Trump and Romney Sit Down for Dinner

Fierce political rivals sit down for a nice dinner; Romney is among the contenders for secretary of state.
3:54 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Trump and Romney Sit Down for Dinner
Now. Some feel that Donald Trump sat down at dinner last night was form a bitter rival Mitt Romney. What apparently is now on the short short list and be secretary of state. Now during me. It now. Three days before he was elected you know to be the ex president elect C. I'm Ronnie had some Enron and some. Just about now you're not they want talk them down need to have a self they now going to be able to break bread and blatant. Become like Juan. Why us is why people hate politicians the sense I mean I look at this I just sit back and I say are you all just a bunch of phone use. Because you count on these politicians you listened I listen and it Romney cannot be questioned Donald Trump's character. People who were supporting him at the time set on all this is a guy who who agrees that he was standing up for what I think was standing up for America against Donald Trump. And all the sudden he's best buddies like she want a job. Because you think it's gonna help your career out you know and don't forget Obama and Hillary Clinton more also enemies when they were running against each other leading became a secretary stay put so that's what happened did you Stephen I didn't feel like they had that level of character attacks where Romney was coming out and saying this hasn't gotten. Afta is a very own out called these are brought I mean it's so can't you brought one day in your best front expecting the other night in. Though bit that is interest sting is sort of Abraham Lincoln notion right of the team of rivals and we know that Abraham Lincoln. Ran against several people he won. And one of them became secretary of state Seward and three of them were in his cabinet and I see. You know it's it. It it could be a good thing that Donald Trump is at least considering people that have been pretty aggressive in their criticism of him I mean. Mitt Romney said that his that his leadership would lead to a recession and trickle down racism. Why doesn't he does every summer like mad at the secretary of state I think could could speak to his car out of arrowhead. I way to look at it we get a diet and or you would look at it is to effect change you have to be in a written. And Hamilton reference be in the room where happens like. So you're actually passion about the causes are the beliefs he ran on even if he took it to new links with what he said would you kind of had to because trump took it to new places in the campaign. To make change he's got to be in the game and it's a choice Kampala to. Lee Anthony whose another wow I actually I'm. He's got the same personality is trump you don't want those but this just a bothers me that someone that a hiding who who do you trust in the system I mean that's great you know team of rivals whatever you want to say but if someone out there critiquing your character. Every day at rob has an advocate against Donald Trump. Now some also believe that all of a sudden all those things he believed what they just went by the waist like yeah I'm one Dan up mildly not know sat quietly basement and is I didn't know the that we didn't see it we start with Kristy Lee side with Marcum who want everybody you know outlook everybody's trying to figure out what to do yeah. Figure it out. I have it became an online lake. Mean because I don't know meant was I going in Iraq front so I have nothing. And a lot of people online had fun with this there was guy on Twitter that wrote at Mitt Romney is making a face like he's out to dinner with his mistress and his in laws just walked and. Fueling danger girl. I'm not an RNA I. No. And what does this say and the beginning of the view does this say older man and know it does not. It's as what we go back where you think you may not I'm just not well okay you know. This is what's your home this is what to do you wanna play in the game you have to be able swallow and take it on the chin and guess what Baghdad even a little. Fear in their.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Fierce political rivals sit down for a nice dinner; Romney is among the contenders for secretary of state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43880770","title":"Trump and Romney Sit Down for Dinner","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-romney-sit-dinner-43880770"}