'View' Co-Hosts Pay Tribute to Mary Tyler Moore

Star of groundbreaking television show, activist and humanitarian paved the way to bring up important issues regarding women's equality.
3:40 | 01/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'View' Co-Hosts Pay Tribute to Mary Tyler Moore
Okay. Okay. Was the iconic theme song to the married Tom Washington and Mary Tyler Moore passed away estimated eighty years Ol and we won't mrs. child what is a woman who highlighted issues that women are still dealing with today take a look at this class. Get yesterday. The only reason he was Peyton and I can't just because he was a man whose shirt I think doing your work. The unit and it I PV I want to understand it. I do is check job as he did better. 888. Let's be. Yeah. Well mr. grant there is no good reason why two people doing this job at this place shouldn't be here. I am a latest war you don't. Nagy in that haven't don't Hanson and Jennifer alarms that pay gap I think has been bothering us for a long. That cell was just kind of spectacularly find out what went very well on Asia mainly young Mary Tyler Moore on the show yeah about I think twelve times whom she's always lovely and sweet one time Tama story. We read a dinner with parent or husband Steve and I and it was right after 9/11 people well. Suffering from asthma and all sorts of carcinogens in the air and everything and we word is gonna happen again but lets us get that's got the so married top the next day Mary Tyler Moore sent to gas masks. To our house. Hello I'm and every time trump speaks at the moon. The for those he goes yes man you most in music drama you in Stevenson Oman I want in those gas Minneapolis. Let's couch but she was born not out yet every yeah I remember and I idea. Remember at the notion that a woman was single and she was working and you know she and had these incredible. Outfits and relationship with the people that she worked with anyone's point of grapes navy which I think with the new thing we hadn't seen she let defined by her relationships with yes romantic relations Vincent I just loved one television is able to her kill a lot of people's lives out there are a lot of women we're sitting at home watching night Wednesday. This woman speaking for me and it came through television it creates an awareness through comedy through acting that sometimes you look for through film now we see all the time that sometimes. You people really need to see in highlight it for everybody in appraised of the service and I hate her so much for everything that she did for women and through all for work life other thank goodness we have those shots. I don't know how long we going to be able to keep making. And I'm kidding why god. Yesterday yeah that's got. I know I you know I. Just kinda.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Star of groundbreaking television show, activist and humanitarian paved the way to bring up important issues regarding women's equality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45068879","title":"'View' Co-Hosts Pay Tribute to Mary Tyler Moore","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-pay-tribute-mary-tyler-moore-45068879"}