Tracy Morgan Talks Recovery From Fatal Car Crash, Family And More

Funnyman recalls coming back from his accident, the love of his family and inspiration he gets from comedy greats.
9:49 | 09/06/16

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan Talks Recovery From Fatal Car Crash, Family And More
Frankly there are few people funnier than Tracy Moore. You know everywhere. My cousin we know that we're not gonna waste a lot of talk want an inch out. Please welcome back to the view Tracy war. Hoffa thousand. This of first time in the back to the abuses that actually. It's great to see you had you'd we know how you do want. What's going on glad to see you man I'm glad that being you know glad you got them apart it's. Decades ago that's who wouldn't think these things what nights. Yeah. Let me Shakespearean days I. So good we don't know that I watch learned when an elegy. Congratulations you walk down the I know where this young lady who saying. I. My motivation. Dollars and woods yet. The night that there are more motivation to work very hard at therapy so could learn to walk again and speaking Ginn in Iraq. Well as there's no one knew what Obama down out of one okay. I'm handing hey there let's let's. He's got an idea about who's Jews dorm room at 3000 heaven that's Losman and outwit yeah. Each apartment. Right here the streets what you read in the streets I have an injury. I didn't break the first year marriage yeah. Yeah nice live to Kerry and yet she still does every day logo look. And that might last night she mailers aren't you with six different cheeses alone. Hi I'm out and I have to put off what they. I'm coming I'm good she put a foot in the you have an adorable little girl in the eighth and hearing three in July and David good many and you say you have full conversations with her when you think like about. Yeah. Baby she lets say Jesus spoke of seeing good. I'll carry yummy goodies she was eating and houses gazans cannot gave them all ladies. I didn't need that gays and she's even as you look Jeremy said. Why. Hardware and if it they are born with it. They're born on what to do you know that's a personality and a right hand that is in the OK slug does god we're so happy to hear that your back and the Rhoda I'm doing your stand up to were picking up the pieces in use today. I think got its local Richie and what unit it was in my area of a Davidson said go get them. That's it. You cannot fill it did talk about your diet and outrageous riot yeah yeah. Sued George solid blue ball in his low that you stand up in the spirit of the guards come because that came before me. I'm protected. Going back. Out like last night I was watching me are coupled with Jack Lemmon what the map down yeah. We just don't do it outlawed told Silva straight. Good Gene Wilder was magic mile that way. Every doping your shell about going to happen. There has seen a few people. Let's embrace more as you look good boss Mike. It ran over his cousins who look like Brett right. Gently that brought it all out. We got to know kids already. Fox now pay congratulations. You've been nominated aren't and I had to be it was a very emotional. Homecoming for U what was what was you know old Laura Michael what their monologue right there and I'm a former minor injuries sort of have to talk about it did and that's who he says you know. But in between dress it to this who shoulda just sort as Joseph I got in my head. Because you have to have a justice she takes you from set this that I that you can change Donahue. Yeah I was on the bat out of Ghana and all I started to think that the audience was looking at me like maybe something's wrong would mean. Well cripple in something's wrong we have that they were felt sorry for me so Angeline. Jesse us what the lord. That's a lot of off good do what is good audience and he simply said Traci you don't care about that it is happy here yes. I don't tell. As and then when that was it I let go of my leg off. The bank Paribas. But I would conducted a pitch meeting on Monday. I've noted woods has given it best. They were given a best and young cast members give me best and it's important details when I left former globe is a went to the selling graphic Mike. Aside inspired it was mugged if Bob minutes. The five minutes and I would defer someone to some might since that night. I've dedicated. My career from this point wanted Jimmy Matt. More OG and when O'Donnell Ronnie wood grammys in mutual too young blood that's right nodes for caucus awarded so much overlap. Upcoming debut Joker Donald Sterling. And I ash and I did in those days that night relatives that he is dying. He didn't care about that stuff he does dubbed the young comedians get all. The come off like about Brad she's glad to be. Yeah two. You know that was that was those that they and number I miss him dearly but I know he's here what means we have right now. Because he told me would never leave me and I believe them yes just annoying when that was your friend who passed it and then and you you know listen you will do. For others what he did for you that's that's how you pass and now that's what I wanna go far inspire anybody in this world would anybody in this world dumb fun with that. I've met that first responder our own as they all talk of my memory is bad now. But I met him at a show that it did in Brunswick yet. And he was like in pieces as mom was submitted my if he's one of Fallujah it's chump tonight you coveted Europe your blood from head to toe. And a disease hug them and are here an update until moments ago blessed you know suspect you for having them. Oh there's like a chain reaction that you know he was into do. So. You know it on says it would celebrating our twentieth anniversary and you you have been friends for a long time of the shop. What is someone that out favorite memories of view is that hilarious impression. Former view co host if Scott yeah S. Patrick. USA today. It said that 30% of Americans think President Clinton should resign star what do you make of this. Yes I am. Am a little area. Keeping that very good thing they'll portion of 100 with saint. I put it fits if it means looking at a bar. 13 of that travel want the president of his and a and the resident problem would be dismissive. The host Star Jones say if she would hear today. I'm alone. And you got your back. Thoughts about soon yet she started oh about this. It went very much does she she is she's fine and it yes. I had no. I think what they're elevator up yeah yeah. Now. Now what resent I didn't take you want. Can't start at Bloomberg. I'm his picking up the pieces sort through December if you haven't seen it. Do yourself a favor get out there and see it he is back is funny is now. React Carnegie. Your car as part the New York comedy festival if you can get to Carnegie Hall you want to see him at Carnegie Hall.

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{"id":41899156,"title":"Tracy Morgan Talks Recovery From Fatal Car Crash, Family And More","duration":"9:49","description":"Funnyman recalls coming back from his accident, the love of his family and inspiration he gets from comedy greats.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tracy-morgan-talks-recovery-fatal-car-crash-family-41899156","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}