Tyson Beckford dishes on new Chippendales residency

ABC Radio's Candice Williams interviews Tyson Beckford on Chippendales, his previous rap career and ending the drama.
20:44 | 03/21/17

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Transcript for Tyson Beckford dishes on new Chippendales residency
It's can't doesn't ABC radio and we have a very talented very very talented man in front of me we have the multi hyphenated model actor. On to for newer producer Craig do so active and I don't have an accurate and I think expert. Maria all things are not welcome candidates thank you. And today among many beings we're talking about something very very notable this is the issue all chip sales and the 2000 that emptying its. And it starts martz Eric. And ends June 2 so please people get now window has the worst thing is when they. There are running our upcoming June 5 in his right bureau please. Is it time. I'm off to a sum that you've got to beyond time yeah as I can't become months later because they take our UB EAU via our men. I'm in their four minute and then them in their dorm gone off to is something else. Who knows and will be back again. Yes but while your there it's going to be at the Rio in Las Vegas. Yes and O resorts and suites from place to be. I like hanging the pool in the back because they got DJ is on Friday markets. He maybe eighty heal our era Laver. You'll be able to lusty Tyson and you know I mean. Arms you can kind of see me like walking around a lot of times in Vegas and its funeral hidden some local pool parties. But bottom. Not so much and nightlife because I'm always are in on stage it's ship windows and pretty much after Adam Warner now it is. You know we were out three times at least idea. Well Tyson experts to. A -- come from titles. Checked it. And protect. Our so let's let's talk a little bit about this whole. How this whole resident became about because actually you started this in 2000. Fifteen deaths are 2015. And did two runs one each five weeks long and then. Took last two summer throwing sixteen often was working in. And these union are these summons came back and then. Chip and was I he wanted to come back again and they said this will want to give you announce who Q8. I'll be there what you're movie so. They made an offer couldn't refuse to us you know a lot of the fans are on social media were asking me to come back into the weekend as an elementary themselves. Absolutely. I mean. You also from my understanding broke box office record with your residency so that big thinking you know. Lee has ended you know they never had a I guess come on there and do that and it never had a guest art come in there and you know. There was never a black hawks. Some the first black host their Brad. It's knock it out boxes and the diverse. Women nick com are we have we have Asian Latino. Caucasian African American. And you know one of the guys it's that to me one night who's who's been doing the shall forever he says kill. I've never seen this many different mixes you know and then you know what's over my summer break and then I came back in the fall they were like. Do we can now we now get people that we never got to come in here now because of you you know and it's so good. To have a guy like Q in here because you bring such a diverse background I mean number of people only from. London England Copenhagen Denmark. Bottom Sweden. Germany. Australia. You girl is the United Nations yet let you know would also help do that that's you know armed. When I was worker for Ralph Lauren days they shopped me and put me up on such a postal. For the world to see and you know it broke Carl they broke color barriers and you know just let people know only. Among is people of different Carlin who just as beautiful you know so then they you know it's a starter for the than and so. And it's and I was off my followers so mixed you know and it's to it's been followed me for. In a 25 years now business. An amazing career I am an bowl. Our Jeff excited this is static CU in this round yeah the natural talent with you yeah you're seeing it and our allies. I like to hold some elected dance I like to interact with people you know people person I'm I'm so easily get along Lloyd. You know and it was a W army they're jealous you know there wanna be down. You know. To our complement down. And pregnant. Now just we have a a better explanation. How. This whole Chippendale thing works are out there thinking this is going to be straight up strip and you can't really. No it's not root it's the way to show is set a percent of plucked abroad which. It's highly core choreographed moves. We constant changes show bottom so if you saw to show last year it's not sanction. So it's continuously changing. When I get there we're gonna involve the show again strategic and an and I'll leave and come back and change again so it's. You mean whether to distance of the 56 weeks you know it it changes within that two so but it's it's a good show you could bring a we've had. Grandmothers. Daughters and granddaughters there at the same time you know and it's you know it's eighteen there'll that they can end and you know. It's just so much fun. We have we have men come see the show. We have we have game and straight men lesbian women you know straight women everywhere from Steve show causes it's a entertainment show it's not a stretch ago. So when they get there. Whatever conception and misconception out of it they realize. Oh wow this is now Phillips and peace so it's really that show you know I would when I first saw I was a site. Iowa where experts see these guys signal vehicles and Lou. I got there it was wow this is great this is nice I mean. Look how the power. The crowd is so into it and really it's so I was are so I was like Poland that quality that I would that it's. Dodd and bit off more and I can choose. That the gunman at least eight numbers. United is only thirteen mr. That last summer I only did five numbers but now Mike. But yeah I am here I am so I'll I'm guys sums got a year of my nightlife is probably going negative. Well look I heard you know there's been rave reviews and I don't think at some great people stop by the I guess as. The date is is synonymous with all these residency man you've had some of your friends. This route are there any spears. Right Kerry. Rather they talk show hosts that we've we go a due to promotions would they show up. You know and you know it's foreign it's really really fun show. I actually. We we had Ryan house one time she came. And she was like I I can't do something WW dot com do some from the united that was used Thomases are cool so. She came we brought opera stage. We have this problem this one C thing call empire. Nothing to do with the movie just yet army to TV show just you know empire meaning king in the all that stuff so. She came with putter and its share a hero lap dance she hit me with 300 dollars cash three big. Three big heads outside school issues like taking boys for Jerry so I definitely took the boys are forgery can be. We definitely enjoyed it and then. The favor she wanted me to do for her was to jump in her music. And I mean I've worked with pretty much at one house I mean. Top. The top selling acts end and cracks and Britney Spears and I had that Barack Obama this was foreign you know. It's because I know you have extensive eight good report with a lot of these. Being the not until my thought process that had tried this thingy element like he'd been I live. I'm not a singer but I used to rat by way back there are myself and Vin Diesel and are a couple of friends or grew up with we all over the rap group you know back in the ninety's and is so crazy now where are. Ike's somebody had to acting VH one or some might add the footage of almost staged. And you know it was pretty good you know I mean did was part what are the best robbers we had a group. That we had seven he was you know he was he used seven was the editor for. For Tom source magazine who discovered me. So the army and seven became friends over the years in you know he introduced me of me it and you know at that time we easy just be known as diesel. So you know and then you know all of us got together starter wrapped groupings on form that grew problem. Seventh seven and the sons and it was like I believe that was in the name yes have Minnesota's to seven was of these so. We performed that what what's now known as. Up and down used to be used to be yells back in the day so via. So you have to give me an exclusive canyon can be here are some of the rapid now I do bringing out. The geek and let me. Then I mean at that time I was producing music I was fluent in apartment story. Mom so it's funny now because of a continuous. In so I started at seventeen and east he started thirteenth so he's really it's rose who's cool. God I yet he's coming. And I did to him yesterday new sites for sure there are common as he single series course from. I say guess what we both single so we both. On the prowl. Dating advice to hit. Are my dating advice to my son is always. China front and I really nice horrible Guerrero who. First I guess you have to be attracted to her first in some way some form and bomb. Try to stay away from the loud girls is there is some I mean he had a couple of girlfriends in Kabul experiences in high school. Where the girls like all your data so knowing it's city state house. It's you know that was that was my whereabouts of a woman you know always treated like a lady MB humble respect. And respect her and and make sure you read her parents. Yet his annual know who she news from her parents. So. Did you. Could be an issue or yeah he's a news Nike's markets as a music producer he he he raps he sings he writes his own stuff. And he makes his own beats and stuff so yeah. He did the modeling thing he did a couple Sean John ads but he wasn't really blown away by did some. Some music videos he did music video with Eminem and into the lane he was in that. That was about our bullying so that was current good for him because. He went through bullying situation so he was able to really in played a role really goods. That's probably why he gobbling in the army and haters don't feel. OK so I mean you know I ask and I know you recently or we're talking about it but like I feel like you constitute good energy in and you're always positive. Why aren't you artist nor are mad at you you know what. Am I around our senate either bird it's it's all good and I mean. I've I've asked these feeds the comments it would mean to me but aren't I don't know fit. Maybe my military training or maybe my tactical. Combat fighting training. Have maybe scares them I don't know. I mean it every Friday I trade with armed FBI and ice agents and DEA agents in South Florida. And we use we use automatic weapons in them quite the shot so I don't Norman. I'm no. You I don't know if. On the dodge course now I mean. Motto my motto my friends over it who worked in the half of it and they are closely monitoring this cell you know I mean do they're constantly. They chant nature you might see them they've had might be arm backwards bullet. You know you might want you because you don't know who they are I mean and legally. We all carry. Fire. And I'm highly trained in have been trained in farms for 25 years. Hoping for PR it's always peace with us it's always peace with the Sweden. We you. Barely ever had to pull it out. Because most people when they figure out who we Arctic conscious that often just OK where are my now wanna mess with that in it's at our lowest. I'll always walk away before anything happens. But can't save so much from friends who you know this is what they do for a living they take a bag guys you know. I have no felonies so you know if anyone has a felony or your two strikes in you might want to get that thirds. You know and it really is an alias. Jill is not a nice place. Now I'm actually going to speak to some kids in South Florida who are in jail now I'm part of this program that the rock dated. On the PC in its Cameron c'mon HBO. We're in Iraq it's Ike. A boot camp so. Just sign up from I'm a part of that too so you know I Charlie. Teach kids to be positive and to be good because I grew open the city here so on the stand what it's like I mean there I've seen all the cartels come through here and now. It's just moments. Now. Well I mean one of the nice being that I and I am and transit sitting here and I hear about you is the fact that you always seem to be having fun in your heart elements obviously holds the I like the EU you know argument on this album. I'm only. All my neighbors say he always smiled and what is up with the you I said you know what it takes it takes more energy to be upset. Then in this to smile you know at our I've had a pretty blessed life so I got no other reason to smile even went things that Brett. I'm still Smart a that I no cell you don't know. You know we'll talk about this black light because I know that obviously each of the items come in but. There's a lot of talk with all these different reboots are Tyra Banks the only Mac the American that's an eye on her are you know that it is. There hole for Utecht kinda get back into battle scene because I don't. I don't know I mean if like somebody asked me the other may have terrorism call you would you think about common back into fashion into an arsenal I could but. The thing is I just feel like this generation is so different from degeneration I went out came up in because I was around that Johnny for as the Sox season. You know this Cindy Crawford's in you know I was around the legends and I came in. Towards a tail end of it so I can can even imagine. If these kids would even getting our understanding that you know I mean because now everything's pretty much social media you know people don't. Going greet people in you know look I have a problem with your look I don't you know you know people do that anymore everything's done on the phone you know. And I'm from middle school we don't. You know. You know besides hosting you know seeing you back lobbying bill are you seeing Aaron you know bomb. I just started writing what I've been writing for awhile so. Now I have a our production dark thing going on where now China are brought to restrict to Scripps who for. And because I couldn't get the other writers to agree I had to let those who scripts go. So now I'm starting new Scripps oh I've teamed up with another writer were were writing some stuff from her get reports amounts of so I gotta turn some stuff in quick. Because in between my chip and I have like you know a couple of forty's to trying to write in do stuff so will be without some newsrooms. Yet all we're get reduce the fault so for me. You know are cool to chip in this house of foreign and then you know Bob put Marva had on in the year right Aaron and implement on the view producer and an actor as well. You topic gets opposite the school that was foreign animal Soviet. Now wouldn't be handed down on problem I'm chocolate city down I've had my chocolate and so my hot chocolate or hear how good a ride out. The closest thing that is Gobi chip in that's it. And then from there from you know addicted was. Addict who was planned on BT night last night so. His residual check come as soon I mean I love CNN in you know are. When you see something that you didn't die so many years going. To you know so you because it involved in this act. Evolving and Ingrid Tennessee we bald on the stage they've been jailed without is coming our march 30 yet. Vietnam are. We as entrepreneur or got a new I got a new Beck for bark come consume no. The news of our Linear pusher that we are are promoting or the the whole chip in the house thing so. You know. It is clear blue lawsuit we got going over the the previous manufacture into school will move on like we always do. And they we have you know Arab Leland jump rope to come to so. They threw things that keep me in shape to. Me ask you about adding them light clearly you are saying the young catcher Eric kind of at a company title yet government. I welcome it because you know it's it's no ahead of mode motivates me you know I mean and that's how always bid. Because no where are came up we in the Bronx it was just like you get hated on you know I mean to you prove. Everybody else otherwise. You know by the end it but by the end of the day everybody was marked for him because they realize is now pentagon is a good guy enemies won't use one of us. I wrote it's I would run into a burn in the house to save some money. And even though I know I could get hurt don't want it it it's not about that it's about. China be a person that is back to the community and helps communities are always kidnappers. And. We appreciate about you can elect you app at heart yeah our home in you know it's funny because I feel like you're still good at being on point with exercise. Like she just being out. Are known are really Kazaa a are either certain way you can. Yeah I hit certain way because I was as a kid a group as a picky eater so I don't eat red meat so I'm a pretty much bottom fish and chicken guy but more. More bomb. I'm more fish to chicken. You know army in our ocean yeah. And ocean and land so for me I'd I'd do a thing called new plans so mommy has or set up and you know and I eat maybe five times a day. And I I'd go to gym maybe twice and he sometimes so. I put on twenty pounds of muscle for this. You know people don't understand and elect. Would you do you use growth hormone no. I'd go to the gym while he was the club amended change them while you sleep in in the bay which appear afraid and I'm in the gym you know so. It's your. It has hit. I've waited in for downton does that's my name in the bottom of the work. You know. It's pro being on oh and I pay no one and 00 yeah for sure makes everybody goes its casino in Las Vegas three outs and L starting march 30 the up through and rejected the. This man tightened expert yes there may support the troops. Candace ABC radio. The U.

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{"duration":"20:44","description":"ABC Radio's Candice Williams interviews Tyson Beckford on Chippendales, his previous rap career and ending the drama. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"46286099","title":"Tyson Beckford dishes on new Chippendales residency","url":"/Entertainment/video/tyson-beckford-dishes-chippendales-residency-46286099"}