USA's Devin Logan Takes Silver Medal in Women's Ski Slopestyle Event

Amy Robach recaps some of yesterday's top moments at the Sochi Winter Games.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for USA's Devin Logan Takes Silver Medal in Women's Ski Slopestyle Event
And then open your credits ABC news digital special on this day four of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Russia from repair job and how. Half pipe. 21 Canadian skier taken off the slopes on a stretcher -- the Olympics in sixty. In sixty. But let's get right to the medal count what a difference 24 hours has made here's -- breakdown here's where we're standing. Norway taking a lead with ten medals four of them gold followed by Canada with nine medals four gold in third the Netherlands. With seven medals three gold. Team USA in fourth with six medals two gold and -- out in total medal count with that Russia six medals. One goal. Team USA does have some catching up to do the games are just getting started and washing it off for us -- our ABC Olympic headquarters in Sochi Russia -- robot. Is joining us today -- let's begin. Debra Logan a big win. For teen USA. That's right and -- Logan so thrilled after winning a silver medal in the women's ski slopes style. And she says there is definitely going to be some big time celebrating not only. Because of her big win but apparently the first time Olympic -- turns 21 and just a couple of days. She says she plans to celebrate with friends in Las Vegas. By the way from Sochi Las Vegas that's a twelve hour time difference a good luck. With jet lag -- and. I get a bad is that I'm a great reason to celebrate as well two reasons -- there. Also a story to so many of us are -- to hear the United States Canada's Alex -- -- historic win. In freestyle skiing. I know -- was such an incredibly heartwarming. Emotional moment -- it all unfolded before our eyes last night. As we -- Canadian. Alex -- -- note taking the gold in the men's mobile but we all know it was the moments right after they gave so many of us pause. The video right after his win before thousands of spectators Alex was looking for only one person. And that was his older brother Frederic who suffers from cerebral palsy and Alex -- -- Frederick. He is streams like you and I but he can't go after most of those dreams I have the ability that I can go after those streams and out of respect for him. I go after them and Dan I know anyone who watched that moment last night there was not a dry eye in the house so moving so beautiful to witness. If there was one moment that capture the Olympic spirit it indeed was that. A lot of talk about the bombing temperatures there over there making big headlines -- -- that's all that's -- on the events for the for the events themselves but for training as well. It's true I mean it's it's wreaking Havoc for so many of the athletes it's reaching up to sixty degrees here and by the -- just for comparative. Purposes. It's warmer here. Than it is in parts of South Carolina down south in the United States mean in New York is -- -- in the low twenties. And many people are saying that that dangerously soft snow on the mobile course. And the downhill run. Are what may have led to American Lauren Ross is devastating crash overnight. And then on -- half pipe the qualifying run is now back on track after it had to be postponed because of the warm temperatures and we know that athletes have been complaining. About how dangerous some of these OnStar on what is normally a very flat -- bottom even snowboarders on white says he's ANC as he prepared to defend his title. Which she is currently in the middle of doing right now finals and a half -- begin in just a couple of hours a lot going on here in Sochi. A little too much -- -- the -- the -- there has been there was talking about what out this act may events without is buzzing over and such youthful -- ago. Well. There is one pretty funny update that I thought I would share I know we all remember Johnny -- bathroom door he got stuck in the bathroom and he used his US Bob's letter talents. Pushed his way out of that door bust the door down and it went viral well -- -- Just yesterday apparently Johnny got -- again this time in an elevator and he put a picture out there and he admitted when he happened to me like I'd bet you. Nobody's gonna believe this but I'm actually stuck in an elevator now acts it I run into Johnny here in -- I'm not to be following him into an elevator or any type of -- space because. He is really bad. -- apparently parents at the -- I've opened every door just fine. I would imagine as a take this there is always good advice ABC's -- robot in Sochi Amy thank you so much appreciated. Well as we look at one of the most exciting events of the winter games men's snowboarding half -- All eyes are on snowboard legend Shaun White who admits the slopes at Sochi. Having a bit antsy but for the competition why is -- -- to watch in this competition and he's hoping for more goal if the slopes of Sochi cooperate weather has been making it hard for him to concentrate on half -- -- has been seen for over a decade he won gold medals in the 2006 Olympics in Turin and again at the 2010 winter games in Vancouver. If he happens to strike gold in Sochi he becomes the first American male. Earlier gold medal in three consecutive winter games. Another big headline coming from Sochi the Dutch sweep in the men's 500 meters speedskating race Dutch speed skater. Michelle -- took the gold last night teammate Johnson -- Took silver and motors' twin brother Ronald. Won the bronze. The Netherlands sweeping the podium for the second time in three days -- excitement there. So for more on the day's big event wondering Wall Street Journal's Matthew -- -- -- -- the -- from Sochi -- thanks for being with us we appreciate it. Eight medals up for grabs today what are -- looking at. What you look at Norwegian during what they do and -- exported more than. Eight in the in the spring. District cross country. Many Americans who expect to do pretty well and this billboard out you were to meet you crucial way you're speaking of -- -- -- -- the inaugural women's ski jumping event at night and my favorite at the -- attack Wenatchee Japan loose. Or foot eleven and about ninety Helms but there's -- American -- Eric Hedrick and this -- back from eight Yeltsin -- reigning world champion and see if she helped helped it should be about. Let's talk about shot like that for a second because I -- they -- -- emergency repairs that have -- they're being a little too bouncy. A little too unsteady for a lot of those borders out there what are his chances -- of the be able take that title. You know it's interesting you need judged sport I think what you're finding is that. It it a lot of this. Actually doing reputation seems like and I know that seed that judges -- experts but it took -- -- curse and won a majority of -- he you'll often see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it look if -- were very similar to someone who's it was one -- in the past them. But the judges give the person's reputation better scores so you have to -- -- -- -- this little leg up. A lot of women's events taking place today including what effect that's never been done before -- -- be a first for the Winter Olympics women's ski jumping. Why did take so long for this event to finally make it. The -- -- that male dominated. A little bit and it is for the good of the backward organization. And so where they international federation. -- eight you have -- strange -- in the in the Olympics where. They're several events where era but women don't do or person about their daily Gucci purse and -- that they don't do it doubles -- -- -- singles news. Most of the -- and -- by apple and rate is winning the shorter distance. And there's no it'll biological reason that says the woman can't go -- as the man. And ski jumping was one of those and so wild that they just didn't think it was sort of appropriate they also didn't think that the word that you see there weren't enough. Women's ski jumpers out -- to have a universal competition. Well a bit of a shocker today like taught you about he can Randall lost her chance to become the first American woman to medal. In Olympic cross country skiing she seemed to be a favorite though. Didn't make the semifinals what happened. You can she you know that's -- A bit of a mystery she can enter into the stadium in the car really into the command of course he and -- she -- that the last final two years ago legion and the German quoting an owner. Which is very powerful here and usually. She's able to just -- -- Dirk -- also challenges -- that you're just wasn't there today and she she missed advancing to the semifinals by governor 100 respecting. And that's a rate which are special he would -- -- -- it only happens once every eight years it was about -- good a chance to view it at our country metal and forty years and it's and so badly. Seven of one hundredths of a second while all right. Oh yeah. Aligned over the hardware than this for a minute and Norway taking -- lead. USA which led -- -- last time around. A bit behind now is their chance -- for the US to win the medal count now for today's events. He did it did change you can deliberate elegant gratitude goes we've got to do well or -- exports. It got to -- or are warning that -- continue to well increased. Increased -- got to do well in the -- -- -- where US strength is and it got a couple of big. In the al-Qaeda that typically in the ocean and all specialist next week -- -- on the -- armed. Billion mental that the US Olympic gonna take this now as you know Norway is -- -- -- -- Well and last -- -- let's go to talk about other big hello from such a last night the Dutch sweep last night in men's speed skating. In fact the second -- by the Dutch in the game so far. Speech to eating is a -- -- visually impaired or country but actually do it. You know the US usually does very -- -- getting a -- well medals and then cooler speed getting. Usually little real real metal producer or event. But that -- special and that they let speed skating it's just about the only way to sport that there are any good at. And very gonna continue to have this continued behaviors and and that -- -- because that dominant. And -- you don't want to be skating is over the Olympics -- -- that such. If you got to focus on one thing you do it to your best included that program that Matthew fighter meant with the Wall Street Journal Matt thanks so much we appreciate it. I join via -- by Kurt Thomas and it shall be in the -- games member of the two man at four man US bobsled team curt thank you really appreciate your spending some time with us first your first impressions of the games in Sochi in general. -- -- know we have some concerns coming here you know just like -- number of Americans did with security would. Accommodations and everything but you know from an -- standpoint the way at least I in my team have been treated. It's gone really well security has been. Noticeable but you know they're not in our -- not hampering us. -- -- yet the plan for a couple. After minutes of transportation possibly but. Accommodations include third you know about the level we expect that guests and you know it's -- to allowing it to be focused underage coming up. Now of course you have is some perspective obviously this being your third winter -- first competing and the 2006 games in -- and in the 2010 Vancouver games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the U if for the US in 62 year it's. Yeah I mean we've we probably have a target painted on -- back now coming into this Olympics and you know rightfully so but. At the same time and I don't think my teammates and I really feel that pressure that maybe we should I honestly. We know that German program and -- Russian program they spent a lot of money. And lot of pressure on him to do these Olympics. Especially in our sport. So can we update that quite -- -- -- and you know we're poised to do well we've got that great equipment. -- their BMW team -- fled and are -- I informants led. Have been running really well. Corky. People who has been my driver. If need be clicking would distract doing your job so we get the -- -- We should be good shape to do well in -- -- -- informant. Fired and also -- -- -- talk with a techniques that are -- that's not just two guys are for guys. -- -- -- hoping that gravity will essentially take care things that your job is to push -- what what does that entail. You know I tell people it's as simple idea -- a lot of complicated details because. You know granted you just described my. My job -- -- -- for five seconds I jump in and go for ride but you know as far as specific technique. You know our -- committed 200. And you just like -- -- of Puerto perfectly in those five seconds one big burst of energy you know we're not going to be at the very best that's gonna affect us. To go down -- hill we won't have that third velocity and it's just got to. The multiple -- to go down so. -- we have to have. You know our expressions. -- Eagles in the right place to put her hand moderate position compared to the rest of her body. I mean our knees coming up to the right height. And that's just pushing individually and we all have alluded to the -- and we need all of that to click. Perfectly we have to know exactly where each other. Is going to be and you know that's gonna help -- velocity -- writing positions and all of that with a huge factor and happened within about four and a half seconds. You have been called the best ever -- do you know when that you have that kind of moniker and that that kind of namesake in recognition going into a do you think about that went on the course are here on -- track. No. You know -- can't you can't really think about it that way you know we've won one gold medal. And you know that's that's history honestly we can't keep thinking about that we can't dwell on it if -- can help us this here. You know maybe we can learn from our experience of course but you know having that gold medal in the going to make it any better now so we really -- the focus on the moment focused on this track. How we're gonna put this race and -- go from there. -- sort of outnumbered on the bobsled squad by US soldiers. What kind of teammate and I would imagine it's got to help -- the discipline with the training. Yet the world class athlete program that he -- his degree program -- itself number of athletes. Be able to you opted to let himself be able that the train. And know what it is being joined the army and -- directed either in the army or or National Guard as well and then their job is to our rivers and her country. And it kind of recruiting -- and I -- by competing. In an Olympic event and I -- -- couple by athletes. Luge death leader to. Wrestlers in the summertime. Yeah they'll participate in this -- -- program and Chris boat was on my split on my team he's certainly here in Iraq and you know. To Wear red white blue in two different uniform this is something pretty credible and you know he's an inspiration to us. Yeah a lot of pictures and on on display there and obviously we're all poetry here in the states. But -- asking you a couple more days left in such a couple more days what beyond there. Another Olympics in the future what would you have -- -- and the -- of a minor degree in astronomy from all the moderate uterus in Nebraska. Yeah I have definitely. Except my master's degree electrical engineering a minor in astrophysics. I don't know -- ever be able to find a job that. Incorporate both of those but. I'm not sure exactly what is -- what does North Korea may continue another year -- so bobsledding. Just the kind of help the program transition to to the next phase into the next -- But you know I probably won't compete in the other thinking that the 37. -- the next Olympics and I think that's probably a little bit past my athletic -- so. I want to give my -- in my back -- a little bit of arrests here. You know we'll see how that goes but. Always looking for options or deployment of next year -- Setting up the resume as early I think you've got pretty stellar start as it is written of the men's two man bobsled competition February 16 -- seventeenth -- four -- As February 22 23 Kurt Thomas -- -- best of luck to you go team USA thanks for joining us I appreciated. Thank you make -- that. And so -- floor is in the history but the competition is still going very strong in Sochi and of course completely recovered right here. On For now on down Cutler New York with his ABC news digital special. On the Olympic Winter Games.

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