'After The View': June 16,2016

Why you can't hate on Kim Kardashian and how your GPS is bad for your brain on "After The View."
12:29 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': June 16,2016
I also think. Well we all live streaming off to the view on FaceBook we want a different view is at home so posted comments and questions now and we may we made me some of them have less time. So I'm I did I didn't stop the whole it's not the whole conversation at the end of the show about Kim Kardashian posing nude I know it's not a heart stopping topic. But I was sick of it. And I'm am we've seen this girl I she poses nude more than knew its model. Everything already I mean you know if you look at the article if you look at the coverage sensed something we've never seen before what would not so keen. Jim Warren just look at lazier beautiful but are we went to lock up behind out when he expected didn't seem a bit block have been hot under the instant. Attorney and talent. Other advantage she gets older showing her. Hurts her is her sex her talent is a fact that she always looks bomb. Her talent is the fact that she knows how to pull the rich means is and give me that's her Tex okay. ICN's Allan is getting that money op of ancillary products not acting or singing which are wishing that she did she don't everytime I talk about her because I don't I really don't mind occurred after people hate on me so let's invite right now I FaceBook page blowing up break out of it. They think I think is I once did a segment trying to beat her for a day the point was to send that he and it was everything from the undergarments like that the things that soccer in the heels. At a time out of her daddy. I'm not comparing it not last night at best they're people that do very hard jobs every day I get that I'm not comparing the two. I needed what I had to do to be her hair and makeup constantly this tract that she couldn't walk. Clinton briefed definitely wasn't eating anything and I was starting in not. It was it was not used what I'm saying is that I'm not calling an talent and I'm not saying there are people doing our jobs it was not easy doing what she did not easy being beautiful every single moment of every time little different at the best time of or. Tuesday let us not just. Sue me for eating but actually and I never east I think there's no Paula. Tell me that while the only ingredient in these burritos or Warren and salt and oil she makes a lot of stuff up. Now the researcher at hero not me but. The bottom line is she's she has a little girl and a little boy. What is she gonna do as she gets older went nuts aren't falling stock market Henderson then we'll see where is setting out the next symbols of history of the amendment and other wedeman and a mother is is is brilliant mother is brilliant at managing. Talented management if you do start on any other people may be Shia the mother will start teaching him how to do that in shall bring in the nationals hadn't hit let's not forget him know is how to make a deal yeah that's why she's gotten to where she is now it has seventeen shows she had to make a deal has not just a mom at sheriff's don't want my DVR is not working hard enough now have health -- know exactly what she's what people not like that do you think it's because they're jealous a little bit that they. So popular for doing nothing because they're so used to people having some type of and then actress who didn't really work out as an actress I'm gonna be a model in the sex and the singer who didn't really work as losing a single there she Hindu law that she said I'm beautiful. Taking. You didn't list and I'm enroll at levels moms do not act. And they don't get the kind of blow back that the Kardashians to achieve even a mock I don't even but she's not a model she. I don't do not affect our fashion and beauty Kursk but she used for Arafat and I think it out like that it's easy to hate. And people want to put their heat tomorrow because they take the whole family if you ever read FaceBook page joined the things. I used to read that I was on another network and Easter you read FaceBook comments and about myself no. That was plenty up shut up you know every time we talked about the card actually and on that program the FaceBook page blew up with. And Catholic the car tracking and penalties think the only thing yes it it's it's the you should check you're twittering announced blown up. But it's just somewhere ranking people I know you have strong feelings but their it's harmless. The people that consume it like myself for our look at the pictures are eating if we're if they're able to make money for an appearance it's not their fault they can do it I'd take the paycheck. It yeah I say I think people little jealous yeah I mean if I were chilled summer look a Ellis wasn't. For her Paris Hilton there would be no can card cash he would ask her she got she went to jail when she came back Gayle. Yes for a couple days she's taken so much money over CE is also donating money overs but what is she doing. She's selling some selling purses and she's selling the fact that I'm skinny NN Paris Hilton I had to get my act in the 2000 when Evers like. They there's this new. Part of the industry that's just selling yourself in general and for instance Beverly on the old Diana. I guess that's what is as. I love him she rocks her look every time and that's talent it's hard to have the right things but Beverly on base but said don't hate him for playing her game so well in getting paid we all do the same week that. Yeah on her you have to use what Mike wants these news what you happen. So in her case it's her particular type of beauty would not everybody thinks she's ball the most beautiful night beautiful you know Kurt really is scheduled deli and amp question I'm watching she's the big booty is very popular. And that it should have a to really get it right now doing. The Cambodian Thai and Cambodian I think I made the mistake of saying the boot within through can art acts he and I that's not true no raving cannot and that's another well he's been in in certain communities. That I can't respond. The blue he's always been that stuff. Yes and when I was not speaking that there were a lot of people that came before heard she has that a lot of the momentum. I imagine this topic because of many reading that it should be a GPS systems everybody uses and how right. That there really may give us job and they're ruining of the navigational part of your brain that's what scientists saying can be very dangerous as adults as part of your brain. And I think that's true it's like you know it's the same thing as the opt. And the Google you don't have to go to the library anymore out. You don't you don't have and then and subtracted in wages going in calculating you don't have your spell check people are getting dumb and dumber because of this device. I I like I I like my GPS I put my GPS not even when I know we're going. Beat says that day. Speak I take it right is locked I I I liked his message keep I know what time and get there. I'm not there's any traffic going on acting like plan might I can plan my eyes not that big my husband. Steve he was mr. Knapp man but I'm -- thirty years ago the guy was so hot because he knew it was going you can read it not now he is Wayne is his. Bitch OK I. Clinton South Africa and to them that way without check on the plane let me see what the traffic isn't I don't room loving. You know I didn't match need to get up in traffic with wave it's like I'm not going his way home Google man I am adamantly that it go to. Ways then make a commitment to the woman who's speaking to U ways want to know did they have from becoming a colonel Sanders I had I guess I have always system and no matter how they when he went from a glass who is god for awhile got more imprint in scroll back to. Well I don't Don yeah runway. Probably I know that I'm know you I going to New Zealand and I decided to study accents like put in an Australian accent minute partners humor and I only I was getting hot. I like pellets hounded. I I think to the scientific study the one I do miss I don't fully agree I don't think forgetting more stupid with ways I think we're actually. The venturing out more into the into the world because you know and you feel safe how to get back that's true but the want I do in this is the Thomas ID Thomas that would be the dumbest thing. I hate it that Thomas got. It's that they that they use of Los Angeles so you driving lending looks to the dot. Not many know out of my mom used to make me make it Thomas guide I was always on her dad looking at a book about this they would get around binder and each part of the seat had a different needs and you had since we know you were dragged. Noted they'll beat full or. And this is the street that I wanna go to let's find it it was no different kind of mapping and my mom used to make us to the Thomas guide she got so now we did not do and I'm like now Monday it will aid to top this idea it's. Yeah you know what you're seeing now I do not martyred interest thinking about this articles I read the headline and I read a little deeper and seeing because we're not utilizing that part of our ring yeah let me risk losing it I believe had that problem solving part what you're app featured. Might be telling you rang out and after we maps like don't use the calculator learned how it's done personality is a cap and UP SU a Q and are alive like and yet I think it that we -- -- how eating me like ointment should mountain road and stuff yeah I clearly noted seven time ex Kevin -- it's 49 are right yes sometimes okay but let's take an audience quite apparent whereas Brad in the audience. Who do stand up Sam. What is your question grounds it would. Is your place for someone who politically is thinking none of the above. You mean I agree that you there are other parties out there Jill Stein and come on man who the libertarian. Hugh Johnson then go. There's other people well there early you let them but you really wasting the road I check your voter though the impact on but the worst thing it's not voted off so I think that if you if you. My advice is weak read the newspaper. Listen to the news and see what then try to think for yourself well how this country may be going down the toilet any minute now. In my aunt and an Cambodia electorate evils at this point they would want to thank you have a less sat in that manner agreed you have a question. Now okay looks and even they are heading to like he did they met Johnny as witty piece. I. I've moved from New Jersey to Texas and it was a culture shock. Have you ever leave their move somewhere that was culture shock jock humor from Jersey to Texas moved from the Jersey detect can't have a Texas accent you should I've been there nineteen years. Oh yeah how. Exactly yeah this yeah like Madonna Madonna moved to London she suddenly had a British accent. That's why I just did you move. I live in a small town called B Ville which is just north of Corpus Christi are you still gives him. You're like yes ma'am good contract we have down there's of the cal gets in the middle of roads and I. I want your ways Tucker sat sun. I had a culture shock I grew up in Iowa and it went to college it at Smith which is a very liberal school in Massachusetts and overnight I went from living in a very conservative home traditional upbringing there wasn't any. If anyone's been Iowa which it's changed a lot. I love Iowa but it there just was it was nothing close to what I experienced when I went to this school and I think I spent all four years being shocked. But what it did do for me it helped me hold on to what part was me. You they think we grow up in places in homes and we replicate that which we CE. And pulling it out it me question everything inning grab on to grabbing on to what I wanted to own for myself and that's I mean I I. That so Smart and I struggled with that I went from. New York the Bronx and Manhattan to south. Bend Indiana. Rolla Huff puff puff up. He asked and I went to Notre Dame and I mean I was just what which shocked me the most was everyone's saying hello oh yes. Larry me. And I was like what to think for me yeah look on his good morning thank you have a ninety day and night. I had with UA HIV that and Los Angeles have a nice didn't play didn't it added new York and it's like a lie nobody yeah. I became a nicer person I became a nicer person because in the underground also good to people we're still might I was like it's nice to. Say good morning have a nice day I guess that we have to wrap. I. Ask your rabbit but there sunny outside was to Sarah has someplace to go out about the yet. So thanks for hanging around I don't.

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