Trump Names Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as VP Pick

"The View" co-hosts discuss the presumptive Republican nominee's vice presidential choice.
4:08 | 07/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Names Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as VP Pick
Donald Trump postponed a press conference to announce. His pick for vice president right now because of the attack in France but right people worry when time the air he tweeted that he hasn't he chose and Indiana governor Mike had so what do you guys think is pence the right man ever his campaign. Many describe him as a True Blue conservative I think it was a good choice I think you missed point between Newt Gingrich and pence and I think this was. I the same for a long time he needs a governor he needs someone with solid political experience. And I think pence hits the mark on now on being a governor and being respected I think conservatives really really liked him. And let's face it Donald harvest had a really hard time convincing conservatives. That he's a true conservative this is someone I think that has the potential to unify people at the convention to get people out to vote I. And he he he also it would it comes to temperament pence is very balanced he's very reasonable. Rational. He also has a religious act that allows people to discriminate. Against people if you're in business or. Sorry and hack at a press home. Eighty signing. It's a lot of people are allowed to discriminate and I think that that needs to be set along with the fact that he does know his fort appears very well and I just think that we should. Pinpoint some of other things outside of how good he can't. I got a lot of things too but that's consistent with a lot of the party platforms that you're looking within a certain ranges triple. And I also think although I personally I'm just getting to know. And look at it this listen new for me to read into him. Start read up on him over the last few weeks but. I knew we couldn't go I didn't think it I was playing this like a chess game he couldn't go with Newt Gingrich he couldn't go with Chris Christie LA it looked like sealed like this had to be this is. It had to be they got. For him well knew said that it would be basically to pirates not to wait agreement to angry pirates on the same ticket and you know you outline eight and ten Republicans had never really heard of Mike Pence or were familiar with him but what do you make up that the fact that he has gone head to head this is not he's not a yes man. He has stub and stood up and they have differing opinions. I'm a Muslim ban on abortion about six heat issues maybe it shows that. Trump respects his opinion and can show that he can fight with someone in there in a respectful way to get things done I that's why I think he is a Smart choice in terms of kind of trying to bridge the GOP bridge the Republican Party back together because he does hold conservative values he's been in an office. For a long time he has at a record of consistent conservative. Choices that he's made but for me I'm I was. A little disappointed only in the sense that I would would've liked to see someone a little more diverse beat eat seat dead. The president vice president a little more culturally Allen's I would have liked Justine Ben Carson on the ticket. You would have been comfortable with with two guys that had been no political experience being on a ticket. Yeah I went up the Gillette I think that you know Ben Carson may be there may be a platform for him as secretary of education I liked Ben Carson so. Not yet been cousin of. A lot of appeal the issue with him is that he makes a lot of mistakes he when he talks about gun control I heard him numerous times where I wanna like I'm I'm trying to hide from the television screen and I think. When you pair him with someone like trump who already says so many things that yes someone else telling are obsessed it would have looked like it was two people who. Although they have a real life appeal. To aren't grounded in politics and in the rational practical in accurate way. Eight a lot that's that's true grabbing onto it was some neat experience and then he needs to keep track of gravity experience no that's why you need the vice president have a little grounding and eightieth happy that he has yet an action news right. Within the party to know. Get things done to track some money not to exactly. Rid of the fact that nobody really. Read up on. Those of might ensue before hand and that's how Allison a couple days ago about Jill Stein and everybody else these are new people that are coming into our world. And it's like an epiphany neither latch on real quick are not so still look for your third parties that was my Stein has the Green Party your view like Gary Johnson an Olympic I didn't.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the presumptive Republican nominee's vice presidential choice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40611413","title":"Trump Names Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as VP Pick","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-names-indiana-gov-mike-pence-vp-pick-40611413"}