Trump, Cruz Bromance Ends After GOP Debate

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Republican presidential debate.
5:43 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Trump, Cruz Bromance Ends After GOP Debate
Still a little of politics because last night was the the Republican debate didn't they watch it clap if you watch. It was very entertaining but we'll show you the highlights because I noticed this at breaking up up. It pains me actually is so hard to do think and it last night's Republican debate several romances came to a sad and yeah remember the love affair between take crews and Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a friend of mine I like and respect Donald to take cruises a friend of mine and a good guy. When it comes a Donald Trump I like Donald Trump I think he's terrific I think he's brash I think he speaks the truth about it and I hope that has three or four days he has a wonderful temperament. Yes don't worry. But how can so now what happened after that I look at the two of them afterwards. A cake as it's called. Back in September. My friend Donald said that he had had his lawyers look at this from every which way. Then there was no issue that it was nothing to this birth her issue. But since September. The constitution hasn't changed. Numbers have. This season. He's saying it I don't care I think I'm gonna win fair and square I have to win this would raise this action because now he's doing a little bit better. No I think. A this and so these two loving her seat. It's over. I'll live honest right now he cares because Ted Cruz is doing a little bit. Better. But but don't Spencer of the birth of from the very beginning and he brought it up with with Obama I'm not to crises. Bringing it up with with cruised but I do think not to get want you but I do think that cruise is being. Up bit of a hypocrite because he always says that that constitution never changes right now it's the way the framers that we the people that wrote it. Intended the meaning to be yet. If that's true then he isn't a natural born citizen because he was born in Canada so now the constitution has changed protect cruise an eye I think that's a little bit. Obama criticized that Donald sadly bringing this up Apple's he's doing better although I. I've always spilling the beans of the truth of the matter why you're here may be an elephant I wonder how. Maybe they thought they were gonna run is in ticket or something out but they're so close to each other in the polls maybe that reality is changing a little bit but. I mean it makes us think you would come after him now that they're sort of the two front matter yeah yes I got you watch it in my actually decide to. I signed up for school classes and getting ready for school I got a broad sheet. This this is adults behaving badly Timmy how easy case there is something I always going wrong with that the debates and I'm actually a little bit tired of it. I'm tired of hearing as I wanna hear a real debate not people just clawing at each other for a sound that I'm tired. I wanna know I don't think they have anything else they don't. There's a lot of all seven of that and that means debate out of things that I hate to yes they did wouldn't you think about our look ugly with each other well yeah. I think that's the part they gets it gets hard is often times after that debate someone will say you only get bullish for example being come out strong enough. I actually prefer we may say. KN like Sonny she's great she's Smart she sat in the that those rolled through statements yeah. I don't miss the point that got me here on Saturday left apart but Finley but if they convince saying we're all good people were all gonna make a good prep. But an angle on your but when I think people also lets parents think that it gets stronger statement I don't know I think that's neat nick I can I expected more. Expected more it's how you teach your kids to be but for some reason is cities become an adult forget everything that your tot. And they're showing that right now like that's not how you're supposed to speak to people that you disagree with or that you want to and other politicians though Monday trying to win watt added. Cruise cruise also doubled down on the in his attacks on the greatest city in the world New York City but the Donald had a perfect response wax. Yeah I think most people know exactly what New York values are. When the World Trade Center came down. I so something that no place on it. Could've handled more beautifully. More humanely than new York and we saw more death. And even the smell of death nobody understood it and it was with us for months the smell the air and we rebuild downtown Manhattan. And everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loves new York and love New Yorkers and I have to tell you. That was a very insulting statement. I mean I I I I'm nailed up I think to chalk mail that position is what I'm expecting all the time yeah it's rare for trump and I think reasons why people what you want last night. It's because about moment because he was actually showing for the first time ever may be a moment of sincerity. And a sensitivity that we haven't seen out of him. It was us embassy ferry them present I mean I'm a native new Yorker and I do you remember I'm eleven at and I remember how this city came together and aunt how ya it was a New York like I had never -- we really rose to the occasion and I think everyone can get behind that in front knew that that was attacked it going to run out creator -- yeah one city that another terrorist attack exact exact I'd like to discuss sending our guys I was like that's me different. They're like we're confinement we love a colossal winds light undermining our value I mean that's true and it has hit eleven of I don't know I guess I had to get a fan Diane on Twitter is that percent to collegiate debater Ted should've known better. Trump couldn't have given a better response if he rehearsed it and that is shortsighted because one thinkers has going it heat so he such as skilled speaker. Specifically debating like that you are walking writing he just said a T ball up and might trump took and that it was.

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{"id":36319543,"title":"Trump, Cruz Bromance Ends After GOP Debate","duration":"5:43","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Republican presidential debate. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-cruz-bromance-ends-gop-debate-36319543","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}