'The View' Determines if Justin Bieber May Have Overreacted About Fan Photos

The co-hosts discuss the singer's online post alerting fans that he is finished posing for photos in public.
3:30 | 05/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Determines if Justin Bieber May Have Overreacted About Fan Photos
I'm Justin Bieber has declared he's done taking pictures with plants he says he knows they'll be disappointed but he doesn't all. That watt and it made him feel like Brazil Latin. And what can you sell you know doesn't mind his new out of my favorite topics when people in the industry don't want to do. Extra curricular work that it is necessary to be done to see you I'm trying to say this nice as possible to keep your celebrity level at a certain it's. Person is it OK so when in my head she's being in the industry since I was three years old. Is that I'll be sitting down having food or topping a friends and your across the street looking at me. Like I am a zoo animal and taking pictures without my knowledge and really making me feel like I'm on display however. The only reason I am a successful popular cool whatever you want to call to out take it. Because of the people who asked to take pictures with me so somebody asked me take pictures and I don't want to. I assess the situation and I go okay to have my eyebrows on as well we'd done a kick that's checked. Still you know and I and a good mode if I'm not in the mood to listen I'll do anything for you but listen to the page because I know and I make a joke about it. I say listen don't want to did I go well. The only reason I'm here today so I have to take a picture licking you do all of that act because otherwise I'm not gonna be this doesn't limit on it like you know you don't want to date have been doing an eating many getting pap smear things like back. Yeah. I'm this cruise ship I was on last yeah. She said to me she was staring at SM OK Arizona I know it's rustic picture so I said we'll look at the a lot of people around you know what it wants is is in but if I happen to be in yourself say. Who's good and now I. A lot so he doesn't she took him outside a parent was a picture do it like that I know I did and static one reason not love the southeast some like you know especially on airplanes refrains don't worry about it I don't eat I think what it means. The public needs to understand is that the person is still human. And sometimes when one person starts it becomes well yeah it's oh let's just not that let you know what I hate Atlantis a longtime them. When I come out at my the war. I am Whoopi Goldberg have. You know has sweated it's what it is no wonder why you waited for that I don't. I am will be on channel but good. I understand. For ham because. When he does why. He has to do I zillion of them and people are not always. Not snow that people do not acknowledge the -- my cup hat caused police to stop me. By my hat. Because it that I would get a winning. We like you know could you just kept some of no let up salts may not think about. Listening out this swore at one that was Rocco dollars or a singer. Who has to have five people what that when they go out because it is dangerous and everybody had a camera every every step and what every year do what people don't feel the need to act. And we have to go he didn't ask and so are an outlets say this to you just I'm no. Bet you would probably will do this because you were kind enough to do it for kids that nobody knows about remember I know you know. So you act I think this is this is a reactions have him just aren't you know please back hopping from it we'll be right back Susan when law.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The co-hosts discuss the singer's online post alerting fans that he is finished posing for photos in public.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39041640","title":"'The View' Determines if Justin Bieber May Have Overreacted About Fan Photos","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-determines-justin-bieber-overreacted-fan-photos-39041640"}