'After The View': March 3, 2016

Christina Aguilera kissed a female contestant on the voice, why people walk out on dates, what makes swearing so satisfying, and more hot topics!
12:06 | 03/03/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': March 3, 2016
Stay right because we are live streaming after the U. And then every line that I don't want this guy the audience this guy right here was watch the show for twenty years right. 1212. Years I do what you said he wants to when Meredith was yeah. Twenty years ago merits and I started on the stop and yes yes yes. It started I was watching issue when it them the last season's last how the Nazis went. How old were you. Here ninety now OK so you were brought out my to your child stardom I didn't but it bars. By the way it would do have a lineman today at least four is that the weather brought to hear what happened. You know the bullets in another show out of her props is due it was the wise very allies. You know show the voice you watched it I am a U of I am eleven of the boy as a voice. I like her because you say I mean I keep going ask the question is I don't answer that hit trouble later keep. So yeah she's not a Santa Clara highlight get if you care at a Indian I was carrying it Aaron have a lot anyway Christina Aguilera yes what are the fans let people in the audience I guess O'Donnell contestant and said that. Christina was the first crash so Christina Aguilera got opposites in the epic to watch out she got out of her chair and waiting to see that I again. His finger on the lips until it Owens this same news day on the big news of girls kissing each other now it's nothing direct. Cuba's really it was a pack. And yet I think they meant it. Well that was a for the cameras elect adding to the drug had a crush and are forever. That's like it somebody had a crush on Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise with a tune gave you can't have the same thing just because it's two girls are gonna make it about is it about that like I don't understand why that hasn't. To act right what one of the dining said that he had a crash girl and then kissed her piano went bad and I had a depressant that. Let's that would be awesome I yes that's I that's. So two guys kiss like that. It's just that dinner is open to it if if a greatly I think Christine regular bikes hawkish ambulance now I'd like to see one of those male judges BL OI isn't you know but you know like you'd be surprised instantiates maybe win the on the lips that it would I think I think that. I think it's a possibility I would hope they ID the possibility has it's not it doesn't meet you get paid doesn't making it don't worry don't be afraid. And let's ask. Most are times when people are homophobic and you're like anything it's never get dressed men are extra sensitive about the topic. I think. I think that they my opinion is they are more sensitive about. You know well you know I don't hug I don't know it yet. We're all just communique at the lake he said I think it's old but it's over plate with men went next door opened its conflict with man accused each other public whereas with women kiss each other it's a terror did you see offering alleges were like acts to think I. That nonetheless I you know I can't some of my friends we know Pollack nice. What I think our team is my culture you know I'm might Lebanese and the culture where only ski scene when another panel led an eating like yeah it's on the hunt news. Is yeah. Soundness. He's a Lebanese acting on medication right now that's why you brought this up it's not very British ladies at every show Pacific time the kids what do you think where an item no have nowhere near you know. We might not sound like it's now below it I. C a can't. You know what how many viewers have been on dates what you left in the middle of the date and left the person sitting at victim. Night that's rude. And it didn't have done that ever out of a short for a thousand reasons but I never left face an end to date through because a guy I had you know smells. Like to go on the day. You. Can you have it like it did or something while lots with family. And suddenly and it's Otis just wafted across the table and like I gotta go to the bathroom regard it never come back. Nobody in the let's go ghosting get right yet something goes Hannity. They have to respect to skillet you left in the east you can have to go somewhere in a macapagal. My phone and stuff but my friend Tammy my friend left because the guy that's accepting somebody outside achievable that is eighty they're like naked at. Now I lacked for heard the words up our. What what do you tell yeah. Uncommon though she witnessed someone in a date and one of the the people in the couple laughed and left the girl. And she paid the bill for everything that's rude thing to do at least in with a good lie. Like it was there any reason why you would leave the developer day no that's route I have nothing you. Scenario if the guide missed treated if someone stand up and started yelling at a weak drinks are. Being really rude I would yet you know let. Not gonna stay here you would go to the bathroom no comeback he like. But back late in that's okay that's if you're being rude yeah spectacular but I feel sorry for someone speaks now older than it ought I. I outweigh you live and doesn't know you've went on to say this is to have the latest did not come back because other facts up and be like that was so inappropriate and I want you didn't know what an artist got in trouble C I was trying to run away days I'm still leaving runaway identifiable little hyper. Not so I swear I admit I actually did leave it they went thanks totally forgot about this man and apologize he let David Green. I got sick it was prom and I got sick in the bathroom turns out I had I had mono nucleus as amended now and it went to the bathroom and I was closed so I had to leave. Leave the day I had a good excuse us. Tell them I think that's a thing it. Progress and it everything happening in hanging tough. And that he tell the personal brilliantly act like he just up and leave and leave them with a billion and you ordered lobster to show. And I'll miss and then not knowing you're coming badly. We're somewhat in lest there and told older pack a day. So the other night I was doing is set a club. On the upper east side for a friend it was a very small town and I Don onstage at my I was so. Found my mouse. All my usual it's not. Yet elegant new I don't this is your rent out you don't hear the real swear that I can do if not on stage a small room. It's not of the big room I won't do that because it was sent to many people but if it's a small crowd and I'm on a roll I was just aren't well I was brutal. Now. I enjoyed that after I was done I was like who flew bigger got Atlanta out. Of some sort of made I felt tired a little bit of one you know relax. You know. I I liked it it was clear I swear why do I like to swear to joie I. Yeah I I tank that's Arab. I can't think these Nancy heck yeah but he liked him at times we say gosh darn it pointless were. I thought oh my aren't she let me can I say oh my gosh you know my goodness and I I don't my god that's Apple's where well let me aren't half starts that and start. As the eight. And how well this where we need it we definitely not not producing it. The lord's name in Dane is part of it not supposed to do that but when you say. Yeah all my god that's using the lord's. I don't get mad at me if I feel my god she's like him line fourteen a manager I would think things don't use boards near me in every time they say anything so. I have. And I'm sure I keep this week giving your sister and I can't be the only ones and nobody else on it and my god here. Thank you to the seven people. Old school and I have to say listen I try not to use foul language but it is so cathartic sometimes. It is so does my parents raised me and I love my parents but they have very little. Large vocabulary used in it not curse word. After it correctly my momma doesn't get mad at me and when I was younger and I mean when my brother was born his first word was. With his first word right. So my momma had this stuff you know and its units built right is Silvia. Is. Adding she don't like him but you do let me why aren't mad I'm cussing average every cuss word from you. Well it's like deal is I say not as I do that thinks that it's carried to an old school parenting IDR the works at a bar at my parents but we're you know. Oh my parents acted let's go. Yeah I need in the statement rocking a big bomb on my mom I was mad about topics like telling a story the problem is once she dropped the single biggest day he or she didn't call you out live telling Dorian Edmonton. Music food could. And go. We do it in person needed on the phone I guess I knew I was in trouble and was I'm waiting for my dad's it's. Guys I agree. I was Paris wearing a lot when he was three assault. And like I can't stay comfortably so pay attention here. He would go like he was on the iPad I every on the grass and they're forgetting early that he wants to buy Angry Birds or something like that OK it's 299. He doesn't this three is all. Okay. He got to nurseries let alone any say these things sometimes. And his mother my daughter tells the tells the teacher he learned that from his grandfather. Can you. I don't know but he must have heard me say something do you ever taken now it doesn't do it anymore because a spot it was like stopped to look like that gonna get trouble he instantly welcomed me I was but yet again. Do you ever take huge doing do you ever taken to watch any of your sex. Only when you you know he's good he's finding is all of my dad shaking and I stand up is for adults only believe may. Not stopped are what. I'd probably go out there was a little bit hubbub of fat package I want to show about. Public sick so that we isn't of people us wearing black and and that includes people running for office just not at please I'd like to just city's. That's now. People let our air do their job and don't. We need more bonds yeah. Blah blah blah workers say on the governor dammit. And you came out then. Go and selves. Are. I. Want went out app and you as a problem like Aaron which are talking about if you take this the taboo added it it's just. A banner ads T. My guess just a better way to describe appropriate for them to be using that language. The children are listening and watching all the older grandson he's already off the bar yeah. Let them 'cause that half the stuff they say anyway yeah I do political stuff on the political people I've read and then cuts announced that they say with they've been saying about. People in my community women and what's more he didn't say yes and at least an you have passion behind it I don't have a face to eat with backwards or bad words because he's just don't. Who. It's kids getting less and I wrap it up but thanks yeah. My goodness and didn't really doesn't actually going out to women. And FaceBook why. Did you do that you make you blue. I want don't know and but watch this bill yet we met did he is yeah. Me and looked up. I everybody.

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{"id":37373097,"title":"'After The View': March 3, 2016 ","duration":"12:06","description":"Christina Aguilera kissed a female contestant on the voice, why people walk out on dates, what makes swearing so satisfying, and more hot topics!","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-march-2016-37373097","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}