View Co-Hosts React to North Carolina School's ban on Skinny Jeans

Should children wear uniforms to school?
2:17 | 05/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for View Co-Hosts React to North Carolina School's ban on Skinny Jeans
Not Carolina school district wants to ban students from comment class and skinny jeans after some female students were bullied for Wagner. They gonna happen the right people here isn't just called me answer what do we know. Why enabling them because I think it serves up the girls were bigger and they are getting but they look that good I guess according to these bullies and you think that's a reason to stop a dress code just because someone else doesn't look good or maybe snow into the science of skinny jeans and if you Wear for too long in the wrong position making copies circulation let me say something I'd let the skinny Jean and young ally in me. And I love it and I where I'm proud I like with the tunic or whatever and I think it's good squares on the flight at their crackpot aren't hanging out at a my diet debate and haven actually find just the genes but it saying you have to Wear a shirt that would cover. The area where and the and the frat park or if you Wear leggings that sure has to come down I'll another not so tightly can see if sloping into dust yeah. I want you I love uniform thanking in the back I wore uniform to use it takes the gassing out I love you have out of until election yeah. It's that you can't let you liking uniform per bank and ISS. Now as a mom I I think it's a good rolled just to cover that part if you we are really tight pants 'cause when they would ever let anyway I wanted so it's not about all wig divide that it. All that stuff. Kids get into which is competitive and and materialistic. Everybody wears a uniform you don't have those conversations you just study and suddenly even those people are hurt changing their uniform their hike in the skirts up here they're rolling it appears there's always going to be eat. As human nature a difference to look different from everybody else and I feel like if you know if you know about sure. Secondhand shops which cash up about the timing not gonna have that money issue and I think the message changing now children have to have self. Express my fight atlas and I have my own issues that is why was tall girl if I would have been at one of us to get skirts it would have been like a parity of hit me baby one more time to Britney Spears spears video but it looks. Ridiculous you know in any so I would not have worked for my five at a. Now hope on Twitter route. It's about the bully not to jeans a brain always find someone and something to pick on get a they eliminated jeans instead of reprimand in the bullies that I'm makes house to Addison you know what there's a lot of reasons to Wear uniforms and school.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Should children wear uniforms to school?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39377054","title":"View Co-Hosts React to North Carolina School's ban on Skinny Jeans","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-react-north-carolina-schools-ban-skinny-39377054"}