'After The View': June 14, 2016

Do the co-hosts opinions impact voters, should you love your spouse more than your kids, and more on "After The View."
16:53 | 06/14/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': June 14, 2016
Don't. I live streaming after the new and dumb and don't forget the Hampton. What that toll is. At least one them to go on FaceBook had on different topics that we can say it later allegiance and ask pat ego during that has checked you love that at. Has changed right. I. I said that Donald Trump should be tried for treason today so I let you scared the crap that meaning he said that it ought to be. I don't something came over my body where you're gonna be talked about on the move today I know something's going to jail. Every day now but. Let me ask it this is this is where it's galling she said I don't know she touched a nerve in a good way for me but brother people I think we really deep if people. Actually except what that means and somebody on Twitter said you have to read your history books Turks tourniquet to heat they need to turn on your TV and listen to people like you that are safe and some. Really interesting things that we don't like to bring up a lot because we're so afraid of her in the next person and I think he did and did so I angry at him Benedict Donald's from. Stead I did not. And Bennett did Donald and malaria act. Leo and I I I assume reaction to big news at the moment use added they. People start Haiti for the dumbest thing using a Bologna. How do you talk about Bologna. And it's about real stuff Bigelow. You know the you know or sports to re illegals like this even hard pretty so many of the topics we. Actually need to discuss everyone's scared to talk like Reese is a good one and I brought that up once and eating is. It to sit there and try to bring up racial things it's helped give a friend and you can say okay. All offenses aside let's talk real conversations need to be had everyone's scared to talk about a because once he gets to race as a way I like. Can I say anything on this could everything I'm saying. Which would help you understand why I don't know things out it up offending before we get to any conversation. No I'll play about race. I talk about race I talk about race a lot because it's it's a big part of how I grew up in how I get treated by people. I don't want to talk about race and I would rather like I would rather talk tonight. People that say you're talking about race again or not all it's an important issue we can't drug your board we can talk about the car dash hints for days. What can we talk about for days you know anything so I asked for a fifth. I. Very funny. I can't what new hair color they've got I wanna know how you're being treated indifference and in Beverly Lumpkin. The problem is you can't have that eminent you can't happen county me no you can't have that on TV. It's not good until you keep going you haven't on CB because as soon as you do your people are going to be Matt white and telling our secret how could you not on our side. But sometimes a lot of things that we need to address the stereotype. It's how you feel about other things is the same thing with police and civilians that isn't a serious conversation and he had a because you don't know the oppression we did. No but you have to understand both sides of. Still you know I had ice to get a lot of flak I had TV show on this network called Chris ballot with about my life I don't about my family. Yeah he'd slipped a bit about what you don't do that we don't do that again he's got exactly what is it wouldn't called every Latino won the war. I don't feel it's that would happen. Get what we have an audience question that's at a yacht his Ostrosky in the audience question what's sucks Kia. I. I did some slick Rick and here we didn't lead. And you from England where it went to questions on line. At patients' needs the sign outside. Every show has that didn't stop some sort. And I was wondering do you feel a responsibility. To use since you might be influencing some views and opinions especially with because of a team. I influential with what we towing about a responsibility to the viewers about how they should vote. Is that it's so if your stance UT rate yes not to take olympians and just went on that should just. Shooting off my mouth I feel I have a responsibility. To say something that look I'm on one side people know my sights on had been consistent for twenty years. And people don't like it like you said get a lot of mail it to a tiny Carrie you entitled hear it but yes I do feel a responsibility. One night I think there aren't many shows that invite the opinion what they want is they want women of different of diversity from race to age and they want us to comment. Use our voice and know our boys and share that he gets hard because in the age of social media. That weight people attack which I understand we're putting ourselves out there. It would be helpful sometimes that conversation was a little more productive rather than attacking the whole point of us sitting here was we were ax to com and just from our own experience Mike's. My small cleese in the world. Tell us what you think so it it might we only represent ourselves well out here yes. But 88 there is responsibility and I think it's because someone's gonna it's gonna resonate with someone each of us that it is important come out know our boys and speak loudly. I think that it's also important like I. I you know I watched the veal from home when I'm not on it and it's interesting to see different point of use my little thing is. You can only have an honest conversation when we don't negate our troops to each other. So when I tell you some thing good. So when I tell you something don't say no that's not how it is say I didn't realize it was like that. Tell me more and I'll tell you why I didn't know what that that's the only way we can grow and like when icy though that like what I see topics right see you guys get into it. It's nice to have a different perspective because you're like you can't negate that person's experience that's their experience and that's what makes and I was so right let's listen. About half. I try and the panel works best when you have people on here that understand that dialogue we're not taught his kids to really express ourselves the parents go should be and it stopped about. Don't over talk me. All these things at their considering disrespect to you erase I was raised the opposite way no one ever told me shout out. I. Jack that's happened which is why you're probably which is why you're really gonna express ourselves to bull was saying whatever I say could I just did it. Michael and then there's me who always stumbles over her work because I was told she adults are speaking you know what you're talking about you're not old enough to know yet. You're too young to understand and I think if and I know this is the conversation but he talked to your kids and younger age and have them explain what they did wrong even gonna punish them whether or not it helps their purple scales back. You don't need to send them before they actually grown up that isn't there and I'm coming for whoever does that for their kids let them expert yes it could be talking back but in the in it'll help them. That'll help them that would happen. Right. This topic that I promoted which is back yeah. Why can't a mom. Wrote an op Ed piece in New York Post claiming that you should love your spouse more than your kids and research says that devoting your entire life to your kids can make you miserable. So thanks. Yeah so what you're married and it happens but yeah notice of an aversion to people than Aaron that the kid comes in and that's a whole of the world so in a wooden thing. I am a 100% you should I know it's it's about us a headline love your spouse more than you can't. But I think it's essential because I think the kids are a byproduct of that love it when and if you're good parent. You're gonna reason to leave and when they eat what did they meet behind what's left between you and your partner. You were their first example of how to love to communicate how to be friends had respect each other so I think it someone once said. The kids can be the center of your world they should never feel they're the center of the world. So I think kids are you you create a life where they adapt to it and not the other way around now I don't have kids or spouse don't let. You. May you and Gary you meet childhood and I think it's pink ink. I think you can speak how you were trader how to use the going forward have a partner that you. You know yeah but I distilled I was drowning in it's kid was drowning who would say that on there too you know dog how god villages. Myself I. All right after the kid because I think even if that were stranger I saw someone that was more vulnerable and eat I'd go toward the person at needed he won't have also the kid hasn't lived up so you wanna get them. They're there are layers like that evidently because like my mom as a single moms yet for kids. Our dad left. And she and he left her with the four kids and my mom devoted her life. To the kids. Never saw another man like it raised Catholic somebody was killed about the unit and for making you know she puts so much attention to the kids like to us getting good grades and trying to be the best that we could be. There are moments when I saw her. Where I thought she she had a sadness tiller. Because she devoted so much time to herself she knew she never gave herself any time to her like she never gave herself any time. And you know I really she's doing it for the better of the children and she wants to make sure that we're happy. But the kids could tell that she wasn't happy. In other than we know about yeah net the folks guilds and the kids to hell yeah kids feel guilty that they draining the mother. You know for me. My mom was an immigrant she came in this country she became a resident alien you know and I'm Elliott I don't wanna act like that's what it's called on the carded so. I've always David. I think it like alien it's like ET IE. You know mark. But you know my mom. Always wanted to see a movie in a movie theater. That was her dream she never got to see a movie in a movie theater and never ever ever. Is she is she still will she passed away years and my mom because we we have no money and she was a single mom that was trying to make sure that shed one day off a week. And every day at on her are her day off she wanted to spend it with us in she always thought it was weird. To go to a movie and waste time you don't let me like yeah for me it's like. That is to small thing that so many of us take a granite and my mom wanted that and never got that you know they irony of it is that nobody goes to the theater at everybody like. I. This yeah why they grade I Max and three so that people can start Golan back a familiar back to make a bad experience you have some. Let let's do another question we have shaba in the audience. Shana. I was under act and is another person would you want to be really funny really beautiful or really brilliant a light show this question this is like a common question that. I've asked people many years if you could come back isn't as they do want to be really funny no wallet what was your answer I've already been spotty some I would. Or. Yeah. But apparently I didn't. Iraq I'd really beautiful really brilliant I mean you don't like beauty fades dumb is forever as Jude ducked a five Judge Judy says. Would want to be really brilliant because you can find a cure for disease. Also there's nothing weren't Justin and science which I'm not good that eyewitness that that would be a very just imagine being Joan assault. You know art trot and fat finding a cure for polio us. I think acting really brilliant as well because they think that way you experience the world like whether you you read. On easing poetry and literature the deaths in which you see things when you're so Smart which have net and snow I don't like the life would be more layered what you see what looked like back and really beautiful can be really easy. Hawaii like I can't walk into arrow and everybody plots is before you. If you go legends like yeah you can tell about Joseph the night looking to say novels word yeah. Yeah you know people don't feel really beautiful to UA's wonder if it's a lonely existence how they know that for a I would why does not though it was not put his kids belong me. I would like to come back I would like the mega super rich I know that's not when it rains wanted to back out after a night shift but don't try. And about my she she didn't say is. Anywhere wouldn't because that happens every country. I wouldn't come back super brilliant. Because sometimes at holds you back from other things and rewrote fairy. Superficial society yeah and a lot of the brilliance only and this isn't good and very egotistical for me to say so forgive me those who are part of my. Way of thinking but people who work super brilliance. Don't always get the recognition they deserve while they're ally. I'll people who are beautiful fate. And people who are funny I mean. I'll keep you laugh I don't I don't let out tell you something about being funny it doesn't it goes on forever you don't lose that lets you get sick I think it. But it's something that brings pleasure to other people I am not sure. That it's like the greatest thing. Patton can I ask you though it was good the stand up to stand yeah what the funny thing. I have noticed that being funny. Is nonstop sometimes Wear like I'm some you know people when you start well and not only eight and people expect you to be funny all the time I nodded and I don't like being funny embeds. Pat you loud and our had to go it. It's funny immigrant me I've noticed that after certain shows a buyout friends the brought friends. And they want to say hi to me than I have to perform for the friends and that's helping they feeling. I have to be online. And I'm not hotly and I am I really get a mice so you don't feel like you have to be funny you know but it's a bit I feel like other people expect it to be to let you know you know people that way. About accident I'd have to be so happy all the time just like until bubbling and he's super happy all the time yeah. And you play a little personal TV can't I'm depressed like and yeah. Eager to anchor to a funny isn't it could I have no winner Rick get rid our hot. We begin like Britney that's interesting because look I mean think about it think about someone like you. You my my and my knees loved that so Ramon like and it's sad thing really. Even now it's it's a very popular and recognizable show and people in six and like do people constantly expect you to be life. Here. It's expected especially when I'm in a bad would be expected I don't know what they can disconnect the fact that I am humid. And it that there are some humans on the definitely get shots out to look at and we want justice. Object ships. She can only when you sink. She says hi parents from Nova Scotia says hi Cathy from Kate cat Canaveral sense I Democrat out Alan Mena. Alamo Texas. Matt Patricia. And I she's getting it makes all the way from the air crews Mexico I look we're like overt you know in different countries where an Australian. Ask an apparent I. Want this problem. We weren't more places yet because that's the Internet it's sixteenth so what what what do you don't think it will beautiful brown is a fun IT brilliant but. That thing I was gonna say I actually fully expect not funny people at idle it when I see when I neat. In passing a funny actor. It really blows my mind when they're not warm I don't expect funny people to be funny all the time but when you sense bidder or roots. It blows my mind every time in Italy there's and it's the percentage of the comedians. In the comedians in the world. More than half for actually depressed people were quite Greg Abbott normally me. Like we go to rest I can't attract and Nike I can be very -- -- it like to me when your when you're late and you guys know what approximately when you meet someone and I don't expect you to make me laugh the whole time but I would love some warmth because I think people that wanna make people laugh it reading somewhere deep insight you promote a war like they're smile makes you happy to act is people look funny with comedic actors because comedic actors are reading the script Havoc that's different artists like we get to that list of funniest people wanted to get have a number comedic actor Natalie. That's about yeah I got. A picture I'll hold the I think. It was it was still made a hold differentiates. A Zoellick a comedian Eric convict as a stand up a comedienne. Comic actress that's. Up front of a Mike on a solid agent right island joke it's a crap I'm not doing that they totally got how we got allocate expanded around the concept of.

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