Should Tipping Be Banned From Restaurants?

The co-hosts discuss Danny Meyer's tipping ban.
3:43 | 10/15/15

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Transcript for Should Tipping Be Banned From Restaurants?
Abdominal on some of the most successful restaurants in America Danny Meyer at. Says he's banning Temps at his knee up lesson on some plays of tipping his gonna raise the price. Twenty to 25% because he says bus was this washes don't get their fair share of tips. Is that a grade. Raise the price of the food we have raised the salaries 20% both he's gonna raise the price of food which in turn raises everybody's out I don't let crazy tonight I waitress or red lobster and make two dollars an hour by the way those cheddar bay this is girl definitely. Outstanding and about Sarah Eric I'm what I think. I. At last and I had my accident and a hot there but. I think it's me you know as a retread sag leaders for a long time I don't I don't like it when waitresses makes back to get tips just it ends in despite whether or not they're giving good service. But I what I know if he's. Not going to rely on tips how do you know you're gonna get good service is saying that's number one you'll get good service nap I tip. 20% minimum even if service is that I have been you know being jealous I didn't know -- there would I yeah I think I'm a very generous tipper and I feel good about my column when I'm able to give and I tip especially if they do a good job in makes me feel better especially for the place they have come back to allot sometimes that you Gillick a free drink a free that the free that. I like that secret exchange to have gone with a few restaurants and bits yeah yeah I don't like when people tell you how to tip yeah there's some businesses and led we don't take cash to at some like William Leahy the tip because I got cash for you only I want but I. I'm some business this that say cash only or whatever and then. It's just not about I had issued a ticking on cruises and other things like. The nature dean of the baggage handlers dollar two dollars per bag so our dollar president saying likeness if you're lucky enough to kind of especially where we are urged to have my stop if someone is helping with your bags attack anywhere you are. I always throw. At least a few bucks if not I don't have it. It makes them happy makes you feel good energy there helping Neil I haven't ruled out last year he's my little about restaurants. If you're at a diner where it's cheap to to eat you tip 25%. If you're in a high end restaurant week that the bill is hot news tip 20%. Because the people who what they really relying on the percentage so you've got to raise the percentage when you're not spending as much unsound. Yeah. My exclusive sit on at and amp as those plays out yet but there's so many they have stood out you're supposed to tip bat I have gotten Shillue that has been so delicious I wouldn't. Example when a second these people work very hard and they don't make you how much money at them and we we till. I understand and I do tip where necessary but I'm saying they're secret charges they are secret people MIM supposed to take note. While he added now I mean does approve do you mean bad service I'm not gonna give you attempt that I did not your idea Bel France. What. If my. Pratt sit down with minor party. And it takes you longer than eight to ten minutes to come Alvarez it was gone -- I know one axiom visit rest I'm know what's going on but you may think you need to at least comrades say I'll be right back. You need to come Burress with the people so it starts with back but for me. I'm real life. I like Danny my may lead the thing to do is raise The Bus Boys. Pay they are because well let but supposed to they put their tips with busboy well you know maybe they do and people don't sip as well or as much. And maybe there's not as much because you have eight. Bus boys and you have. Fifteen Summers that doesn't come out to very much so maybe if everything goes up. You know I think used to seeing steals and a real dollars another problem anybody deserves it and we should never took an.

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{"id":34502924,"title":"Should Tipping Be Banned From Restaurants?","duration":"3:43","description":"The co-hosts discuss Danny Meyer's tipping ban.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tipping-banned-restaurants-34502924","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}