'The View' Breaks Down the Donald Trump Rally Violence

The co-hosts discuss the reported violence at the GOP front-runner's latest campaign rallies.
5:40 | 03/14/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Breaks Down the Donald Trump Rally Violence
Talk about throwing stuff around it was a very violent weekend on Trump's campaign trail now protesters shut down rally in Chicago and someone tried to watch him on stage in Ohio. Bernie Sanders denounced any violence had a rally in. McDonald's says he's not buying it he tweet it Bernie Sanders is lying when is says. His disrupt those aren't told to go to my events be careful birdie on my supporters will go to UR's. Now. The man. Has done so I mean seems like burning is done something that Donald has Downey hasn't announced any of the violence Tom hasn't said dumped in this. This is a terrible way to do stabbed and yet Bernie says I'm you know Joseph I'm denouncing it's a wise wives or I'd just. I'm not doubles down on it as a matter back. Did not gonna pay your bottom of the pay your legal says he's at the punch somebody in the fast and that is 78 year old man punched a 28 year old did not do not there have been had been were bars I think it would. Goodman a little desperate don't should I saw that tape and that kid what's not being what I. I was sucker punch and he was he looking out at 78 year old has been charged you have actually you know ms. Aniston says Anton op Kellogg not a bit really now he's always stop this and maybe next time happy we don't like USC pay per view event at the of his rallies Syria I think in 1968 all over again I did it isn't really inciting violence like I know is a baby lawyer we were always told. You can hate someone speech but you've been a fight to the death. For their right in this day and and I feel very strongly about that's a lot of this speech is protected by the first of many people are allowed to see what they wanna say. But I think. You know and I don't think he's ever gonna be held criminally liable for inciting violence so no I can't say I'd like to knock the crap out of somebody in front of an assembled group of people. And you're allowed to say next time you deal with these cells are you know what that amount used to render an art I love is when they got in a place like this could be carried out on a stretcher one when you you're eleven famous column I think at these rallies is that these people who are supporting -- don't know how to express themselves verbally because they just can't sort it. I mean there. They're fired small very small percent at times news small minority he talked to a lot of the terms of martyrs of why small minority of his supporters -- in the majority of people that are at Israelis they don't wanna see violence have been but he keeps on hand got he keeps pandering to a very small portion of people that better there you know I want my college on tonight appears to cystic saying I wanna punch it's kinda. A lot of yes a lot of the supporters see that they're not there for that could bring their kids do you think they really want to see that at a rally with a lot of them are they entertainment. So what's the point so inside to see you who are violent that's what you need a little violently goes a long way you know what I wanna see there is a great picture I don't I don't know if we can actually show it but it was from mrs. Reagan's funeral. It was a picture of George WO. Adam Hillary Clinton. Hugging and smiling and that I'm not exec at such a tense period in art and politics right now I love this. This what I want to see from my politician that's how it I don't I want to heal you wanted to tell people hot yeah. I'm saying at let me finish talking. It there's so much unrest and so much tension is so much bitterness between sides. I wanna see that I want to see that at the end of the day you know we can put our differences aside and we can hide no matter what what tears us apart and. And CNN a bloodthirsty wanted to sign in Colombo let's get that picture going to cancel it when I get these rubber a lot of him whenever I am what I. Say what I say. Is a kind of basked in his nation of the first and second amendments going on. I don't think that the founding fathers had in their mind that the presidential candidate can Sam Suffolk punch you or that you could take an AK 47. To go hunting in the Far East the and had supposed to be the golden mean is supposed to be that's what the Greeks said whatever is sort of the medium temperament these people are extremists that you. Why aren't and I wanna and I bet he's telling me this country it's killing has printed here's the problem with that because they are there is hate speech but there's. Speech that you don't want that we have all decided as not good running into with crowded deity yelling fire is this not a good idea. And all that well initially gone up. Kinda. Visit them. Kind of it's it's a long want to answer but the bottom line is court. Always err on the side of protecting speech he's in a menace and its failure they say that if the court says. You know yes it's okay for a little steamy to run in there and say okay the theaters on fire and it causes. I riots of people trying to get out you Tommy the court would err on the side of this guy I want them quite one month one. Blaze was not on our.

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{"id":37635824,"title":"'The View' Breaks Down the Donald Trump Rally Violence","duration":"5:40","description":"The co-hosts discuss the reported violence at the GOP front-runner's latest campaign rallies.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-breaks-donald-trump-rally-violence-37635824","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}