'After The View': Jan. 19, 2016

Five ways to have the worst breakup, living alone might be good for your weight, nine things you shouldn't give up in a relationship, and more hot topics!
11:28 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Jan. 19, 2016
And Atlantic Bryant about Brian what I do it tonight. You're not getting a steady yet there because we are live live streaming after the he would have to recall list. And you can come every what did Tuesdays and Thursdays are ABC dot com slash that you are right yes okay. Mr. reminded ten different so we build an audience that way since I am Aaron. Well that bank I think I'm talking to. I study claims did you have the best sex and relationship during the second six months and it's all council downhill after that I hope that this the second six months it takes up to six months. You believe this. To have for the so what others think it well it takes men that long. To use the directions that you give them to give him a letter. They never asked the direction like they Sonnenfeld letting down their legacy seat yeah. I mean what do you think that's like this make sense it mean hearings. Because you're still getting to know each other in the bed room. I don't know that it makes sense and it all goes downhill. After twelve months I think you probably get out I got more comfortable I mean I've been married seventeen years if it was all over after a year ago now takes Melanie and do you think that if it's not good kind of from the get go within the first three months so why wouldn't make it to six months you know they need so I feel like eight you know you kind of have to have it pretty dead sometimes it's a real good in that first six months yeah Maggie are now I mean that gave up the skies need to be taught carefully taught to think I learned. And that makes think they're learning like a BA or a a Ph.D. it and bring it to you from their past well that's assuming that they that in with other women who taught them something to. If they happen deepening and Ph.D. I just thought about a scientific committing all highly scientific. OK hockey I. I don't offer streaming were flattened I don't somewhat comfortable teacher. I'm really yeah this. Comfortable I don't know that Mecca put myself that I don't women are that comfortable. Teaching a man what. I let me allegedly on Wednesday to Saturday we had this conversation last week I said I was not comfortable saying all those things you know and that's Garrity in bed now now I was shot idea that. I inner dependent on how much drama again I love how I. Holland is not want any variation that's another story out zantops stuff I'm trop okay after it reports act by the way I've kept my AM. I I made a resolution not to drink the meantime much month of January and so far I have not had one ounce of apple Marion. And I don't drink that much but even that one glass of wine every night. I was the and he knew that are actually having coming out now I'm miserable on the let me ask you honestly for myself are you losing more weight because you've and I don't possible but your Demont once famously said. So those you don't drink when you wake up in the morning that's the best you've got to feel all day that I felt I didn't and I did the same thing I started this program called a whole thirty so for thirty days it's now people heard about it. It's no alcohol no processes and O'Costa spread note rice. I'm not know added sugar are now some of not getting my crazy don't need an ocean liner I'm I'm kind of cranky. I'm way to putting it all when the new beginning youngsters not I'm not I'm not I'm not why I'm. I'm Matt that if you're white and food and otherwise stay away I'm doing the whole thirty where I'd drink after David Gergen it's I don't. Well a more careful about what they've what I'm eating in my into making everything else but units and because they say bust my heavily hundred calories. And that you don't unite a bartender than its 200 dollars conclude that they are eight. But like this much hundred calories very little happened that I get a else's you know and it's where that little laughs I'm link no excuse me and that's not a glass. Anyway I'm no artist I can't think that this is like a story that a friend Tommy. This woman held her mop app hard Jordan is dating a guy seriously and should the mother thinks that the diet possibly get a what should she didn't the mother thinks the mud I had the guide that the daughter is dating is get what should just you know these stairs he said he next she thinks he has that yes suspect another would open her mouth and heart migrants who hoped I would wanna know I would tell my kids I mean well you know one and only one enough so it's great gave our I would know. Aaron Arnold not necessarily now I have a friend and I think he's married to a man I have also duped. I mean liberal robs it meant a little credit to remember Liberace. Another thought he was cat I am pleased to watch and Mike when I was a kid mr. want to Monte de. And he people into the family got all these so delicate and so nice and yeah delegate six that's rock. Some don't even know so you get dot could be off Dominic I don't. I know my dinner is on point it's like I am very good I know I have friends also who live you know I just feel like if you need a guy and in the first we send these empty girl. It's like yeah great. And yeah I would want I don't sweat was a dollar sorted flirting with the got very handsome one time is it out another vehicle a model of good luck game and but not but very you know like just I didn't think it was day I didn't know. And so he was coming on to me like crazy this gotten begin what's interest to me for this is unusual in the you know. So because usually the guys who come have to mail like it now Jewish guys status like where Hispanic Italian maybe he wasn't no Italian think you want you to be his beard. No no he was really coming a we're getting close to getting some way get my drift and normal and then he'd tell my arm like this anyway. Oh that's terrible tone you have loan now I'm alone panel now. That was how they do this. I have it's. He was history that was loud isn't necessarily that he is gay who knows if he's gay and not get but. To name my husband who would never say something like let you know woman which anybody you I don't think my husband would. Your husband would say to a strained a woman that he's about to GoDaddy you can't know filter. Leahy we argue about it all the time to kill safe thing to my friends go there he goes again I mean he's he's the guy when you come down the stairs fully dressed ready to go bulls say. You are where. Why don't like these and I don't want I act I happened to pack I happen to like that like I just I'm. Pretty brutally honest as you ladies know I like B honesty I feel like if the person that loves you. The most can't tell you the truth then you're in trouble so I I usually my response generally is. It doesn't look good does it on the chain's thank you for telling me yeah but we I want I want the dollar signing I wanna notes we were talking answers to do beautiful and a sampling and apps. Your glasses yes. Confusing honesty and yet there's nothing they did keep from her has that they are not real happened at my exist and I don't tell my presidency I woke up like that. Is that I guess supplant and forgive me for bringing an advocate demonizing me I'm not I don't worry about not Smith and Brett. I think that women. Give up too much information in terms of the mystery of it right like. I do Botox my husband was like. Botox I sit not just came in for head up to I just thankful. At the television check and tell the details. Because I think there does need to be some some mystery I think you can go to the door in bathroom with the door closed I think you can get your eyelashes done in. He doesn't need to know all the beautification secrets is too much. Let's straighten ankle track that was what I think when I met a very famous lot of violence and her name and she's very smooth and old. And I noticed that when she laughs it is a move her face like if I would faith and punish ago along. Like that put. Yeah I have ha okay we have a very handsome. I am the audience from New Orleans. From WG NO slash ABC in New Orleans this season entities and entertainment report a clogged artery Thomas Hyde to barring. Okay. Good Atlanta Seattle. I want your outfit I'd love your whole loan and the popular president Diane. We're in this village what do you do it but Mike. This is stopped and Angela martial arts and English does not know it's and judges love it doesn't Chinatown in an LA and I saw this thing inning and allows the got to have a but it looks you know I love. Let them injuring neck in an attempt from the bottom Mandarin neck I love meant another interesting about you every day after I. And sits at the just aren't let me ask him of his this is not next topic maybe you could wind up as general did you ever Rodman talked about. Your except you broke up had a bad break happening at what went after the NAFTA which images. I ever win after anybody afterwards I believe. That you should forgive people and that you should move on I mean if you dump home move on right away. President should be angry first I think when this to break up it's up it's natural to be furious I was vicious right Grammy I believe this. I believe there island Dave and Bess to Bobbie I would think about. Don't make him at. I I mean I've I don't believe and light taken out like on social media and taken only publicly letting it out. Yeah right I mean it's like nobody's business you know it should be between you and that her he added I agree with them but you going to be violent and vicious towards that went directly yes snapped. How much you did you have a bad break up I the worst break up with my college boyfriend we dated all through college and then he invited me out New Year's Eve. And then canceled at the last minute and I was kind of like it's New Year's Eve and he said I know Sonny I just need to start the new year off right and it's gotta be without. Wow. All mom. Yeah independent Clara honey can I just say something Sonny he was being honest with you well. In retrospect it was the best thing that ever happened to because he was such the Missouri that. They rat that was do you not rather right now aren't you but it was really painful it would clearly the united I have late Sunday I'm very locked into that story that it was kind of online here for Allen are more about. That's prison would only act as several early to Obama and yet bad I just I ghost like my break up its capital to stop calling each other and that landfall moments later and only by OK next as the military and that I needed I can't let us diet net I just if you markets. Carmody that's kind of nice still. It is regime that has to be had fair's first is raging then you can except it's like the seven stages of death. Yeah denied all and then accepted I don't again author of Cincinnati it's time booked you stopped I did stalking experts are could just like did you go on now is real stock and removed my thoughts and bad night this to Tyler Perry movie. And every idea what happened. I didn't I don't know we did canal annually this conversation but we gotta go it was so nice to see if you're into the next thank you ravenous after the view and don't forget to hit us up on Twitter and FaceBook. We'll see our.

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