Will Trump Continue Battling Mainstream News?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president-elect's response to mainstream media following the release of an unverified dossier linking him to Russia.
4:08 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Will Trump Continue Battling Mainstream News?
Everybody was just about to make out quite and I had to shut it down when it's back up. One thing I was watching that interview last night Kellyanne Conway any Anderson Cooper and I found so frustrating to watch because. The new red Herring for Kellyanne Conway if anything the media every time it used to be Hillary Jackson every time they need a substantial answer to a question they go to the media now the problem here is in addition to the categories we spoke of I think news with into that intention usually disagree went there are also trump isms and this is one thing when you watch his press conference in this spoken facts but also Kellyanne Conway in that conversation. She proceeded to group the media which we are all separate entities all of these stations. She mentioned CNN and bus feed in late night with Seth Meyers to prove her point against Anderson Cooper about CNN he's on NBC. And then she goes into quote a reporter from Politico if you watch back she's trying to defend herself against CNN and she burst -- to use three different news outlet to make a point. Well because Anderson didn't finish the interview by pulling up a link she kept quoting throughout the pulling her view. Eight walked two threw a screen grab. Inner knew she tweeted out to say look we did this when you click know that at least two of you talking about something has nothing to do that he's talking and. If innocent is so good he's a little bit it was a slam I don't he's so good and and the one thing that I wanted to say if and I and we boarded up but our hot topics meeting. We're gonna see this happening again and again and again mr. Quincy happen yeah as has and I led and I think that journalists and and then what it did followed say that they can't find it would journalists need to do is if that ever when that happens again. And Jim Acosta doesn't get his question that very next report of luck asked Jim's question yeah and that way. Now. I. Then those that we are united as journalists and journalism we are now. And I think we all know this on the front lines and we must be jealous guardians of our democracy we must do back. I really don't the next news outlets like Africa and they wanted to ask his question write it right to break our. So they're not gonna probably do Democrats you know what I did it would jump in his lies every time he speaks he needs to swear on the Bible at. Every time every time outs and they might get an idea they make black get him for perjury and later. The problem with that I think I think that's right and journalists have also been on occasion to get up and walked out together. But the issue is that trump says you know what they have to cover me. They have to covered it he feels that no matter what he does people can be eager for the story Selig and the go to this Twitter. He feels like he has access to be covered no matter what you know what capacities and kind of consequence for that learning was have to say you know want we're gonna get the league when I. Leads an outing watts not you know what he did yeah Manny maybe. It is. Fewer journalists coming out because if we all you as he walks. Everybody he wants that's why Kelly Ennis on the show and this one's honest to let you know went to cancel my only got that the hair. Am I reading every Hollywood's Linda and I think it that we saw he had the look forward to hope. It might change what you know what he initially hits and you can't changed his stripes he doesn't care he will say what he needs to say. They you know no one is said this is. Didn't happen lot of them say this didn't happen you know what a lot of us said you know I love that stumped him haven't so. What do they do they said it happened it happened. So we're going to be rising above that went away guessing what he does not have a high approval rating right now. His approval rating is loud and when he says the only people want to see his tax returns every point is that's not truly that was the majority of Americans want. Yeah because bell was ties to Russia that Russian mining days. Can be cleared up very quickly went jumped slipped out. He doesn't want it is enough and self all of those closest say you know you got not always thought about we actually did.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president-elect's response to mainstream media following the release of an unverified dossier linking him to Russia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44738028","title":"Will Trump Continue Battling Mainstream News?","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-continue-battling-mainstream-news-44738028"}