each other to support -- when when things are get you know a little. In a hard right you know -- away from our families that way from our our whole second family throughout -- At least -- about 300 easier on the road and -- about to embark on the seven city tour of north America's will be. As starting Portland Oregon and in going Seattle Vancouver all the way across -- and then. Down to the US so incredibly long they can if everyone can check out -- music dot com for those tour dates. But we are thrilled about the response to it to the -- -- Being so popular are both sides of the warning and I'm traveling today. But it certainly -- thank you so much and congratulations -- -- -- is for you bank yeah.

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{"id":18252711,"title":"The Tenors Hit All the Right Notes ","duration":"3:55","description":"Canadian quartet sensation debuts new album in U.S.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tenors-hit-notes-18252711","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}