Trump's Ex-Wife on the Presidential Race, Violence at Trump Rallies

Marla Maples weighs in on the recent events surrounding her ex-husband and Republican front-runner Donald Trump.
2:49 | 03/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump's Ex-Wife on the Presidential Race, Violence at Trump Rallies
It was very interesting name came up now because with the recent violence act a term rallies some people wondering if he's to blame. Watch this. Get out here on out. We're not allowed to punch back anymore. Like a punch him in the face outside yeah so would you see somebody getting ready to its road tomato not stick graph that apple would do serious. Did not now I promise you I will pay for the legal fees that promise. Seattle king dear Abby yeah Digisette note here. Hot ideas that on the area. Idea is that that money he does not want to invoke violence. Some and that's the bottom line he spoke last night this is not what I want this to yeah violence yeah he doesn't want to provoke him but some of his words are legion Whitney was asked about of the debate last night in his. Yes. We have some protesters who are bed use they have done bad things they are swinging they are really dangerous. And they get in there and they start hitting people if there's going to be taken out IBM's semi we have to run something and it's not me. It's usually the municipal government the police. You know not he said he said people come with tremendous love and passion for the country when they see what's going on they had anger that's unbelievable and that's something that happens with humans. We still love for our religion in our country. And then he had teacher towards another country or another religion even legally spot always unanimous love and hatred so they're the ones most likely we don't understand they're different and so we just need to come together and understand the differences in heat and this. Politically image actually an inch led attack we should've sent to him how come. It's only happening and you rallies that question I would followed up quit my brother is tapping yes drew does not happen your rubio. How come only if you like it's maybe there's something to talk to Marley and better than any of us here at the table Donald that is do you think he knows what he's doing should he come out a law that more forthright and say this has no place and I rallies. I think that India but to stop the violence is really important right now we're gonna create the world but we want more peace which she does want to create more peace and I think that's why got two little trouble talking about. Palestine and Israel he Billy wants to be a would be a voice for peace so right now it's important. That the people who are behind them understand that teen you know Ben Carson says of knowledge that there are two O'Donnell tracks Kinney the one get elected humble pie. And did just not to be true Boris. I he is a wonderful father he loves his children he would do anything for his good to Tiffany they would if you pick up if they pick up the phone he'll solid sense in the coffin. That's important so. But off the bottom and Jim and I sat back and yet but in the Amazon twins a twin Donald Ives. Outrageous money people who know him personally are astounded by some of the things that he's been saying. I saw Larry King I did this thing was Larry King Larry king's having Allen flat out he was never racist what's going. He wants to get elected and he's going they act is not right.

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{"id":37582168,"title":"Trump's Ex-Wife on the Presidential Race, Violence at Trump Rallies","duration":"2:49","description":"Marla Maples weighs in on the recent events surrounding her ex-husband and Republican front-runner Donald Trump.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trumps-wife-presidential-race-violence-trump-rallies-37582168","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}