Will Trump Campaign Respond to Allegations of Plagiarism?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Trump campaign's response to the scandal.
3:59 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Will Trump Campaign Respond to Allegations of Plagiarism?
On his speech continues to me up times reports that two former president what's. Bush speech writers draft and her original speech which she rewrote with a friend of Paris now the campaign is they're making. Plain statements defending her but her husband. The unseen I have went to say about this. And that tweet came. Says nothing every little thing he's tweeting about and this big big thing you know I think that's I think that's why speaks body. It's like a wing it I called the wing it campaign from me he goes on TV when he does the debates people always wonder why he's not cracked an off. And the reason is that he gets away with it that he got to the top I wait can't and I think he thinks he can get away that here my concern is that people what people always say about Donald chances. Don't worry about it he's gonna hire the right people. We may not OK Ali yeah. Looming doubts he had to. Was that what you don't know what has been held accountable for it no one has been fired. No speech writer has been fired no one in the campaign letting it and that's and that's what I did it implies that Gilani had actually did it and I I don't think that they can just leave that despite the CR's other Fannie people that process this clearly in order to Italy and those criteria are that without the writers say you know like we never got the speech that he sent it out yeah I would have to say before you ever stepped onto a platform and say anything that reflects the campaign your holiday Ellis at your husband's an actor back yeah. Sorry your husband's they had to back pennies. I've got to come over and Jeb Bush for not taking cap is what I'm getting all of reunited Donahue let you watch hanging out there and she didn't have to be left out there but you left to wrap there and this idea that nobody knows what happened and you keep trying to. Pretend like. Bill wasn't an issue. If he also had just said you know left and we didn't even realize it. This would be not have yet but I am now Connie let you can't what do Betsy cards you can't you can't even clean it up that's what we haven't heard from you couldn't nothing that's okay well I don't think that would have worked anyway because everybody knows that it's copy it to you when you put the two sides now live I'm Andrea doll I'm excited to I don't I can't I did not want no it was plagiarized my hope can forgive I remember when Joseph Biden I don't remember he Downey drive -- -- speech he had dropped out of the presidential I was so arrogant about it yes but you know what people forget him and he went on to have a successful and again does not mascot yeah if you look at. I am sorry I am sorry I'm not right away and tagged you know this is apple and chaos at Lonnie should come out and say I I I did. I admired what most analysts say that the witness protection program yeah. I have I can't help but I'm. It's not OK. To point finger us. And other people that they are lanes they blame this at all maybe Michelle got it from my little pony maybe it's got out I mean stupid stuff. Which you wanna say listen man you run in for the highest office in the land and you can't say you know what I think what might have made a mistake yeah that's true all the there was plagiarism software available yeah. Yeah I see his campaign is in such disarray so disorganized but no infrastructure that is nobody there to say to him. You can check to see out there are Koppel at. I have to say people have sent to him listen you can't go out like it is now look I doubt what Israel might have been able to tell that now what seems slightly brain dead. But look when asking might have said listen you gotta check that yeah yeah I'm saying now manage our yeah yeah Hanna worked at now is not a threat. And like at last he's gonna get hit let's get off days people. It's just ridiculous yeah I. Are you all got.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Trump campaign's response to the scandal. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40736900","title":"Will Trump Campaign Respond to Allegations of Plagiarism?","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-campaign-respond-allegations-plagiarism-40736900"}