'After The View': May 26, 2016

The co-hosts continue their conversation on body shaming and ask if Donald Trump has anything substantive to say.
18:13 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': May 26, 2016
Hey how I live streaming after the view and Ross allotment FaceBook. And I friends style expert Stacy London is joining up. At going to be reading your comments and questions so out there start posting asking now. And it's a so I wanted to Strobl one thing that broke today which was we get to a show tonight. Trump is now the official nominee he has gotten all of the delicate me votes. He needed 1237 apparently there at these I'm bound delegates that just turned ram. Everybody thought it was gonna happen next week they have five primary five contests next week including California like 300 delegates up for grabs. But a couple of these. These unbound delegates just want for him put him over the edge it's 1230 night 1237 as the magic number so he is no longer the presumptive nominee. He is the nominee. The Republican idea about that. A. Welcome to America. Visit the house LA New York crowd everybody not necessarily. Lap this up from out of town New York. Out and New Jersey Connecticut East Coast. What is it clap and Chris is saying New York. Away. And I sat. Frustrated at how noble. The you know also going to be debating Bernie apparently was on Kimmel last night and he's and said he would debate Bernie there is my brain. Not now half yeah he didn't do you say something very interesting during intraday I think bears mentioning is like you know what it that's what happens. If for whatever reason burning becomes the candidate benefit. Democrats have to get information. That this is my feeling because he what were regardless of who the candidate is the party. Is so separated. Where's the Republicans are just falling in line and that's what wins elections. But it is debate house says before trump calls in grams. How fast. Well he's not very far off I mean that's eyes ears and under a regular president I'm excited to see at this if it's actually comes to fruition they say he said that at camp. Donald Turkey's challenge Bernie Sanders to a debate and then. Bernie Sanders shot back and a tweet actually and he's dead serious he wants to debate of the sport June 7 in California but this all plays into his eye and it plays into an errant it. He's now neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in California. He say look she's dog by the scandal again and he everybody knows it mean according to the numbers that. He beats top better than she would be trop keynote speaking he didn't for Hillary if only the two of them did they eat. She needs to get it she that I am not in it's usually get I don't think that we'll look good for her I don't at a well I think. This debate team especially because I hope that. You know Donald way to talk to him more about the economy and his and Bernie's socialist being points. And obviously trumpet the capitalists and this could be interesting. Donald Trump. Could actually talk about something with substance without I carry rejoice hearing. And thinking could be a great debate if there wasn't actually. Any of them running I I don't I would just not to be named colleagues packed up and they find comfort and. President Obama over the weekend he's like the people it's heads of state around the world are very rattled bop by the possibility that charm can be president. And when he used a word rattled because he's very discrete. But basically I think that frank and welcome because you know when they -- sell out you know Japan and South Korea getting nuclear pot. And we need to goes against Muslims that exacerbates terrorism in the while tightly and that's not an easy thing we're going for a very bedrock that if he wins in my opinion. A lot of people that support. There are a lot of people that support and I mean clearly he won the nomination over. Some really wonderful candidates that I got that led who it was and why did win. You know I like Marco Rubio a lot I like my have a bush I you know either ignorant like takes it for awhile didn't you. I think we're all interesting but in in for the Republican Party and people and our seasoned politicians. Are a bit and I got. Vote happens at all. Can I think a clarification they don't tell is still a lot of ways nominee and he's not the nominee dale they introduce him at the convention in Cleveland in July. Overall intent and purposes and he has the night he's had led the magic number Rendell announced in Karbala British. Bigger I do wonder about this as well because you're saying you know what what is trump doing. He is wiling people he is exacerbating. Abu a true anger and a true fear in this country that does have to be addressed. So whether or not Hillary or Bernie becoming the candidate. For the Democratic Party I think that now there's the bigger issue of what happens after that person winds flow that's the problem right anything ice. Right when I can be no matter following let out there are a hand Pittsburg. And Sarah in California half. Pittsburgh out alum Matt kidnapped California are here he heard neither your kisses in the York deserved Pittsburgh White House weren't very different. This of Diana and I am now I'm. OK so he's not getting our California at sorry at we pitch Eric Californian. Governor pilot Alan Horn house Larry accidents. But I will insulate of his Pittsburg California they're gonna have lousy web app. A pop up so let me ask your question. I had did you feel about this body shaming that we did today I mean do we make a point I mean everybody seems to have. Come in as you know this does cut shorts on people is sort of casual I think very. BG well but. At first thought very proud of it I'm very proud of the view for taking us on with refinery 29. Did take on the subject that I think is very very important when it comes to women and our emotional help. The one and didn't say during a show that I wish I had is that it's not a question of whether you have your bikini body on right whether you've gotten bikini ready. I don't care about that I don't actually care what you Wear the beach you can Wear a you know head to toe sheet if you wanted to. I just don't want the way you feel about your body to stop you from having joy in your life. So that's the thing. Sierra forcing. I've not having the perfect body. Be the reason that you don't let them go out and have a great time this summer at the beach at the park with your family and your friends I. Such a huge difference in my mom in the same area might we there are eighteen grand kids amongst the forum last kids my so my parents at eighteen Gregg it. And we all are in southern county California and we live at the beach and my mom is section great grandmother and she loves playing with all the kids but. Those days we would go to the beach my mom. Wasn't as saying what threat because you can just she just felt when heated bidding on the beach and I don't know what finally changed our her but she just went. Much like a lit up my grandkids and they did hold the goal of the water like. That's what I. Get old yeah. Clarified something you don't care anymore. But you just don't have darling your aunts and bright it's white you cannot say that content. Of all my own skin I would say that I'm moderately comfortable mild skin I have work to juice down but. I'll Wear it casts and security. Right yeah I can't and that this is exactly what I was saying is it like look you what you want that you're wearing these great people up cans nice clan to our site right bigger than that Ayers. You weren't as great as details. What it is I don't take you do not have to be showing your booty did not need to be hanging out I don't need to keep a girl found. And what every athlete you don't get out we got but I have a girlfriend who's around my even a little older. And she does not care. And I admire her so much she walks around a bathing suit that size and hanging what I. He's happy Saturday night here have to think about net man. Have told nobody shaming as a rule that those love handles can be on the floor there. OK I don't know her eyes and did it finally happened and why I agree that men don't get by McCain made him. Like yeah. I feel just as insecure and not just like the president presented say that they feel insecure so we don't talk about it as much I'm now imagine. That that if you outlay outlay and maybe some of them in the soil his decision was up. I don't know I I. We got yeah. Me and I am not a comfortable I am also on. Read apps we got a lot of feedback about about taking back what Jessica had twitters that becoming a mom has made me proud and love my body more. Dressing for my body shape helps me feel great to and then another woman she says give yourself permission to be who you are be empowered by that that's she was quoting you know but that it's it's still import it just so important making. Don't verbalize. Those thoughts because when you put it out how dare you believe are believing it absolutely 100% Stacy that we people know what's right yes so if you if I go to the beach and abating soon and some troll comes in takes a picture may. And shows my picture on some but captain magazine and flee I. That book. We Tizzy. And yes I completely agree with this here's the thing when you are in the public I. Like it really you are just you being served up on a platter people can't wait to tear you down. That is our culture that's happened long before social media we've had magazines doing that either telling us we're not good enough or telling us how awful we are right. None of that should be part of our culture going bought art art around it and magazine editors a whopper Reynolds but that's another story but there's of the way they have a war against women away and go and everything everybody that magazine you hate south I don't care who you are what comparing yourself to these thousands magazines there's seven seats while they grow them on some flocked. These girls track I think this is really importantly you're about anything. Because again that's comparison comparison is get him just wrong way any amount the company to having you see somebody that doesn't look like you that you wish you look like right well guess what it does matter what you do you know about plastic surgery in the world never going to be seven feet tall cannot PM after Iraq. Kit but now just sorry I just as a disc is it's so important to me like even when I was on what not to Wear. I never spent any time telling people lose weight and then you'll look better in clothes that is not my job. My job is to find where you are. And show you exactly what's gonna look great on whom you me on as a Savvis. Helping your body type I absolutely bad fruit bat through visuals I just to you Al I don't like that jacket it's ugly. Why might he say better than yours are you still never arguing it bases its ejected you have to show people. You can look thinner you taking your waist you can look taller you where vertical straight. Those are technical fat guys me since just late shout out and gather watching us and Salt Lake City and FaceBook life and a master but I that's the audience TO. I've French challenge me the other day I was gone looking through social meeting he gives notice my disposition. Like well where he and I can't remember last time I got on social media are looking a magazine and felt better about myself so. About I have everybody in our audience raise your hand if after you look at social media read a magazine he actually feel better about yourself or you have no no more. See any heavy man they also want god it's not a desire he had been. Stand up and let's look at this man yeah. And is like your friend Dennis Hanson we weren't yeah WCP out ABC affiliate. Yeah yeah I love them I mean he I have checked herself suggested this might yell and yeah then there's also. Sort of no getting around enemy here we are we've got you know I had we're talking of people and Sally because they can write in any yeah. There's a great thing about technology here is the thing. I really believe that style in the digital age is like talking about the emperor's new clothes. Because seriously. You get you have got the east union got filters looking at people's real lives. You know highlight reel that has been to him. It and I think he's supposed to one let me I've had. Not real light that's how we should and parent lives to each other. I think it does nobody any good at what we have. Only one went minute left but I have some audience question just up I have somebody named I Shawntae she's in the audience. My question is do you have any told wholly irrational. Fears are phobias appearing naked on the beach. That's not a rational hope I'm yeah. That's a real up night is water bugs I IA and so completely public that I freeze and and I cry. It's not funny. Tag on all cell Ed rescinded on FaceBook live wants to know from Candace what was it like rapping with Vanilla Ice yesterday. Yeah. How much like it in my life it was good though the lack doing terrific by the way yeah Barry go out and added it has good. Like so up looking like it as early in the audience right there. Santa Ana. And I know how Harry do what's your prices early I'm sorry what is your question. My question is where he adjourn favorite vacation. And planes are not. And why. Might have been Napa Valley we have. They actually have are outlined mine collapse of my husband and that there that we have a place Aaron it's my favorite places to go well he's not didn't he's and there have been. My past to be and I'm from Michigan but I love Lake Michigan night in a if you live in the East Coast David West Coast and you've never been a Lake Michigan Osce feels like the ocean but it's and its greatest object for me we'd net lot of money grind up so we ended up vacationing. It had campgrounds up and down Lake Michigan and it so beautiful. I I've I love the state of Michigan faces BI investigators say I love that northern Michigan is so happy it every what they want you go to Michigan. I. He was the best kept secret until now I I'd like Italy. I Alli in this country itself is being Las Vegas and Atlantic City talk. ST out my I. I like to play blackjack and craps out so I like that and I also like New Orleans in this country as a lot of happy welding shop it is my favorite American city I would that it would think turn this is him as 10 question K Lee we're right here. I know it says rap with stretching. I ever read your fortune and it's so elected Arnold has it whenever read my fortune. I don't believe that crap deal. Let's let's face it I believe that Mercury in retrograde really did a number on everybody this past my bad I definitely believe. But I don't ever remember having my. Fortune read now. Now did I did a past life regression on when I was on the view that a few years are now. And it was so ridiculous money. The guys trying to convince me that I actually had a past like forget it we're Joanna bark all else I'm. I was actually a news reporter in the eighteen hundreds something I just I just made the whole thing up and leave the what it. And it is hilarious is that Ali and I yeah and I went along with about Miami if I sometimes they're looking for alternate reality T you're looking for something better that we have that have been bracing and loving who we are where we are. And what we are what it's not like. Bird. And reality Eileen wants somebody lightly looking for an alternate reality we outer light truck driver of cancer are going to somebody that read their future prognosticator wit we're not what I think that you have a wonderful husband and family have I not do your beautiful what do you need another reality I don't I and I pointed she added my point summoning of a studio people are so many other editors Bob I want really aren't who have at all and still listen support details Taro cards and all that allowed me. I tell you think it's baloney stuff right there's my man of the audience again he agrees that day I added. You can't answer that it's a stray bullet on this audience like Dennis pleads not it's like to have this man or woman. Meaning. You have half whoever she stands up and shines when you're not good about the child volume. Including hand I never now I'm gonna go house to house. No I don't. What I'd do if he's elected you pretty told me two days ago here and Canada I did not say yeah. He did you not canonize your gonna take the BMY I could that a I mean just you know why is by now what that's an easy way out I'm going to be on this show. Destroying him on a regular base. The move. Although I do love Canadians and UN panel Australia site yeah yeah. I am proud of us have to video and don't forget to hit us up on Twitter and he's I.

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