After The View: October 3rd, 2016

Gretta Monahan shows off View Your Deal exclusives and talks about today's fashion trends with Sara Haines.
11:13 | 10/03/16

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Transcript for After The View: October 3rd, 2016
We are live on eight of their friend Mike franc credit on hand fed and a candidate for special edition of your deal benefiting the battle against breast cancer. But while we hatter was not eat Gator dot com what she is loving the season I always loving fashion trend. Tell me yours okay so I just came back because I have a boutique and I always buy and I could not believe it but. One of the first trans that I type but I sought everywhere. It's very what the cleats click needs are in high fact there read is that's so exciting. So you literally they showed them in with you know Cashmere and luxury fabrics yeah it's. But it was just all about actually share casual clothes being able to Wear them during the day and the so there check in on trend at it until it. The next one is free and it's which I know we've been sealed last couple seasons which I love what happened that anything we re totally that's gonna say what I saw also a lot of what Stephen Barley foods I'll bet he'll be rocking them but. Big old chunky chunky boots with thick they keels rate for comfort. Yet not little sneeze does stilettos to get a lot of support issue comfort in itself Anthony strand exactly in some of them currently sells or it's crazy -- it. You can you can do a black hair or parent it's a little or modified and still is runway they're always looking for shocked yeah that's my Alley to translated for you and me and regular girls did anyone ever Wear anything off. Well you know something I think a lot of red carpet OK and a lot of special of and again when you want to make an impression here. You know doing a big event you want to make an impression like wow that outfit stood out so you'll look colors connect thought here it says keeping LRP is pink in. Yes stink and then and it's perfect. I now chicken or not that is like no it matters what that is also happens when and I guess I eat it Keller. I love it and you know what's great about pink I think people used to think about pink is just a spring summer color. But it's not he looks soft pink I'm really shell like almost I free pink or kind of watercolor paint. Very big for fall even in fabrics like what it casual me there it just looks hosts young it's like sheriff Rick paints and I loved that you're wearing his statements are afraid now have ever gone out no thank scarcer one of those timeless things you. If you know how to where sky acts are completely timeless but I think the reason that they're being highlighted this year is that. These are two completely different point of view about scarfs aspirants. Where strictly either to keep warm. Ortiz is an accessory before now it's part of your wardrobe like you might as well hang it in your closet with your car packages and your coats or your trench coats. Because it's literally an extra piece and you're seeing people Wear them morning through night if they're the right size they have to be large enough to be versatile and and it's it's a major major fashion item you make inching its already what's the biggest mistake people meek with the statements are. I think the biggest mistake people meat is probably by accident site is not you know sometime this. When they tried it when he bias car that looks cool and it's hanging merits folded. Not trying it on in making sure that you're gonna get enough ways to where it is really important emailing my slowing enough for Aaron might be. Too square for instance and in the bulky public fabrication and might see wool in my EH EOK Han the bulls wonderful but when you have around your neck it can really drive a lot of people crazy what I liked about. Not this one actually that we had on today is its soft. I'm and I know and I love that too I want to show you I mean I couldn't help but Wear it because it was so great. All we are watching on FaceBook lie in case you forgot where you Lar you know I think it. Did you have questions or fashion questions from other bats please add my fashion question I cannot wait to answer that you don't have it actually question you are watching on eight we're talking about do you year gilt dot com. Credits here as an actual expert I'm just here period thinking you're. Well we have I this is one of the things I left that yes was so soft well that's one of things and that was why it was so cool when I knew that statement scarves were at. I wanted to come in not only have an amazing 129 dollars sleep is a crazy deal on this car but also show the trend and you see. This is what I'm talking about number one. You have fringe major. Party content about prices but it not if it ends up being something even pull out every year. This is the pattern of the season so on rate is really at Grady radiation of color can you see it can't from doctor art to light gap and so that's what you see it. Hair trend nice angered had to say that's for people Willits followed up and fashion a paso textiles fabrics like it's all this really cool on the break and what's amazing about this we talked about size he said what's the biggest mistake. I love this because it's rectangle younger one it's big. Apps like cozy lap I could totally cozy lat you can wary traditionally like a show all but here's the thing you're much taller than me and also felt a lot of girls who looked fatigued concede I get to take up issues I love it. You can actually folded in half and in huge trend. On the runway was that blacks LC Vatican Internet hate rights of the cape plant you don't have to quell violent because you'll have a few ways to witness Barack. I say that when you. When you pulled it in half it ends up being you can Roland to a really cute. Little sheep hear this ends up being a tape it's the last want propped. This with jeans T shirts tanks it's so cool and easy and it ends up being your jacket or your underwear right and you take it on and off depending if you're cool or warm the other little lacy have a long way which is the drama which I showed you first is this way OK Mary along the cape let. And then the other way which gives you a really kind of funky. Cool way to do it is too. Sold it or in the corner exactly. A what. I. Guess my question for me check once Nellie and wrapped her two while locked. Yes. Rabbits wobbling in anything we also have a handbag which UB carry your wallet depending on the size Lee. I mean we definitely see it in its acts op Ed Melissa I'd like to share with you that when I saw this bag the first thing I thought of putting much wallet that is well. Actually there are people like myself watching this brought back. Pilot. I encourage. We're. That's it I love that she said that so that they are great for serenity you are. Because a real break out in money I don't model I know I'm kind of not and I just started I just. Are doing I can show you arm brace because here we are obviously extremely difference in height with that and I exceedingly she needs like so you're. It very mad so so you can do the one thing about this just for the her all the questions but be a teen comedy is that when you get a rectangle shape this is the perfect shape to styled no matter what height you are it's a universal. Because it rectangles and give you that ability to go long or did go out with cell. You first to have that as an option so say she's going out at night or I'm going out and you. You can Wear this over basically cocktail dress and you already go even looks amazing it feels much more dressy. But if you want to shorten it like I did TU on the cape Clinton I'll show it to you I'm brisk she's so tall. You just go lent ways. And you literally sold it you don't I know everyone's so it's like to own give me something hard to remember this is not matter now. And you can turned up make a little caller for yourself and now she's chic and has her little kind of heat went by. Which is easy to do because it gives you that shorter shape. And then you can also do was absurd to say the dominant that the little triangle triangle just take the corner she guys. In go like this and you basically have that kind of it's Freeney EG it's rock and roll this is definitely more like. Night out you know I newest he had to do these kind of ties which I'm not the net so I was gonna say if you want I just I. I just don't want people to limit themselves to wait until it's cold enough to ran neck because you have to do this is the perfect Larry he's now. And honestly say are you know when you sit in the car. When you Wear a coat and comfortable pocket just to stop them know about you without anomalies like trying to things offer more and eating overheating its only. So I love this as an extra piece that it asked the biggest difference in the trend and color should you go with when your matching like it this seems to be neutral ask frank. I was gonna say the thing about on break the trick is that even for me I think you saw earlier had on the pink version he has a pesky little work Fran years. But you would think there's so much print she can't mix from the Japan because he on the brink kids you that it's it's it's a solid pat pattern. But yet it doesn't -- even with bold prints as an art that's the thing that's been given yet it really jacks up an all black ass so she did the tanker she did this or she ended up she you know you do not one of these colorful watercolor. And I think that's the biggest difference here is that this is classic yes he did see no friends if you like classic look to planets is like so this is the scene at the rectangle just that that's a strange exactly fans the trend yet and that it's this beautiful watercolor. And that's what's neat too is so every way you hold that you cannot happen right paint around your case or the flashy later. Caller I like fashion we are. You're right this isn't a bad word when it one other colors in the coming okay I'll Antioch on clay did you write it collars which you can take a look at yet there's a blues grays paints and even in the bags because I love these back rightly or an amazing soft leather me these are such this style the satchel silent and we joked about Kerry in the dark around but this is a perfect salad Nikola. And another thing you don't wanna back to overwhelm you but this is really the celebrity's shape you're seeing everywhere minute chat or pay huge prices so this is a great lent. Yours pretty much on Trent I want to show you discs Latino. I collect I have one on. This was the secret pocket. Yes I am wearing a shelled it. Which is a scar you stash your stuffing which is the meeting how many Aimee and look for a place to put your phone and I soaring eagle or your work I pretty serious stuff now the thing about this it's okay alone. I actually don't is that it's a feat only like. And heavy like a real fun I did not step design nothing like that's a props question I do not now. I now is that this is amazing because it doesn't Paxil the bulk up on them. It's specially design and sound so so it'll actually lady and you can twisted. Read our traveling each got us as we talk about like people like robbing you or late pick pocketing. They're not gonna get up and never has never gets in here really I'm okay. Think you grass. Yeah he is today all of you guys watching at home. It for hanging with us after the Shelby at 24 hours to grab and thinking a price for doing things I'm thinking these exclusive deals plus one moron lane deal at you your deal dot com. And we're gonna see you next time. It's can really get.

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{"duration":"11:13","description":"Gretta Monahan shows off View Your Deal exclusives and talks about today's fashion trends with Sara Haines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42537144","title":"After The View: October 3rd, 2016 ","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-october-3rd-2016-42537144"}