'The View': Are Lower Taxes a Good Thing?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the presidential nominees and tax rates in the United States.
12:24 | 07/25/16

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Transcript for 'The View': Are Lower Taxes a Good Thing?
So you are out in at a gathering. A YY and you really freaked out I was at this dinner gala dinner with some people that would talking about some friends who may now these very wealthy people. I thought we're gonna vote for Hillary they're voting for Trout I was shocked at that is like quietly sat. Because they worried about that pocketbook that's why because they don't want I'd lose a dime I guess you're out. They don't wanna do you know pay taxes taxes nobody likes taxes death and taxes that's the inevitable and life. And nobody likes to pay them but you want to get you want the police force you want to fire department you want the rugs to be the of the ride the rugs the roads to be to be fair. And like Iraq. Servants probably don't want Pettit it's pretty hot and mean you know some people between 50% of of their income. And I have to say if I knew where my money was going I would feel more comfortable at me. Our roads tend to be a little bit of the mess you know we don't we don't have enough where enough people that police departments Obama's it will recommend that he put forth and how they do this legal terms but he put forth. An infrastructure bill that would probably cost the country money to fit and the Republicans said not when not passing as. They wouldn't at you know what would've happened you would have created jobs and you those people who had the jobs would then be putting money back into the society. We need I name honey it's called consumerism the agreement is. Reasons that would Roanoke that would do we have a huge national debt that's ballooning and sadness and we don't have money for war and why not why the oh yeah. Yeah. Want to make money for the united out there I don't know they don't let my foot of people make the peoples gas yet but it needs the money but it. Taxes and then you find out that a ton of money goes into an educational system not fix it but repeats the mistakes and it's still broken. Want to know that their tax money is going some warn salt. People in this country I am not one of the blind you rich people pay an enormous percentage of the tax burden already. Looking and then saying you know what I'm job creator I'm hiring people supporting arms and money and I'm going to be loud Donna. Put this out there got some much I I yet we have to pay taxes I don't like paying taxes but I'm now if I want to make sure some kid can eat. I have to make sure that I pay for some bombs some way. I get that that's how that works how web back. The American people are taxed. By. When you going and you bought fooled. You go when you buy clothes you put on your your phone you attack diet they are taxes again there are attacked we got taxed up the butt like nobody else and what I would life. What I would like his I would like somebody to say listen you know what what. We are gonna have to rage attacks us we are gonna have to raise your taxes but here's what I will give you. Apple make sure that you are. I did know your Verizon. Stuff your us satellite stuff. Is absorbed them by the state yes OK you get a break there because here's the problem. If you live in New Jersey and you come across the brits they say we're gonna raise those. I was bridge taxes would keep way to nose bridge stacked and we got to take care of Britain's they never take every damn bridge again bridge is upon the bat. Slot. You talk about. 57 per cent probably you're of the Euro land tax goes to schools OK and some may be. If you're in the school area that has really great schools really don't need all that money maybe you could spend some of that money. So the rest of your town yet seem to meet the problem is no one is watching this tax I don't know manner we don't play well we do know where it's not what it's not one or not it's not going well I. Trop says that he is going to create Ford. Brackets 0% 10% 20% with what he's trying to say and I got them made in any it's been brought. And I haven't heard me do well because he had said. I don't pay what I'm supposed to pay I have all these tax look well that's what you say but his plan he's in. Gonna give it is everywhere else is really dramatic tax cut at and if that is true I think that is why so many people are gonna vote for him when you look at. Hillary's plan is relatively modest she says she's been a leaf income tax rates unchanged for all but the wealthiest Americans. And that she's going to sort of raised goes by as much as five percentage point and I think that is why. There's this disparity is with Donaldson is saying is true yep legislators in this country have said that. That trump will bankrupt the country while he's gonna lead to an exit. And is that it doesn't ask anybody. Wants and now Sweden pays 57%. Of taxes absence pay agenda and -- fifty bop Finland 55 Netherlands 52 left everything they get for it. But they get I was running mate I'm. And then yes. Zimbabwe fifty watt Japan fifty Austria fifty Belgium fifty Israel fifty Slovenia fifty China forty pot Germany. 45 United Kingdom forty popped prompt month. 95%. Which is what it wives and 64. So it know it used in England and I guess and it always taxes have gone down considerably. Overseas now okay but let's let's just take Denmark for example right. They take 55 point 4% to fifteen. But this is what they get for. Free health care. An education for everyone free. They get job training wait before you clap they get subsidized child care and extended maternity leave all the great. They get generous pension systems and that fuel subsidies and real allowances for the elderly. It's so bad economy does anybody yeah. Yeah let's go yeah. Crack one of the richest countries in the world and we don't give our citizens Jack Jack and often. I am not sure but I don't want your taxes raised you know when you weren't taught to get you know what I mean that you know like that we're live from lab isn't even make it a flat tax on make residents that I looked flat flat flat rats until I just renting out I don't. Don't want I don't want the government funding all that's not went three you know there are no I don't because incident was right back stop come back. Please continue and we duking it out and you're you're you're asking me why I don't want big government. And the reason is first of all this in the United States of America it's not built on big government built on people it's built on opportunity. Friday in time that built yet on what you don't. That was it was big for the time you have a deer it did yeah but we have land that is specific role for government in this country and it's not to do everything in everything in guarantee everybody's right about everything into everything that's probably wasn't doing also not one of the prize money quickly. The real concerns about quality you can talk about free education to talk about free health care. Doesn't making good what makes a good is competition the hand and making people from fifty shots. This country is about it you have money that makes up at the partly out what. It's already do you have a good friend let me explain. If you have no. If you have no. No medical. And you're not able to get any medical Cuddy giddy because you've got the olds aren't. On May be because you know you. You just fine that you just can't keep up and you got two kids know it doesn't say we have to take care your kid what did this. Conte says is we won't try to do our best to help you do your best as an American the idea. We no longer but that's no longer part of how this Dallas you know. I was a mother I don't I was among those on on welfare. You know all I want to do was get off welfare. After all I ever wanted to Denton and I worked my. Sop to get off a bit so I could keep my head up the way I'm Gloria. Not count should be but. It is actually isn't about a limited governing you're agreeing with me yeah. And I did not limited not the hot saying when people need help. The government's be there to help yeah. That's why can't. That's why all of these things were put into these ads that went up a lot prominent and putting that benefit dinner a lot of problems for you what yeah I have. A lot of problems with FDR because I'd get it because I know lots of people don't have Jack right yes I need. And that is picked last night that's always been my struggle you know people aren't I grew up in the projects in the South Bronx we had very little money. And I worked really hard in school my husband worked really hard he's a surgeon I'm a lawyer we pay 50% of our taxes. You know and and we have trouble sometimes making ends many believe it or not because he owns a small business he has a small practice he employs many many people who sometimes we can't go on vacation but I don't mind that because I want to help the least to my brother. I want to help people in the projects in the South Bronx have better schools had you know it has an that was really great but got. Go not when it's not going to probably. Did you speak to the quality of education that you're talking about because I went to Queens College back at six days. And sixties. The Queens College had the same curriculum as Columbia University Columbia universities and Ivy League school at court's request a fortune to go to Colombia we had come out and I've lost track trying to. And my mother was some chain operates so I got to go to queen's college for 64 dollars and term. And I learn what they learned at Columbia they're afraid practically so I don't think that just because a school is not. Expects and that you can't actually get a quality educating its true but when you. Getting young people out of its debt they have right count against right now even at a state level you're sending kids out. That there aren't jobs for them to get and they are caring a debt and that is just not setting us up for contributing on an international. Senior anything we're not getting our people acting or workforce. The thing is when you had the key for things like school choice thought I agree with you. But we knew promote competition when you advocate for eliminating bad teachers when you get rid of tenure when you give people in low income communities no matter what their gender or skin Collor. Is the opportunity to attend whatever school they want and you inject competition into that marketplace. Did you think it's not a level playing field and yeah I'm really out there and I'm not genocide diet yes I win. Saying we don't want to be Russia. We don't wanna be like those country. We like this country we liked the competitive spirit in this country than just a little help Brett read the competitive spirit I have gotten to the spirit. In this country of please forgive me. Or what no I don't I don't care. I you know it hasn't been a level playing field. It has not been a level playing now and it hasn't been a level playing field for our. Merrick ten. Blacks. Because up until as Saban sand up until 68 we couldn't vote in the entire lunch and so we couldn't tell us why do you have black. I don't you think it. That people haven't come in and taken and taken from the minorities that have helped to build this concert and now. Who's had. On their next saying all know we mean what you do what we don't need you. See that's what I. And until. We get everybody in the room again noon and six cent. We know you got wall money and that we not saying give us all your money was sent help us help everybody yeah and how you know it's a pencil. That's her what about the fifth it was act do not want pavement but Annie that her. And Sarah and the 29 at even money the one thing I will agree is it would be nice to see me that 50% is going to cause a lot of times if I were not seen anything yet header that Edwards were pulling it out.

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