After The View: October 6th, 2016

Dating at work gone wrong, Kim Kardashian's million dollar interview offer and more After The View.
14:48 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for After The View: October 6th, 2016
What did he got. We don't live streaming after the viewing FaceBook so post your comments and questions now and we may we can let. Twitter hat went a flutter. I'll breath conversation about. Office romances than somebody a Cody art tweeted I started dating a boy at work for years ago we just celebrate their two year wedding anniversary it can work. Then Ellis says. Don't get Jim don't get your money we get you and I went out. And out at a good one so now. I didn't get to say on and I I agree with you sunny I did that one timed it I've violated a rule in my account had acted it wants. It did not end well it was horrible to see him in the hall Landis he said things about meet other people in the office place that was not true then he was a disaster and luckily for me. Most people knew he was a disaster so it. They would look and so it obviously is the problem but it was awkward I didn't see his face of her head out it was an ailing U penal when it and you don't necessarily want to be polite I never want to be mean. I'm one of those people at your your bad energy and yearn MySpace him just lead I don't have to be mean to you I just I just don't need you in. Why you should not be reading the nasty trolls what it's true or not that's an addiction I have to stop yeah. Are good and good relationship that lasted for. Or years from a guy that I network gap but we want likened it. This seemed apartment when I think of a coworker at the end of someone you see every day out people who worked in the seat building for the same company I didn't each other everyday. I had to shop at bat. I hit for hit at work because like I never left work it out that's that's the one issue because I was at a law firm and it sick you know I kept on telling my dad where my gonna meet. Any anyone working 1516 Howard today at got to make you know 2200 billable hours for the year. And he just kept on saying for the woman it's professionals. Which is really interesting because I was like that's ridiculous. But eventually he was sort of seen as I was seen as the conquest and I think he was seen as that the big guy. I action was like at work or at Dunkin' Donuts those for the lead to place us. Selecting was different networks helped no different but I don't think with a guy at work I couldn't wait to get to work every day it really hurt supplies. Like I did better on the earlier us. Really got along bad word your was long time I'm kind of successful but. I worked so hard to look cute it work that he didn't make up in the morning and is boring job would turning to liken extravagant. Working later just like walked out of time and yeah. Ali Mohamed should encourage my activity shot up. I don't have fun days she's really look upon a bit. Greatness and happiness likes. Fondness because now when a second at fifty married it's not gonna happen anymore you know so I should savor the time they had to lay flat yeah here's the thing about going out the new. We're gonna meet guys I. And joined I hated. I'm getting I know I'm so happy to be in a relationship I heat dating I hate since the small Rowell I he I don't like small bronze clock I don't like that begin like with Mary he frowned and lady and EU and seven I have parents not think I Nall let's get in fast or need a six months on we love each other and you elect my little kind of funny and I am like I imagine what I would need a diet the first inhabit say it was the longest relationship you've ever had but the woman. Question number that is deities radio. First question want right out of the well let's one of the questions about small talk like real did not act when what would be like. The dance the winning answer is why they say like six months have been like not. You need to know they have not exactly am I like giving forties are ready they only had like a six month we have their whole lives. Give that information that bad advice to my friends I have a girlfriend it's dating actor recently beat coming divorce. And I feel like she either doesn't ask the right questions or gives too much information I went sort of ban hunting with her asked her sidekick try to help her out. We were so angry woman I was a win will they work she gives information chizik. I've got two kids and you know what my divorce and I was like I would run away from the yeah icing his talent and now she's given up. Let me and from idol and I share you've got a lot drinking because that was the problem is like when your tree lit if you wanna be your back I'll go with caffeine not whine and yet that's good about my drink Diet Coke I'm fine when I drink wine you know everything by the first class at. I. Or. I think I'm from Magellan leading up front you the matter yes I like it through but she's. She's right and attempt from me OK let's Stuart Eagles can cholera conversation him because. You have. It's always good for something you know so gossip sites claiming that came card dashing is being offered a million dollars for the first interview about getting robbed. And so that adds fuel to the fire that she you know that she's this is old stamps that she was robbed just can't imagine is the style act and against you said she I have not read that she's accepted. The millions. And sudoku that there. I don't see you should really like I don't think. About completely different occasions that I peppered. If I truthfully was robbed and I was getting offered a million dollars just on principle at Keeneland keep your onion I don't. Right Chad and then we'll look at Arlington are gonna watch on aren't you all gonna watch that I don't I I'm generation do it issued her brand is publicity publicity errands for publicity people always think she's. This is on moment where something terrible happening you leave it personal some stuff like leaving it. This is if this was genuinely horrible experience and and I'm sure if if this is all true I can even imagine what this what. Make it about money just gold healing yourself goals spent time with your -- and he'll call up of the ten million. Yeah yeah. Which you have so much money AI is she worth a lot of money already million dollar like normally income based older ring. I guess. When the play. He brings to the yes he should not be walking around with the real deal anyway now I'm really critic of the safe somewhere and go out. Ellis and money I was reading on that and that thing this morning about Daniel Radcliffe he makes a lot of money it spent. The fact that away stashes it you know he made a lot of money power mater Harry Potter actor and he's like now am I financially independent and I don't have to. You know make stupid movies I can do well design and just did a movie he's not like about a hundred mile I think they sound like a hundred billion something like that and it just in a movie he was here couple weeks ago Harry Trott and it is he's very charming he's very Smart. And the movie was very dark it was something that I had never seen him at but he it allows him the freedom. To take on those kinds of projects and he's not wasting his money so often. You hear about these celebrities and athletes and they don't have the appropriate financial advisors and they blow all of me and I think time. I'm never and then money or partly in up to the level you're being paid convenient eat whatever people are giving that's very good yeah ice you literally just create your life out of what you actually need. They knew half freedoms with what that's like Jay Leno you know he make zillions on the tonight's out but he would also do stand up constantly you know he just published constantly doing it. And he only spent his stand up money because he knew that he could always work at stand up he saved the wilderness to that explains that when he Guile he has no kids. Who is now. Today so did you buy cars he buys a lot of caught you know he can't find and that many cars of the nominee that this got it. I have to balance it out to you have this I mean it's it's nice to save what you get one might you know my mom always said you get one life like travel XE UQ and you work hard people work really hard Kimberly tell you this well I'm Daniel Radcliffe is enjoying himself in a beautiful girlfriend it's how much you make it temperatures spends as well we tried saying yeah yeah and isn't the words of wisdom from the view girls and. We have Chris hasn't cracked crystal went right here. That's pretty. Think you and so my question is. When men tend to speak to you today look into your eyes or do they. Look at another body parts depends on all they are. The (%expletive) up and I mean. The puck puck. You know has some guys just check out cleavage they can't go any I don't have that is clean there's been look at that. Out at that link you yeah their derelict in my ideal else their attorney Doug. But the eye to eye on the prize the house a lot when you talk they find that very sensual they want Harry get they would you're now. I fine and your eyes but I've been I don't know what I don't I've never had but I don't want to go back and now we issue maybe if I'm walking on a waiting on the. Yes I have I have to clean up I don't stamina to double d.s I want her to minimize or on air because they're they're too big. Then I don't think too big to debate the spotless and home when I Irish in Israel and I and my husband and I got the new look at my eyes but I could scene. And I put it I think nine. And then I catch them and I thought you know I got my whole life it was. Crimea out drag right to Jack yeah okay we have a question from Taylor in the audience line. Right here. Sam my question is. What if any cosmetic surgery would you opt for. Oh what cosmetic surgery. I'm terrified. All of that. I admittedly. It's not funny my mother's best friends plastic surgeon and when I go and then I get. If they have regular facial act and she's always talking about Botox Russell I have not touched my face yet because of terrified and so scared don't get it young and to doing well I mean now people to get a Twitty has preventative and all I'm just scared of all that stuff I don't know all. I don't how do like laser stuff as I got older because that seems noninvasive but the rest of the stuff I feel I really want those people it feels like. Learn to love yourself because no matter what you fiction I want to fix something else it never gonna end I don't know. It's done. I have. I actually am doing a story for Nightline eon and I was just in Texas yesterday. About women who are having plastic surgery to look like it Bob trump actually it's rent. Believe it or not might. It but we're gonna air and I began about two weeks that I got to go back and see that you know the results. But what's inches thing is that I would that the doctor. By the plastic surgeon's office and he said you know if you want to fix this. I can fix it for you and I was like six minutes that's why would you yeah. Yeah and now I'm obsessing on night I was like. Doing this is out of his mouth except to meet of the bits IIE. If if it would make you feel better. What's wrong with with doing it. I think it if I got anything I never want to. Matt let me like I'm scared of I'm scared pain in general so you know what that's how it happened but. I really sad now with I've gotten older I have kids in that that's in that's right on your your Ellie doesn't ever go away. I never noticed eighty parents and family like I would consider having a little just this is tipped off. Here snapped but if I had to like it now see because like if you you worked so hard and it just doesn't go anywhere just anger and I want a number of tonight's final point about well vaginal rejuvenation would be good how. It's a way he's not markkaa. Pop pop pop pop up. Got the biggest visual ever have a lot you're saucy private life like you are really doing it's that's usually considered thought. The vaginal rejuvenation yet but I now I'm kidding I went OK good point. Now hit your area it's what else do you watching some well yeah I don't baby yeah. But let's do Lana Eilat and the audience is. Beyond. I'm glad my question is lacks one movie that you can't turnoff when you come across on TV. About its forgetting Sarah mark and that's so good price yeah. Sorry and they honestly it's so crazy because it's ghost and I work of one being and it's. I every every time I want to comment on the Boeing and what is yeah yeah. It ought to guys do you like. Are you haven't seen that will be what that was and what's his name is an Orlando Martinez or. What's his name or they don't look. All of my adult album Martinez and Diane Lane Michael Arnold they have Rea well I. That's not at all. I don't know what it's complicated. Kind of. McCain is so incredible anger he doesn't sexy. I'll credible and he's easy on the yes that's AM absolutely but this exit that is that attack at it is pretty. It's complicated the director and he got that Nancy Meyer I won't watch any of Nancy Meyers movies over and over and over again devil wears Prada. And coming to America and boomer rain. Well I liked the godfathers Syria tell anybody that I don't watch it whenever fine if you leave it on the background. I like old movies mostly. Let's say the ball well yeah. Up until Larry apparently. Third candidates. What and dragged in in those movies yeah that is hot like that he's just. I the other thing is I like world what to Belize. It lets you instantly know what's gonna watch this it's injure. It's cooled down fall and it's about Hitler's last days in the Bob you have about. Hitler to outlaw fascinated by what would tell you the only human and little have to see Hitler in the bunk you can't beat it it's a comedy beyond belief. Oh not even broke. Our read the book. And growing how now Steve let them that the regime that gap that's not what ultimately Elliott thinly directly about yeah Elliott the book is battery thing but yes that's a Goodwin. What what's so fascinating period that we we could have been. In the home. I can't talk about it thanks for hanging around but I have to have your we could go there again. Don't think I have split of the best book I've. Thank you watch outside.

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