The View': Has 'American Idol' Lost It?

The co-hosts discuss the tension between judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.
4:23 | 01/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The View': Has 'American Idol' Lost It?
Last night it was a premiere of the new season of American Idol when judges Mariah Carey and nick and in knots. It has been an incredible buzz about the tension between them so what actually happened last night -- -- went -- -- too bitchy. Rectified they actually I think tonight's the big -- where everything is gonna bust open the day at at the premiere they're building a story between. Mickey and RI and we know that some stuff unfolded right Barbara mean he talked to -- -- -- I have have been -- -- we -- interview with -- that. That she had felt threatened by making -- but when you watch last night. Did you feel that they would deliberately trying to news Yeltsin that this tension for the -- -- -- -- about I think that it being tapped into and me. -- she lives within an hour our sale and so it seems like mark I think that they actually have little little sort of sniffed back in Florida they along until they said you really selling. We just funny they written -- other. The stepped between them was real I just didn't get American Idol X lacing up -- -- that the tension I think American Idol exploited so that because I have watched it for years and -- watch sure that that's so I think that they do but you know what I I don't like is. I think was just put a moratorium on people who can't saying. I just felt like yeah this show has been on the air for years and they deliberately put people out there who can't say there was some dude who look like my heating and look like Michael Jack thank you -- -- on what some plastic and he could this -- right here. All my -- is beginning gain safe house and he got off what you don't like about -- -- -- in my got away outlets saying it out like really argue they are you. Yeah that's kind of -- you know all -- -- you'll see -- calling -- I mean it's on the -- you ready to call that whenever anyone American Idol winner I'm I'm going to actually I -- -- the last reformer last night twenty year old actually -- -- and I think -- -- say her -- Stewart she. Was so go ahead and she wowed her she did the cover I don't but I'm gonna get did you recognize might still I take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He. The blood these seem to saying. Are drawn to seeing -- today. Could soon -- dance. And -- lead -- payments on. Its. I'd like yeah like -- because she hit. I mean some people like Mimi she's got an out I am totally blown away by the personal story as well don't be she needs -- she works with children with medical disadvantage is they actually we topped -- like three amendment. -- in their high and -- and they're -- incredible -- like another -- But I mean they lost -- Simon Cowell he was nasty guy wouldn't we all loved. And now and they don't have anybody like that because nobody on that panel was witty like he wise so now I think -- a little mean and passive aggressive -- they bring out. A kid with cancer who has won -- He -- as well as a lot of these other ones -- And they don't get past ten. -- said then they send Randy Jackson to Staten Island to. To a whole film pays with a girl she's got a -- then make a big commitment to the girl I'm and they don't pass happy it's like this is something mean going on there -- Is it is it turning out that. Sometimes the people that you think have the talent when you put them up -- I'm assuming that judging do looking at a lot of different things -- actually -- but I'm not just judging on the voice let innocent Americans from the accident. -- -- -- -- Remember what -- and twelfth of something much -- I and you -- yeah I haven't -- Yeah but I want you to reiterate this because I. I don't know why they do it may -- -- change soon make this a longer so it takes up two hours but that meant to ask because I saw the guy with the Michael Jackson thing didn't mean what. What was the point -- what's the point of those people -- This article offense. -- does that really got you don't get back it would have lots -- -- time and I just got tired of saving people they just are liberally come on the area -- Yunel. Like they had a guy out there who was an opera singer do you see that when he obviously could not sing opera. And I felt like why waste my time -- that I don't wanna see the same way let's applaud. -- I think put a moratorium on people who can't think of you -- we've been watching a long -- raising gimmicks are not doing the president.

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{"id":18239133,"title":"The View': Has 'American Idol' Lost It?","duration":"4:23","description":"The co-hosts discuss the tension between judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-american-idol-lost-18239133","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}