Tyrese Gibson discusses his new cop thriller, ‘Black and Blue’

The actor discuss the new film, upcoming projects and more.
26:05 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Tyrese Gibson discusses his new cop thriller, ‘Black and Blue’
Candice Williams ABC radeon and I'm always excited to be here and talk to talented and wonderful and exceptional people. Today is no different I have the amazed being. Tyreke Gibson. High Reid's power you know how are you feeling you look a maiden name. Q in the flash she's good to meet you yeah I could be thank you for. Being well in the share this platform. Thank you. Anytime you're always welcome. Like family sell back you know when you have family over Ewing made room for family. And we have so much to get into first being this amazing film I have the opportunity V I loved it black and blue which comes out officially Friday. AME Thursday night I can catch an MR I you're happily in Anchorage there early growers expect and that's. Priest L sunny except. Now I'm the first and foremost you know I I was just like that would researching in and looking a lot about what the film is about what not. I saw that you had made this statement about how this is technically in your opinion one of the most important. Films that you will see this year you can you elaborate on that because I think that's it's a perfect way to describe. What this that the significance of this project. Why guests important it is all relative to person with the opinion. But troop beat so it is. It is it is very vulnerable. PM black and America. You know it's. Issues issues of honorable. On. 'cause you see stuff when your time on every day you hear about stuff. On radio you see stuff on the news. And you know if you look at the same. Police brutality or corruption in the White House. You go from Fox News. There will always put a positive spin. On something that's blatantly wrong. And you go to CNN and this seems like they're actually telling the truth. About what's going on. And so people are constantly trying to. Convince you. Something that you know you seen. As if you didn't see the. And which is Livan and a crazy world right now where. It just doesn't feel like it's any. Real black value won't own black. Black people which he knows people that live in the ghettos and impoverished areas inner city. It just seemed like a big. A mockery big joke like hee hee Har let's see what else we can put them through this week. And boycott complained speak out do this do that. And you just get to a point where you just are feeling helpless a little bit home. And for those few put that. Like media decide to carry that torch. There's just certain political backlash or repercussion is that you may. Like you said yourself up for for being one of them speak out. So everything about this black and blue movie. I know doing this movie. I'm a part of a movie that Hollywood don't want to make. Home. Because they're just always on edge slightly Warner won a touch on when they see us. Then again they don't. Because why hasn't ten other movies been announced. After when they see us. This touching on corruption cover up police brutality rather happened back in the day were as current. So. You know I just know specifically that I'm a part of a movie. It's going to be a classic. Norman it's going to be a movie that matters to the past and present. Com is going to be a movie or shedding light on something that we live every day. It's also one and a movie stay give people permission. And I say that loosely. Give people permission to care. Yeah about something that they normally don't care about is slight man it's really sad to see what they are dealing with. And in in you say so much there but it's it's really important what what you have just said because this film technically black and blue can almost seemingly being taken straight from headline. In so many ways. Om and with that being said your character mouth. You know he he's a very specific character over all the way I feel like is a change for you a welcome change because I love to see you know dramatic role I think you have such a range and it's great to see you in this eight. Obviously there's plenty of action for all of you action goers there in but still I don't. Do you see. Hopefully you don't have anxiety issues cruises definitely going be. This girl told me she as anxiety. As she watched a movie issues like artist going to be a sleeper issues like the. Put him on the whole movie she was that way and as she says she had to sit in her seat. Thirty minutes after the movie went off as she wasn't there to washed her credit she's like I just needed a minute to breathe. Because so much happened in this movie that had me like rooting and fully engaged in at the whole term. So I was like you know I think we we've we've done our job. You yeah and I I would agree I mean interestingly with kind after I saw the film you know I was talking to my colleagues about it and I said you know. It was still aren't they meet sent him that I'm media screening habits and not say anything during the film that he lacked Eric yeah. Last garden and the grand and men out there was that in me which wanted to meet activists found here but of course few avenues beings or are trying to be used in journalists there and not paying. So you know it's baffling enjoyable project and and like I said it just to give you guys an idea it's about. Naomi Harris's character. Is a cop she was from the neighborhood and you know she became went to the the military. And you're character who talked to from the city neighborhood now works and it convenience store. And you decide. You know and I get the best way to put is reluctantly decide to help her. And through that because you wish her body camp picks up any actual you know. Murder of were allowed our armed give you all. Acted as Yahoo! room. I work at a liquor store. Right mood cross she from the project. Parent who's gonna two felonies. In. You know. People don't know that. When you go to jail have never been to jail about a grace ago where people don't understand money. You can be young. And reckless wild and out from the kitchen hood stripes do's and crazy stuff. So in this shooting that killed and that whatever and you just in the hood in this matrix. Because when you live it and you in it every day that becomes you or your matrix your world view. Room. And. Some crazier bow or new jail. And door real term. That changes a man. I'm. You get out you may feel the way about what he say it was she said it was corn known and who who selling dope who's kid more money they knew. This something a boat the trauma. And replays in your mind and being in jail. Makes you say. Even if foam broke an arm barely charter and along. I'm not going to do anything you can put me back in that. End. When Naomi Harris is character which is her character's name is a leash a west. Oscar nominated. She's a gem of an actress. She shows up to must store. And I recognize their group whose. You know throughout our child who she was best friends among cousin. She decided to go into the armed service and she did two tours in Afghanistan. And her moms died and she came back home. And decided to become a police officer. He's a rookie. She was on a ride alone makes his way to the car. Went upstairs she heard gunshots when host in his. And seen. And caught something on her body can. And that's like how the movie starts. And I'm not given away any dame because that's was in the trailer for. But for people that have never seen the trailer I don't ever have these are some to a you can go to movies government. Com. When she shows up tomorrow storm and then the realize they shin that. She was shot. And she was injured shot as a police officer from some crazy dude who had. She was shot by her own fellow police officers because she court. Some footage of corruption on her body camp. That's when things get a lol murky. And you UConn of you witness. My moral compass. You witness her moral compass. She do truth. I'm not OK well when I seen. And and and that's a perfect. Lays in the sense of kind of letting everybody know what exact your emotions. You know car is in that crazy eighth everything's happening at one time. Now with that being said what was pummeled. You know we talked about some of the rewards and sharing this narrative which is important but also to challenge any challenges because I know becoming this character. In my opinion was probably an easy thing just because there's so much week which you expressed about. Having to again in that mindset of dealing with all the different things so would you would you describe as the most. Rewarding aspect of filming. This particular character and what you fill you with the most challenging free doing the questions. I mean. You know it it all set in for me real quick first thing is I knew I had to get out of LA. I get to New Orleans. And I got there two weeks before it was time for me to film because judges really wanted to arrive. In the head space of understanding. And I'm about to work on something. We're anxious money. Give someone permission to care. Witnessed. On such a public. You know when people were being hung when black people were being hung. Not so. No one inch to grand. If someone didn't take a picture of it you may have heard about it but she didn't see the graphic images of. We had never seen Emma Taylor for a moment and say open casket and take pictures of Hamas son's face look. Com so. I knew I was going into this thing to carry. The way you Eric garner. You can about his moment. And father and his feuds. Known. Lincoln a bone. Amir rice. Fremont Martan. You know blown Nationalists who. It is day. Doesn't even seem like they're remotely motivated to get to the bottom of what happened a biggie. And there's been documentaries form documentaries and say the police had something to do would orchestrating and arranging. His death allegedly. So. You know I knew I was going into something. Where there was no place for jokes who was no no place for play play. I knew I was opposite of mud Slinger as an actress she she go. And I knew I had to commentators stain. Like Mohammed Ali who's in a gore begins. You. Oh. I'm. Listening. Foreman. You know it. I just seen the way former was hidden that bag when he was practicing and it made me. Hopefully I mean did. Need to like prepare what I'm getting into. Com and you know Naomi has this intensity about her. Room. Where she don't really allow you to get too familiar. We cool. I'm here to kill every scene the night here for play play. Even he can't peg cracked Q a joke could take you whereas over there. And go have a seat yet. And if and the great thing is that yeah. Fantastic job. With being able to. Just. I don't know what you're what command your role what I understand is I appreciate that when I'm sending you a news. Between Dion. And being opposite Naomi. The tone was set. You know we're not this is not play play. Don't don't come or here. Making your lips trying to be charming charismatic and think in that you won't do some in this movie. This is a real one. And I knew. When waited hours Carrey and I knew what I was getting into a more important need as much love as Carmen reach an hour to me and Naomi and. We didn't do his fox this felt. This film right. There's there's white person. From the suburbs. Who is witnessing what's happening. In the inner city. This will be an opportunity for her to sit on the front row. She'll never moved to the hood so you know let me let me go and see what's Cornel and I are so I can fetal. More empathy about what's happening in May be used my stage and platform. To effect change. Is she sliced seems like an inner city black issue or Latino issue. Com and I believe that this movie is gonna give people an opportunity to sit at a table. Like a flower on the wall. And it's going to activate something in them that may not be there before this movie. Absolutely and I and I respect the gravity of what you were able to do with this project in again this was something that. We're excited to see you win obviously this. Errors a night and this Friday you'll fish he didn't mean more. Of Ty Reese ended and get the totality of it. And just interestingly because you know we be seeing you in so many great things and I ice ice mentioned you hold your own because you have consistently done so. On you know and we are salivating not only over this which again comes out Thursday night Friday fraud view desired Ametek that they often. Bring the whole family to the om but we're also salivating over the next. Equal fast and furious in and then always about the family moral man you know we can't do anything without choose self. Did well Lama Obama come back and in fee you forum for fact. That's going to be wall to wall. Media blow. Whom they leave no stone unturned. Just wanna stay focused on black and blue whose arm coming back to new York and we're gonna go so crazy. With that press junket in round may. Alone make sure. We come see you finance Harkin fully talk about. I I appreciate that virus that. And I know you know. Obviously this film is with stony. And you know just because I heard that you guys are also doing something was don't need this more board he has no matter your ear and definitely of that grant her insurance. Wow. Him it's RI and. Armed did movie right after black and blue in London. Came home for months and and I went right back to shoot fashion lines are down three movies this year. I'd just wrapped fast 92 days ago. Amazing so it's been. In the entire family is their naked eye you know I I always I love I love seeing you got together and one half bath and it's only question I ask because I love seeing every bite again. Mean. Yeah yeah the firm is there your original family yes. Nearly that alone. I know we have to go before we do can I briefly talk about. Be kind. Because radio and we support your music and I know. 1015. You gave us then. And we we out here looking for more and I know yet you're hip hoppers don't what's going on with that well you know I. Program. I've been cooking. A this way to say it. I've been cooking and I've been in the lab. Com. I want people to understand some about mean musically. I respect. Singers rappers. Or in the studio. Or year creating. Respected. But that she's not who are I am I can not. Go to the studio. And just being there armor is an idea Hisham Ali and just be an air mass and around. The music is the only thing our own the only thing that steel mine it's it's. Money can't motivated. Time lines can't motivated. Because and hype and energy Kim motivated. And show when you hear songs like shame or were you listen to the body of of work. Then are poured into. Black rose. And you see how successfully wounds. Room. It's a reminder. To protect. The gift. And not. Abuse it from just using it all the time. This may sound strange bird. I could take a conversation. Like this one. And it just goes into my basket of low. We did a lunch or dinner or just went some way and had an evening when all the lady sitting around. Talking about men and women in relationships and marriages and infidelity whatever. It's like a collection plate of stuff. And then when it's time to unloaded all. It just happens. And you can't in Iraq to unload this leg. Taking your phone now while it's being an updated it had messed the phone up. When I get into that head space. I can't get no phone calls they can't be like yo you gotta interview. You know they want you to go do some re shoots on like I can't bounce from one hated space to the next. When it come to the music so. With all that being said. I got some coming. Com at a certain point. It will be a double album. It was black rose was supposed to be my last album. Some happened. And. I just I just got in there and is that they are more nervous tomorrow release and now on the number of a bit and because I feel like when I dropped my alas our womb. It was light went CDs was on its way out. I can't relate to this stream and and I juice can not. I can't wrap my head around it is like you're you're selling albums and an I Clough dishonest like up there 15100 ER get to listen to my music. And then it counts as one albums like what do you mean. Do I get to go to 15100 gas stations and then pay for guests. Who. A marine. What are we talking about right meg gas stations a make him more money than meets. And I'm in his vocal Wu work in my army when I'm seeing the veins come out I work hard. So it's. It's rough almost feel like. I don't want to release another round until own one of these streaming services like I'd need to. And an arm as an aren't super knew I'd need to have my hands in sultan that has to do it's not. I area mind. Thought I area look ironies we appreciate you so much and written while I know that you are multi talented. I hope to see you doing Moore also perhaps an elite at the music I know we got this sounds. You know directed it do more that behind the cameras after that Philip Q so talented outcome here vision for some apple and project at some point world. Here's a day and I were again just like music I respect. Directing. I have the communication. Are mapped out the communication. Of like how to direct actors. How to pool performances aren't about. How to make sure that we are getting everything that we need in this scene. When I don't know enough about cameras. I don't know enough about the size as the lenses in all of the technicalities. Of what's what in order for me to ever. Allow myself to say that I am a director. So I respected. I say that I at least need to do six months of film school in LA. Or something. A you know who. He's supposed to get your driver's permit. And you get to license. And be able to make reference to something vs you know our district W cameraman in fuel. The it's as some real folks that did take this stealth super series in. It's hard to to play wit it and and have anybody to respect which you bring him. Absolutely well look I have put it out there because SE do lobbies amazing things and I. I think that's a very easy grasp for you because you have you know all these different acts X of that. I know we gotta go I I I I appreciate you so much for stopping by talk about black and blue. Any immediate plans for the hot original Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up Barrett whatever holidays. I don't really known honestly. Family affair and stay there will paint standard Black America right now does hope you. See another 24 hours. We didn't we get in grew one day at a time. I'm in Iraq gambler I'm definitely are some family plans I don't really know what they are right now but we don't do some. As it's been it's been it's been up God's favor has been unbearable it's been real. Teddy pender grass movie is common. Would lead to N news. Room attached moon. You know so route it's a lot of real stuff. And I think for me I'm just I'm really. Garnered few. Steel. Be in Hollywood still be in music. Steal Arab situations of saying yes and noticed off. Com. And I think he earned. I think that the biggest highlight of my life right now is the balance of being a part of these huge franchise movies. And in being able to say. Strip away all of the Fiji in the special effects and all the sexy star of and rescued dirty rescue agree let's do movies that speak to people's hearts. And when actually matters. So. Home. I'm just I'm just really happy to be here and I just hope it. I just hope I never let anybody down our own and I hope and make people proud. Aboard guard is using me to do. And we are proud of army thank you so much of course. This Candice Williams ABC radio thanks again to tire meets for stopping by please check out this film black and blue. Thursday night for all of you must be at the moment it comes out and and Friday bring the whole family going to be great promise. Oh.

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