Tour the 'Caribbean Christmas' Wonderland Carved Entirely From Ice

ABC News' Gina Sunseri visits Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, where craftsmen have sculpted scenery, a slide, and a bar all out of ice.
13:20 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Tour the 'Caribbean Christmas' Wonderland Carved Entirely From Ice
Warning here be here in ice. The Galveston Texas. Really believe it's an 85 rebounds they're fun this is working hard working would you introduce yourself. Girls and I'm pretty I want a public relations gray areas here at many gardens. We're 9000 Texas that would not being sad to me actually how to intends that we drive down to nine degrees. And we now dry and two million pounds of ice to treat all of these ice sculptors whose car. I think actually start here at moody gardens visibly impaired man that is actually representing our aquarium caromed. So this seems Heinze and third Caribbean Chris nest with the facts out on our property we have a bunch in the Caribbean sea hughes' wild. Right hand that. Yes so friend Alice thank you hop aboard the man that's what is actually a research that's all that is how in the Gulf of Mexico. And then we're we start going out into C we have this beautiful. My house again that's all made out of ice we're walking through his exit date you're gonna see is some sculptures are more than thirty feet tall. How long does take. On all of this ice it did son team of thirty carvers 45 days. But it's actually create the ice itself that we serve freezing not in February. So out front in the White House and mean and are underwater this is our some kinship Brack. In because it is ice and ice sculptures a printing Christmas. What we did was he brought in as Christmas elements into the Caribbean scenes. This is all ice especially when yes indeed telling on the chance for the Christmas presents. That's all incident di tale that we hired teamed us guild ice carvers create. The highs. We have thirty ice congress we actually bring them over from hard time not. So we fly over our team we give them 45 days and we're always in president they'd accomplished. I don't. Here on why it is yes so when this tent the first. Begins operation that we is had pallets and pallets of ice and when nice is frozen and actually frozen with the color RD in eight. So this is it pain so nobody denying however that indeed out paint with a majority of it it's frozen generics may exact hand tone colors and then went back. They just treat all of this. And then something that we're trying this here because this is our third year the exhibit. We actually put little plaque turns where guests can see exactly what those fish are. So right now were incensed flower garden banks. Good especially doesn't see a lot of good things and if they like a particular fish like this for I butterfly fish. They can then I doubt if I ever themselves. An and behind you we actually have a fourteen foot hammerhead shark. So this again just shows what they're able to create so we bring ice in it says individual blocks and then then infuse those blocks together using water. A Casey happened. We've been brings them. Yeah so they used the water as a goalie you just because we are below freezing we are nine degrees they don't mean anything else it just holds up together. On what happens. I we actually bringing its US side I'm properties and the industry as I were intact since we know what happens and end up front and then you just know. Our guests and are we on the beach there aren't lends him an unsettling. It's tally does not we've been able to turn back date so we actually have six industrial air conditioners. That's 300 tons and are able to drop this tank down. Again the tent structure itself is 20000 feet in total. And the is how those industrial air conditioners is constantly keep cooling. So what actually can continue our journey and we are going. It's aboard a us marine. So we hop aboard the submarine and Daniel C not. So when kids in the novel life come on board they can actually picture themselves and their own underwater adventure. So Scott Anez where every step there's always Robert C a have to worry about that. My favorite part about a submarine and we actually have put us so gas are able to lean three now they can check it all out. Manning then we have those Packard's that you can no about the small kids so it's. And again not vibrant coloring on all of those pieces of coral. This is definitely a fan favorite we answer that visual room. So that's a bold step not taken him under the captain it's also a really nice photo op we have people on the other side because again it is all clear ice. So that's amazing is it a different ways they can freeze it. Some of those. I lighting things we have in dire support role this time he has so we haven't team everyone needs up. And they talk about what you were not what kind of whining what's needed and then when you confident beautiful ice sculptures. You want any certainty how about lanes in knots that level. So after you Justin marks is submarine you actually have surfaced. So now you're back. And you have a pod of dolphins playing in the surf. And again this isn't all eyes and the name builds the dolphins into the wall. And I know we've been talking a lot about how we create nice culture is so we actually have one of our eyes Carter is here. It's often walk yeah. It has so right now actually our property have a whole lot going on. So our ice covers will actually help us train ice sculptures for ornery haven't and that I'm property. So we bring them over from China and we know they have been an amazing skills that so we actually have them prepare some of our ice sculptures right now they're making one for Thanksgiving. Also makes gold shares all the way through fielded Chris Hansen on Wednesday. And and we just I think freezing I'm property obviously not in this scale that is ice plans. The current China and to see how is that this is what they're good out there from part of China that's where they have one of the largest known eyes muscles in the world's. And when you have that kind of artistry in one location and they've been born to do this they're failing has done for generations you definitely recognize that still. And that's why we partnered with them. It is. I don't blame I can't thing about emails I note that the current place like this. I didn't. Glory and yet the plan. Now so they just hate so long to freeze those two million pounds of ice that means you have to start freezing then in February. Especially has we have so many different colors they need to be treated. So then ice is stored at their facility and that takes about forty truckloads and they his caravan down. Down the causeway to gavel sand and we start unloading them. I wanting to Turkey I'm not entirely certain that this could be instead of others. Yeah they've pretty honors sculptures I know we're dazzling and rape robbery Thanksgiving events. And we start doing some go larger sculptures and they'll actually is chain saw us so right now he's doing something more intricate. But what we aren't seeing those larger structural pieces in recent highs are they can be with a chainsaw. Yeah. So as really ice Carter we actually are coming up high and they tend Ridley sea turtles so hearing Dallas saying the idea how I'm turtles. So they become hurricanes Elaine and let me see here is the actually hasn't hurdles they came ashore ten Nast. So we have those little white snowballing and things though there that angst. And again this is all ice so this is why the war detailed pieces me how I'm. Just because it does look like a turtle. As he does is our strength we are out our beach scene. So what I'm not your rides ice land is a lot of elements you can actually touched. So Nissan and anti you can actually go toward the man's act but he can also Ortega see in these terrorists. Yeah I but the pardon that we provide and I guess we'll con they didn't tune into another worry about it. And isn't good right front Auburn family is that from my essentially means axis they know now I think we'll have been a constant. If they want to give them that life experience. So as we continue your journey and we have that Christmas theme obviously very present here we have since a surfboard. If you look at the palm trees and we actually used real palm fronds from around property. And they had those frozen into those trees. Again we have warned that towering world. In as we round the corner were actually in seeing it. One of the biggest wow elements inside ice play nice gold here's a Caribbean Chris man's. It's my favorite. We have ice lad. I hadn't got a again. That you can see how do NCAA and you can't fly drives and yeah I've never mind. Yeah. Yeah. If they do you. So then as new leader rounds on the evening guests are really like nice slide. And Mourinho this year and we have created shimmer is ice bar. A I'm neither the president. So this is it very. We actually have I nicely as a bloc where and you flying got serious the room. And then yeah. And once you moment and I think and we have that great lighting. Isn't it is nine degrees the majority of our gas flaming out and hear for obviously as long as they want you. With that being said we are in fact since Texans simply could last about thirty minutes the longest I die nicely and is about an hour and fifteen an hour. Yeah I think of local hookah partner. And it arrow group is on the court ruled. Oh yeah. No problem. It's this is open for business. Yes so the hearing when he guardians we have a high attractions are open now and tail January 8 and offer information is that you need aren't dot org. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"13:20","description":"ABC News' Gina Sunseri visits Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, where craftsmen have sculpted scenery, a slide, and a bar all out of ice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43613159","title":"Tour the 'Caribbean Christmas' Wonderland Carved Entirely From Ice","url":"/Entertainment/video/tour-caribbean-christmas-wonderland-carved-ice-43613159"}