Travis Greene discusses upcoming album, ‘Broken Record’

The artist talks about his new song and videos from the "Broken Record" album.
17:27 | 10/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Travis Greene discusses upcoming album, ‘Broken Record’
It Candace Lowe land ABC radio I'm and I'm here I have some inspiration for you guys today. Amazing voice amazing talent. Travis green sitting read across from me how easily today I'm great man of them go this is New York it is the art you're in the Big Apple and you taking a bite out of it because he'd literally doing so many amazing things. Yet an upcoming album your network studio album honor bray coming out November of earth allegedly remember Freddie get this out man Callahan had. Call broken record here according hinted that. You kinda leading up into this moment with all these amazing songs and visuals he'd given up plenty to look at. And I am really excited for it the latest Jehovah your great great Jehovah. And I love I you captured. It's abuse and her performances are you watched it. Or more. I learned Romans now Nolan. College. Good. And okay and you I love that live performance element I think one thing about past. Music for any of you guys do you know partake in the amazing is that what it is. Is that live performances are everything that's when you get the true. Essence of that mold you know although the praise and worship those elements. We'll talk about you know just kind of your direction and that because this little bit different than what we've seen before. So why was it's still important to have this kind of encapsulate this particular visual here. Yes I mean. We do alive so I've been traveling the time I mean we wishing. Over I don't know well over a million people a year is our audience now. Would we didn't really. Early on we Jindal are really great job of capturing it and and then my management was light and you'd trip and I have bro like you who are aged people. I know will believe this envy you know we don't have anything to show for. So we really from that start taking individual more serious I think we're out of probably the first in a jar. And we just we have cameras everywhere at all time that you see you've been here in studio. And it showed just capture a moment and that's who were able to do you what that song you know because we always have our cameras out there are shows and stuff. This kind of made this home. Montage of view among its different things happening physical. Yeah I hasn't super cool and in what I love is that you know for those who aren't fans of Travis green. You know you have the special home this hated does this mean we don't like Travis green felt about the hair had to hear your voice. And you have these vary uplifting contemporary feel that if I sell authentic in the I think that's what people embrace you in that way. On little bit about. Kind of how you approach your music because obviously with the new album there's new testimony there's new theme her do you focus in on. Let's say the message ending kind of gold going to be Alan good with broken record you know I think a lot of they hear anything out of thunderbolt may that he no matter what and we don't necessarily know also what is your approach in the talk a little bit about the upcoming album to room. I'm always economy and creative mode. My wife and I pastor church in Columbia, South Carolina Koffel as cities show. That always keep me on my toes thinking I'll wake up thinking I go to bed thinking and so that's kind of has Chico honestly I'll I'll always creating content anyway. And so when it when it comes to music I just put an end melodic form I mean is already counted there. Look we kind of related to deal well show. And I just need a Kennedy used as for music so it is you know put the bike it in there and eighty uses for any view was put about an initial whatever I'm doing. There's substance there and that's how we're able to do music just kind of mark toes like that. Pro director was ready on Cheney is honestly. We're actually prepare for tours. So adore her sister to Emma literally black cinema band would do maybe like maybe a week before we recorded audio Herndon I've recorder while we're here to enemy and our rehearsal space with his own record and revitalize you got sound. You and so are literally grow have for the record that week and we love it but I already had my ideas. Has had a kind of put together by is is that outnumber their product and excited to now. I eat locally that I got a few and then he got eleven track and a half way out now I have ever heard but. Had I love they humanity in the sense that you know you you you have this abundance and and I love that analogy of the well because. You know you you come from that place of being able to share your journey which I think people appreciate so much clearly all these people fans just love in this and and embracing it. And I feel like we had a base where you know got gospel music has really transformed changed. On some say for the did better you know the pack population. Are all walks of life contemporary. On sale opens the bad. What are your thoughts about the evolution of gospel music. I he we have. A whack now we have this new dogs of the world we have all of these different. People aren't artists who are now plunging into a full throttle them. We think there what are your thoughts on it in do you think it's good for the masses or should we be taking it with a grain. I love it personally. I ain't I think ever I think most super Inter's efforts are always. I can't constantly daylight conscious and I is is is this you know that it is in. For me I always try to bounce things off the Bible you know just personally. Went out and I had the opportunity to an inauguration for trumpet kind of same thing. You know it's like in I have my own personal. Laver but let me bounced off the Bible and that's kind of argument perspective it's so even with the kind gaping. Alec as scripture Jesus never shut down praise you know Abner it was a religious people who did it is story of whom ran in and in Jerusalem. And the people are like. Hey man these few were praising Jesus and he said this line which is so powerful. It's as if they don't do it rocks would do it right the rocks were literally cry out and embraced me of people don't do it. And and is another story of him he's recline and at a table. And Islamic command and huge define an IB governing data finer of the simple woman simple on the continent. Embraced open jazz is bearishness about she breaks it open. Start worshipping him and once again religious juvenile clearly don't know here is if you don't know what she's done. Needless to them and say the one who's been forgiven a much loved much and he never it is said and the so powerful. He said wherever my gospel is reached is that what this woman is doing right now will be mansion enjoyment them much to her what was defined from society as. The simple Allman. Him was defined as awards today in their want to forget I don't feel like I'm in a place nor is anybody in the church in the parades to the day who ink who can't raise guy. About ocean sound want to be let everything that perhaps they only. Wallop by year for parade for a and so I'm waiting. Hello out there is a message right there I mean I I I think because we're so where is such a tense time right now you know it's real the hard for people to not feel. It here. You know by what's going on our world whether it's political and and whatnot and you know obviously there's been some harsh words people are. Need healing from because there it's not just coming from you know rent a global scale reform not now mr. So with bad you know what message do you offer obviously as a pastor Fred for people who need let's say that healing because it it it just based where we re one you know eat out church -- old quote church when you know being off they went on to say. But you have. People who are now getting into the trick because it so contemporary because they feel like I can do is be who I am is still go to church. What is that message for those two you know don't necessarily know where they fitted like how do you how do you bring them in and also let them know that just because weeks that netted by no mean you act like you made it out. Like you've never enjoyed before a new life or. Yeah I think it in on the bubble says it would greatly with loving kindness haven't drawn I think of its the way man. I think you demonstrated and and. Areas and and every chance you get in dads is love love is the greatest weapon. And so that's what I try to Brad is that's what we do and I let you know I think I think. Pastor you'll find a lot more rants to dictate the pressure offered themselves for change in people our responsibility. Responsibility is to offer him truth and love and his knowledge there is responsibility it changed and so what kind of leave that up to him let him do a dead and I'll willow people where they are by. I agree with you it is a very tense time there'll are a lot of a question mark run around there's a lot of bigotry and moderation is them a lot of hatred. I still think the answer is love and light Martin became was not on my favorite people and hysteria than Jesus you know that you say you can't fight hate with hate. And adding debt I think if everyone's his self check the water be better. Are they so easy to. Diagnose someone else diagnose the White House are diagnosed. We have pop or diagnosed. Were housewives of what a great show easily sit back. You know and and point and everyone out but I think if everybody. I took responsibility for himself as you know I. I wanna be debated for his enemy and I won't allow people in spite of them because that's what real love is. Love love is someone who deserves it is easy does not room forgive us so well deserved news is easy but forgiven so we'll never asked for an apology and and and forgiven. And allowed people who seemingly don't deserve is the best way we keep our current marketing. Ian and then also loading up on that I was there. Not voting OK so of course we're so excited about this album I I do want to touch on the fact that you are very busy mean a lot of things come in. First in four mold I know that you have something in South Carolina we were talking about October 5. And talk and now. You don't DC yet DC a ski meet DC give us a preview of that event because I know that's something that's gonna be on a bigger Al fayed punitive maggert is or released for at the album Kia as in a brand new venue there in DCDs orders. Are in there it's over sports and entertainment. Arena show. Earlier chatted about that is pretty much are really shone out but as myself and I got ton of people numbering in. Pastor William McDowell who is my mentor Jonathan notes and or car Korean locked arm in the three finalists from BT sending best. And as Tiffany Melvin and Joshua I'll be there as well there's going to be a crazy event tons of energy releasing new music branding shown. Homicide and that's happened in this Saturday at a model family come an annual bailouts why. It is and I and I you know you say all these names that I you know love I mean I recently. I got to Longo had Kirk car care council had heir the Campbell actually on Monday at home though you know for for all these people to kind of come together and an owner Columbus at either but I think it's to have that power house of people is simply going to be a blessed the animation and sister and then all so. I know that you when I think you have been the Emmy he even youth he has all these amazing things coming up like this the fact the Q what would double what to nineteen and coming October 15 here where do you know you're not an and that's it's a big feet and I mean this is not new do you but how does it feel this time around being artist of the year in and then sent me its like. You. Continue to show up and show out in that sense so how do you do you even think about these things I mean these. You know being on the charged Thursday or awards like how do you. Croats and yeah irony trauma ours not to and so whenever I'm in a conversation with management are anything and if they're going am I. Now just hardware that with the help me. It is adds another let layer of pressure that I don't light. Either early spate carrier Liam Dillon I'm doing and stay focused on the big codes and people who job it's kind of gain in the weeds of things I let them do that so. A ton I think about it it is cause too much anxiety going to. Awards Cesar Izturis I don't wonder about it is that if if we do if it's on now as Graham shot. If we win and how well in his I don't have a speech prepared as a great co. Read and then a home and I'm open I'm open as is I don't like the dilemma that he attends daily from. How do you you don't being gay a passenger and an end in Ing a passer Richard. A big fee because you'd you'd have a whole flock yeah you now there. Odd how do you manage Dee Lee being this in this amazing superstar. Artist and then being you know. All these different roles how do you manage all of that I'm am sure you have a great team around you and there's a novelty and let like does does being a pastor also kind of. You know hold you it is Pacific space when you approach certain thing. Yeah oh hours they hold me I think it really causes me to be ballots. First of all I'm able to do I'll cut my wife she is these. Incredible he's is he's brilliant. I'm she's beautiful she's Smart Ceci hold it down coming in yesterday you know faced hammer she's going astronauts with some woman that she man. I think whom work much on school asylum in one of prayers it's into the woman and I'm and I gotta go to a hospital preference for right or go do this house visit with his. Right now registration harmonious she's at a video hue for overtures that he is the glue Amaechi she's she's the reason acted to lock Hannity show up and do. What my responsibilities he is an editor has very limited averages. Envisioned as wobbly got a same for us. And now I'm walking in and preach in people walked out all of those I don't really do a lot of main engines a dual meeting Louis and they they earn it went in off so. As I'm able to do it but I think because he's a great ballot for me you know because like you said I'm out here. I'm in New York come only candies a BZ radio and then our Gault and I mean Columbia, South Carolina you know over the life. Those small compared to this big world. But that keeps my neck keep him down as it keeps me about people I think of all I deal was dished out here it would consume me. I love that I may but it kind of retreating going into the country inches people. Yes and we love you for that an. You also recently performed at the black music honors in Atlanta that was fine yeah and I know that's paid for a special yeah can you give us any tees on golden brown had. Right now are any are wrapped the new. I mean I just it was furious and I think it's you know X yeah. Wrapped it would. Song and who is myself. Do you line money music and and I am Momo. On the routes those early fine. We get I'll attribute. A lot of mines. It's going to be fun when they released a how wasn't raping. It was fun as it was funny also toys that have run a mile. The was the drank all where you dagger levers and stuff out prompter problems there's so much democratic front have been out that. And suddenly got added it may go art of freaked out I don't know Larry is though but in a Jewish. Crazy crazy crazy crazy. So that was a lot of panic and we forthcoming yeah I can't wait. Is seen as a well. Now. You know the holidays are coming up yeah use such a busy man first why are you a big fan of the holly I love it favorite season. Other and in the where there how much summer guy so I can do shorts are you talked about it but. I love the holiday season when he year of normal plans for Thanksgiving in crisis the days given I go to my grandma's house. Which is and on his dirt road in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and in my whole families there's so Mungro map fourteen kids who rely 7080 people we do it outside. As Garrity is country. Placate ball only be ended loud and that's not favorite holiday of the record they always bring the bet to light show. I love that any Christmas we do it at baker have been. And so we just to have big Christmas doing and people come over learn about funds rollout I'm allowed guide. I'm a big kid in my wife Nancy during the my three boys and means. I love the holiday a lot of joy neighboring. I love it too well I love what you're bringing to us on November and he had broken rag tag. Trust me well worth. You to get my seriously available all digital platforms what not. Please pick it up support this man of pre order now Riordan asked you get it now don't wait and have had a hand out and they biographers you can because it. Hadn't had. I thank you so much Travis Travis green stopping by ABC radio talk and it's Williams belittled me. About this amazing prod you have coming up what do you out mom. Please woody to announce pre order. And appreciate you government RA cancel inciting off it.

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