Did Trump Campaign Leak Melania's Nude Photo Shoot?

The co-hosts discuss the leaked photos and how Melania Trump would fare as first lady.
4:10 | 08/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did Trump Campaign Leak Melania's Nude Photo Shoot?
And there is on the track drama. From the weekend now a guy. A nude photos and his wife Milan it from 1996. Some weather causing live differently anyway it made the front page of the New York Post. Now some people are saying then. He. Allowed this or is my time putting this up to sort of get Aston stop talking about the content and everything else. What I don't I think it's kind of it's terrible it was either way it's a terrible thing to do into her car. You know so when some what if she's taken the somewhat. Is that's just what she's she's a beautiful. Amazing that he's you know all of that and I would if I were her I wouldn't be embarrassed and she's a beautiful woman is as part of her past everyone has a story that's part of her story but I did -- staying. Every time a distraction is needed every time he makes a mistake. A look at winds up for months and suddenly you saw the plagiarism issue his sought best. And its history. I don't know but it's just really convenient that every time he does something that's messed up she's the one that wants look. There's aesthetic reading about it he didn't really matter how so hard aren't yet there's there's really Andy he responded in the post and he justified his that this happened two years before we met and you know at that time especially in fashion industry's very acceptable especially it happened with the European magazine we haven't seen these are an angry outrage from him at all doesn't lack. It's just very interesting because public is that this is the second time Whitman at pictures with Milan yeah that the Republican Party is known as a party of being. Very conservative. So you know you got this space in this could possibly. The the president it floated in the float is the First Lady sets the trends I mean with Michelle Obama when she Wear that black and white dress it's sold out. She says the transfer bank she set the transfered kidnapping plagiarized a speech so is is like you know. Win win wins you've got the float is. Setting trip from one in the Republican Party unlike Nikki Haley. If you want any of the things putting out there right now I know but I'm saying you know we got maligned and that this should be a position of respect it if she has that position it's going to be a platform. And I don't want to always be thinking of her boobs and her behind me. The contract is now urbane more Sox start airing here. Absolutely and you almost feel bad. I feel a little it of sympathy and empathy for her because. He is here's a woman as very pried it and yet the first time she speaks. You know to a large mass she she gets slammed CNET about the national convention. And now this isn't a woman who has only Ben on the campaign talent is tied to be a little bit more Brooklyn and spend time and I'm adding or sign up hurled at it now and you know I'm currently amount used used in camp out women's ten K your wife Jack can't yeah yeah yeah. Yes she's beautiful season beautiful woman but you know what. Next year wife I would've liked to see a show is on the outweighed her in her in his son's mother and the son of your might not know and no blood. I. Think the I don't after an you know that yeah. Thank you not just seeing a light after time yeah yeah you know when she. She's a really nice lawmen. And she machines she she AN AG and took a lot of heat for something I think really was not her fault. And they literally hang out there and isn't it funny that. Now whenever he hears something he assumes someone else has written it feeling guilty don't. That's Lisa about the times yeah yeah.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"The co-hosts discuss the leaked photos and how Melania Trump would fare as first lady. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41046332","title":"Did Trump Campaign Leak Melania's Nude Photo Shoot?","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-campaign-leak-melanias-nude-photo-shoot-41046332"}