Toni Braxton on Life in the Spotlight, Prince's Death

The singer and reality star stopped by "The View" to talk about the new season of "Braxton Family Values."
5:56 | 05/10/16

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Transcript for Toni Braxton on Life in the Spotlight, Prince's Death
And reality series Braxton family values is back when new season. Where it looks flat out family feud my big. Am right now we had signed at the table. But that most amazing Toni Braxton times. Okay. A. City LA did you have making me. I love your golden well that I'm twelve years all parts of me are absolutely. Seven we get excited. And your cell. Here's a hot topic for you know while Manning Cosmo wrote that she felt guilty that she wasn't close to her brother. Until they talked about and realize that the relationship works for an apt. You have to be close to the you have to be close to use airplanes as an import for me because you rate this way and repeats detainees were preachers kids. You are mean lots were. How I. Know you travel together I'm the oldest of 665. Girls one on this you know we do about it to Jerry. And what this is just not one of my business so winded hair. I have my son dealer candidate yeah yeah yeah yeah now so. Stanley is is not. For daily easy now. On a normal basis but not your work which her family asked that half a happens I thought they can be self you know because if you're doing a reality show it would mean you don't know you have a disagreement you can walk away from it. But we're sisters are now forced to work out and knock on you know she's like we're family you have to talk you have to sometimes fifteenth along in the nation and Monday night at a democratic. A situation where you you don't. Figured out and asked so in this animosity Lana Conrad but mom it's not it's OK that's that. Stop it gets it yet the one thing acting like about this season is that they apology while you were helping your mother. With her stroke that she had missed it but. Really like from to commit violent just to get everything a little bit more under control and so I can watch or just have a little bit. Toggle was going on there. And for Wanda and strain their lives and ease bubble. Seriously if some of the were rabbit is gonna take them at least an hour to get some not and then also does is a diabetic chef and congressman from new. Nutritionist. Dangle him. Come on wall won't. They're arguing about you know where. She's going to live why. Other than this at ease these reasons why is the show so popular she spot. She just thought we're very lucky they're torn out. Talking an onside and I keep that I I didn't know. What now yet you also is executive produced a lifetime movie about your life it's cool and break my heart my heart -- I'm that you've actually tribute to record breaking ratings you know thank you guys are watching but criticism and so it usually when you they do your life you see things nice Sophia didn't even did you notice and it. I did I noticed I was with the illness of lupus and I've. I forgot how strong I was in I think there's good days and bad days like I had a lot of bad. The days than I'm still here subs so very bus. About people. Loving your show. It's such a hit why do you think people up at some. I think because again it is obvious probably to honest that time and amp and is failing I think the people. Forget is I'm an entertainer but I am one of six kids and every family. Have their issues you know you have. Sometimes you get along their people have been we don't particularly like them up just like we don't care don't like each other you have to. Like the Chevy and loved each other you have to you have to get along and you have to support each other sloppiness in the stickler about that would ask you about prince before has happened. Yet tragic death you're you're very close he actually advice you hearing some tough times. Bankruptcy at a point you die you're gonna retire how influential was he your life. You know in the the irony of all this he's been on Big Brother for years mavs went to my bankruptcy he was he was then the call me. The second biggest bankruptcy was just terrible to say it's how we want you gone to a free and open up. But I couldn't effect on ahead lupus. And that. An emotional body and I had a torn as we can have a plan and I lost my lead guitarist Mike guitarist was available and lighting guy and prince persons caimans and we can do so before you so imminent death based I feel there's support. Caffeine you brought up 5% in merited here registered nurse at some how tough ads. Terrible disease activist. I don't very lucky of the lucas'. I have the worse than the worst I have the best now so that's great. And a healthy and Philly area today that could delay it if you believe you look great you know. Great strides being made with lupus a maintenance it's another one with money get rid of it at Lance Lindsey gonna happen you know. This time of pensions and you know what you've come here any time UTU does say and that went you know we we love when you have me love me. And Sally that's all I'm months after the last time you got. EU you can count and that the new season of Braxton family values problem nears pat may nineteenth on we TV.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"The singer and reality star stopped by \"The View\" to talk about the new season of \"Braxton Family Values.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39012861","title":"Toni Braxton on Life in the Spotlight, Prince's Death","url":"/Entertainment/video/toni-braxton-life-spotlight-princes-death-39012861"}