'Do the Right Thing' star Danny Aiello dies at 86

Aiello was born in New York City and was also a veteran of the stage.
2:25 | 12/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Do the Right Thing' star Danny Aiello dies at 86
Danny Aiello. The Oscar nominated actor best know from Louise including moonstruck can do the right thing. Has died he passed away at a medical facility in New Jersey he was 86. Sandy Kenyon is here now with a look back and I Ellis career sandy. Charlene Danielle yellow was a union man he began by representing bus drivers upstate. Who learned that he had a flair for public speaking while working as a union organizer. He became an actor in his thirties and a star in his forties but he never went Hollywood lived in Jersey and stayed true to the best values of our city. Look at the total. You tell me there's going to work in movies like do the right Danny yellow helped to define what it meant to be in New York. And he stayed true to the city to Brooklyn and to the Borough of Manhattan where it was buoyed. During a long cool weird that included an Oscar nomination for playing the owner of the pizza joint in spike Lee's 1989. Class at. By the end and I LO which have established working actor having started as one of the Yankees and bang the drum slowly. And played a small part in another Robert De Niro will be. God father to. He says hello I yellows break from the opposite sugar in moonstruck I told my mother went to be married. As you know well apparently punctures. It was a miracle by then he would in his mid forties. Which then as now was considered late or start to come to prominence but musically you would be a long line. I was proud to call Danny ideal of friends. We met in a tiny theater way off Broadway years before he became famous. Like to say I was one of his first thing wasn't a member of his family. It would make dozens of movies what is latest. Would be director who can you know to me nine. A consummate professional. Who had a much integrity. And the same left char as the guy. You'll all on screwing. A statement from his family confirms his death with profound sorrow calling Danny I yellow a beloved husband in fact he was married to his wife sandy for. What did 64 years he published his autobiography a few years ago it was called. Only. I know who I am when I am somebody else it's a catchy title but trust me. Danny always knew who he was. And where he'd come from.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Aiello was born in New York City and was also a veteran of the stage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67711450","title":"'Do the Right Thing' star Danny Aiello dies at 86","url":"/Entertainment/video/thing-star-danny-aiello-dies-86-67711450"}