Tim Tebow Scores a Girlfriend?

Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity headlines.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Tim Tebow Scores a Girlfriend?
At a time when we're hearing so much bad news and seeing so much devastation on the East Coast it's nice to take a little break from -- an escape into the celebrity World Cup hosts celebrity dot com the computer is here with them that's okay -- robbed -- at the -- -- -- -- isn't about you know that -- -- although I have to say our first story is pretty amazing only talk and celebrity show bad -- but this one and it isn't just that I probably does not. In such bad judgments it was Halloween. In LA a lot of celebrities who are actually wrong -- who was just -- out of rehab celebrated Halloween last night. With a handsome husband unfortunately. She dressed up as sound to me how this is sandy from grease Olivia. Newton John's iconic role she's in the box foundation has the pills but unfortunately. It's patently and unfortunately we have a hurricane. Colts and the adamant it's devastating miscarriage to a lot of people. Especially on -- a -- this really offense because she tweeted out these pictures of herself or her -- that -- tweeting back just 300000. Followers on tweets. She's actually have a lot of problems with tweets as saying she's been -- don't and it's. And she's legal. Mood amendment actually getting after a lady that that that -- -- stuff about pastor did not lie so this is -- many people wonder. Why on earth have now it's time to shatter her Twitter account maybe celebrates them. Smarter choices are absolutely right now what that's about ten -- -- haven't -- rather it is -- could probably the hottest bachelor in America so exciting product offerings. Camilla Belle. In -- -- young. Actress absolutely stunning he was seen its over the week and in Jacksonville Florida. They will hold on our hot apple -- implement that interestingly. She 18 June gentlemen let's. In 2008. Who also is a very famous -- lightens. -- So it may be better and he. -- and for the a look. Like the end of -- that I IR. It certainly does demonstrate the -- -- -- No -- and let's talk about Jessica Simpson's dad they're interesting stories. And -- really staggering stores have the last couple of weeks The National Enquirer. Broke a couple of weeks ago -- that fall was having a gay relationship. He's been married for over thirty yes. They did issue a statement hours after this became public saying the moment that -- going through a divorce. They didn't address any of the allegations about who he -- is -- however The National Enquirer has come up with another story. Just this week with a young gentleman claiming team that -- Simpson -- Yule at a hotel. I'm engaged in sex with him at the hotel. The choir say that this guy -- the lie detector test. And -- standing by that -- -- I contacted the Simpsons. Who have no comments that I Jessica courts and nothing -- saying nothing palette my sources are telling me that the mother Tina. Haas moved in with Jessica so now she's living at Jessica's house what we do know is that divorced. He's definitely happening what -- I was being up so it is still being debated however he does seem these allegations are coming fast and few. Right -- -- thank you so much for that. Little reprieve from all these sandy an election coverage that is ruling our live in the event you thank you felt -- editor.

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{"id":17621286,"title":"Tim Tebow Scores a Girlfriend? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tim-tebow-scores-girlfriend-17621286","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}