After The View: November 15th, 2016

The View co-hosts debate whether or not it would be easier to be a lesbian these days due to frequent communication disconnection between women and men.
16:12 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for After The View: November 15th, 2016
No matter what we are live streaming after the view on FaceBook so post your comments question. Now and we may weaken later. We always say that but do endlessly do you I have my iPad ready. So you really writing out and that we have audience questions to so you guys are involved in this cause a couple people during the breaks at want to get into that conversation. It right here. So I don't read some accounts it's been a headache yet elect. Talk about it. The lovely and talented Bob Stewart she just launched her on line of home fragrances. With scents like mission big. And that doesn't sounds alleging. Judges I that I want is cool cute couple water that that sounds and I asked because she says she can't stand stepping in to quote. Unquote a sticky home. I think is a overpowering sense when someone like some people sprinkle it on and they just keep spraying in nearly cannot already yeah you know you shouldn't be able to smell it supposedly she go win a little area but I'm I think some people treat your living room with the same. Freedoms. Because you sometimes not it up higher they have a candle that can convince me they that I. Bring it on anything else can get a little for our football site allegedly put the cider on that thing at this makes a whole house now guide. I'm attack limit it's that we should know. How they had Ronald parade I had mind you I'm not exactly and that's amazing what the Malone's. It clear that you're underestimating. My husband as he does Albuquerque. Now when you found exactly what I did well thought I now I wish I think that they need to when he airs I sent me that little recipes. 08. Pirelli now also about the one you drink. Happenings and it's nothing else theory that neither do you take out to tell people what you said joined by I said this I have a dog but my dog is very well groomed and sometimes when you have. Multiple dog someone had sickened the good degree group. You know it smells like dogs and what did you sing so well I enjoy it dogs now. Hi yeah. I microwave so yeah not likely I ask that hands now bass is no accident very stinky. And their hand Ashley is a pound odor of that goes three and smell a lot to every they're all funny shocking day you goalie and you wanna kiss and a new. But I find them is enough yeah you see how high do you like I had that had assets they have the most adorable dogs I loved one of them used to seeing feelings with. Demanded that song no. Yeah. I don't don't have videos. How bullying and we have a Rottweiler he's huge. And he started. I am all about Adnan target list. This story about a sexual woman wrote an op Ed in the Washington Post claiming it's easier to date a woman. She says she doesn't argue over things like doing housework paying the check or other issues straight couples Dielman what do you think to think of these CNN be a lesbian they spent. I don't say that if I can flip play. Holly have a lesbians. About OK yeah. Not patient today but used to do that I would hate it I end we would communicate differently my mother would sit down and say. I each and me. Issues like the only mother and American actually wanted me to be a lesbian people I would be easier yeah because I feel like when you're a woman and a man who speak different languages I said this before. Ice is something any straw polls and then it hits my boyfriend here is. It's like different words such a completely different and he'll and we do set and I think. It's that what I'm. So it's a struggle and my mom used to say like it hundreds of men and women out like apples and oranges not on the satellite apples and airplanes but not even in the same thing now so I like it. It flip a switch in my I think it would be here and I hiking. At one thing that lake is typically women in my life are thought out there always two steps ahead of everyone else and I I don't know. Ike I don't know if this represents all men but the ones I've met along the way tend to not be thinking about the next step. So I feel like and really just nailed this thing called life if adult women have been and my cousin to say there's an even looking her. Even looking for traditional Wilmington I don't even feel like I don't do much that would that women have done over time and operate domestic I'd like laundry a lot but that's it. Still my husband sometimes get mad at me is edging like really need a wife and look at him and excellent. I OK. So. And okay. I'm like I I have a wife and my has been in that sense that we don't aren't traditional. With household chores are cleaning or cooking like my husband does all that cooking I might has been done a lot of the clean and he. Show. And yet how day loved about it and Geary I I felt we can boasting I don't mean to but it really like how intently and mr. schedule so I don't I'm not found one that I did I don't every until I don't scheduled that I might can just like not. Just relax for a two hour like not know what the premiums for to allowable but he's like this is what's going on apt. I didn't unravels and yeah it makes it nice but then I would like. I guess apple that my husband OK Aaron yeah. Mary Antoinette wrote regarding. Us of gender the issue always lies with the therapists have. Aha there's always someone hot summer I think but didn't get relationships break up with just the same about any allegation you can't cut and now I know women had been no great women who have broken up and that they're vicious innocently because they know which buttons to push the haul anyone I don't demanding closer as a what are you know what's gonna get track. Yet and yet they may also know which spots on the body of arkan also. But crap like yeah I think they did so easy there's sort of have a fight with an awake as they they kind of get they don't know whether or not. I don't you guys are happily and you get Smart and calculating what you say naked. Back with her little body health say like my wife ripple cut like a situation will present itself and he'll just have what you thought about it. And I'll come back with sixty and by the time I'm done speaking he looks like he does hit in the face he's like where did that caught problem. And that's been I think there's still matter they aren't they don't like a lot of DTL when you tell a story you have to learn how to cut it down am I right men. I don't want to hear how did I ever. Don't let this story and certainly get some not so important let's parts scattered and a. An end money is what is questioned why aren't so we have cameras. Karen. Don't they stop. Hi ladies had beautiful show by the way. To light do you have a fear her phobia that is completely irrational. Well do rodents count. I don't that's irrational and out of the arable you know I mean. In you know I I didn't upon building and it's up to. I'll act. And like you know why I had to renovate a total renovation my apartment for eight easy it was incredibly tight air tight. And then I wake up during the night because I have to. And I don't occasion I turn on the light MIC a little. No on the kitchen accountant wait a second arrow points on the counter that why they can get it hooligans right. It so I don't know why I think to myself I'm hallucinating because not my eyes about his grades they used to be I didn't see anything inside go back to bed. Couple of weeks later steep gets up but yes to pay twenty times also yeah. He gets out and he sees the little flat to little flash goes in the toaster. So. Long and yeah my show backed show man. Heat till that in the times did he Terry let me ask. Okay. It was a very small mouse. Like a little one in Allen the Vatican Oliva in general the that aren't aren't there is terrific can't track I am not say so his irascible pie now. And now like I call the contract. Wherever that mole his affix it to think it through the renovation I mean they aren't attempt to get through. So now I get up in the middle of the night to teach money times. And I think I see it but I don't. It's not fair. But I am I and adding to its advantage on the panel that mouse it's the ghost of that now that Hillary Clinton what speed picking him. Electric cute the maps why. Yeah. How much don't. I happen. If that is my irrational fear that particular house anybody else I want if I wasn't screened before and freaked out now pop up. Now now anyhow I'm afraid of of the Atlanta OK cockroaches are scary to relatives so you admit that you haven't New York City in your group here at rodents and copper has written. Let's just not that yeah us. Set the scene. That Bailey banks and again when our Aaron let's get yeah that opponents. Okay lies it. In the audience where I am. Liza I to question the morning late night as accomplished as all of you opt you ladies are what picks you up when you're depressed or down. Besides medication. Credit facilities and put up my Canadian friends I immediately call Annie comedian I know I assays are talk and and they can make any name at the matter how bad it is I an extra even if there's a death in the family anything serious. I find that if someone can like make me laugh and immediately I get a perspective on life that. You know makes me a better person so I have like actually out of the by phone comedians have there's a section about but I go right to go get some comedy that lack. As well it's funny said that can when I had I eighty I was like I think in shock firm. Maybe three months but I was in the hospital room and my husband came in I'd been so emotional and really like not feeling well Nissan bridesmaids was on. A look back swinging you'd be okay if could you saw like something you come back to over and over which was bridesmaids to hang over. I'm step Brothers really classic cinema. Also I love to lying. I love Shalala is. Really anyone to animals but mine are special and they might now my son I find myself wanting to see his face because your minds is what matters it's such a simple morning you'll hear it now enjoy all. Yeah but did I mind. Why don't like I. And you're gonna know part of my answer prayer prayer for me I'm like I gotta give it to the lord just like. I like working out. Because it just releases those endorphins and that it changes my home mode drastically. If I work out and fresh air. And then talking difference. Fresh air that settled a fresh air California girlfriend and I like I don't but it's like being up. Our it's when your wit when you're essentially mean and fresh air and I want you in Atlanta and heighten up the floor resident of the island New York yeah. What do you well did. Benching comedian does taster I want to life and about and I just lay back. Up. But I'm. I'm not a comedian actor and make myself laugh but this is an example if it's a heavy example but it's interesting friend of mine's a comedian he hates his mother but that's another story. So have my out of my mother passed away years ago doesn't want time got his pain is gone. So aware of the Italian funeral home right and she's laid out in the coffin you know where in the next room smoking what have is a long time ago we smoked. And down this friend of mine who's comedians it's me is so lucky. I said Weis said well we have a boyfriend at the career now yup its at other. Not telling that story because I got Lance laughing. Might who was dead and we're gonna let that she would look at Larry. And you know it's like that gallows. Humor. At a funeral Han. That's his idea he didn't laugh you'd cry yet you know it's an Italian credit so I got an Italian every time she talked of even the funeral home I can see that and that Corbett dead body and everybody Vanilla ought not if you've ever been to a funeral with Bob sagging I mean forget about it. Yeah yeah. I would I did this several of that with that might add but I think. But he has that way you're like act gas isn't amazing and then there is it depends how you develop it over the years to prevent itself from cry Julie she laughed though that's a comedian's death this congenial friend you have funny friends but Tina watching meet meet anyone would know could you find fun. I used to prime Robin Williams very funny I'm wrapped. Easy to turn into any slips saint. And some like it hot high command and address that makes me laugh. Okay his what a question and only got a got so Rachel and the audience has a question I eighties. I guess what what's the one thing you miss most about being kept. About being a white kid about it it what do you miss about being hit is that right living with my parents like I love my child it's yes I did. How. Daryn it. I was one of four kids and we were like a little get it make end meet and need to. Trip we took like road trip Finley in as the coolest people live. It's still my favorite memories looking back and looking forward or what we all get together because we're dysfunctional as the next and we trust me lots of crazy and he and Stanley but. We kind of get each other there's a familiar there that you seek threaten your life like you try to find it over and over again and their make sure thing. I was beautiful I miss not take. Like a bike I would turn my dad I want cotton candy I want my mom paid by means I'm Anthony papers up. And a stroller I get tired and I look at the yeah. Pretty. Will you just kind of glad I got it is that I think to get a stroller front you'll love that I chanting we and he complained at Disney World I was definitely got it right in late may share league strollers Brad Kopp could elect a at a little that now handles things that the parents Karen he's come so yeah it's only help the baby Bjorn entertainment. I don't get me back. Many of us. Having no responsibility is gonna like it workings and I was spot yanks now. Could you really need in the early days to get back. Joy come. But the wave describing it childhood is the opposite app I was randomized them to jump out the window any minute. So but I picked up. I so it's not like I have this like a lot but actually I had a very fond childhood adds a lot of Italian relatives around only child I was acknowledged it all Ina. To hold essentially had today about siblings I can't I'm gonna quick buck I'm an only child I know what your parents cared annually paid attention to you know they did not. Club and but they apparently remembered I need my mom would screening the last thing she called including sometimes the dog was the person in trouble like us. There's and you but an egg he promised Brad a little thin in. In all honesty we could've done without my brother let. He definitely not watching. We give our the last word that was Leslie thanks everybody very much thanks.

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{"duration":"16:12","description":"The View co-hosts debate whether or not it would be easier to be a lesbian these days due to frequent communication disconnection between women and men.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43553399","title":"After The View: November 15th, 2016 ","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-november-15th-2016-43553399"}