'After the View': Patti LaBelle Deals With Stripping Fan on Stage

Once the show is over, the hosts of "The View" continue their conversations online.
10:24 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for 'After the View': Patti LaBelle Deals With Stripping Fan on Stage
Outstanding just can't get enough about C. This is co edited the video OK you're happy about this so why. Today it's like we talk about things that we can continue the conversation or bring up new stuff. Or plug our gigs. Areas due to I want in Harrisburg this Saturday and I hope we live in Pennsylvania now. This Saturday night I'm going to be at the Whitaker center in Harrisburg doing my one woman show called me my mouth and died. Lap and that's it didn't take this should you wanna come. Yeah three hour drive it. I'll look like. What flight is yeah. Three cameras let you drag it into our office. Let's do without it it will build some. Plenty of us and told anybody anybody at the view tonight and performing at 54 below with a friend of my Condoleezza banner poll. And where performance and performing. Frank Sinatra song and I. Yeah. Katz slash data is a Schambach back saves you won't be everything to pick up. There is no do you missing on should know that I'm. Yeah a lovely singing voice we ha I can do backup vocals for US automatic down all the way up and speaking of singers yes the legendary patted the now. Hazard. The video that went viral apparently this some footage of her telling a fan. To put it back in his pants take a look at. I'm Seattle said. Not me even nuns and one woman. Or. Right. She met Steve let's apply it does blatant disrespect to him right she said it obviously that's like a little child not paying attention to your mother that's content I had felt like. Senator Stevens you either I mean it's like wanting to their friends are never did that so plague the great deal about how to live I matter yours and I have menacing sense I mean she's incredible sound nice. And I must tell you. This knowledge she was singing you know global good jab at muscles while it no good at that black say slap a six. And it's like to go to that could mean. And over that feeling franchise now yeah about I'm. Gucci Gucci doesn't all the parts and I ads. Give its debt and seeking to you again have a sister and her new book supermodels Cindy Crawford admits that even she feels the sting and I know. Tragedy on it. He says that she's about to hit fifty how allow. Co racist that Arab boobs are less perky and sometimes she feels like she's aged out of the building industry. Our actual at puberty like I did imports and out like Miami Alex and Eric I met sandy I interviewed her actually for Vogue Magazine very sick and of the suspect in January. She looked to die for import estimates vary huge debacle and the health food lion it plans as she you know it's extremely helpfully. Angeles pretty in an -- but let's get them out of she's over the ballot space that they didn't get rid of a tablet would when he finally got -- I thought at twelfth and look at other side of it right so you have someone that looks at themselves in the mirror they know that there that way something's changing for her we can't really just because we don't look like Citicorp we can't be mad actions feelings do you ever being. Of course I think he allegedly Bennett fifty country forty next month and having a love of the crisis until my husband studied wanna really nice bicycle or boobs. I might give you really get the happy I might give up. I don't know but I had every kid I've got nothing Latin it was one that both get the boot them ride the bike and I can't look I don't really it still I have to say I'm sorry that. That I didn't get a lift truthfully my lips of facing them as well are okay. Hot hot hot hot and what heaven is bigger than the other and they just not right leg and yeah it's so turned on of this content. Love does not a station. An audio if you white had one big enemy of a sudden camera. See it now. I have a good about it I'm. Of the night what did you say did say it again. Acts and it really rolled up into them in. I got your odds the satellite game. Lucky member what happens is my husband and his eyesight is going and he's getting old he can't say so that's how it works out. He can still video. He didn't feel if I let him near may have had. I think endeavored. Helen Mirren dame Helen Mirren what a dame she is she says that it drives turn knots when she season amp with his arm draped around a woman. And she wants to say get too damn arm off of me. Moody's and I had it come on I am a physical touch person I like my husband to. Old me an if you he want to put my his arm around me and I want him to put his arm around me and I don't feel any less. Heat islands and I actually like they feel protected I feel safe and that doesn't mean that I'm not a feminist I did he can't win. Win women put this stuff Alex and it makes us look weak just because I wanna manned by my side I want to be about my husband's side I want to feel protected that does not make me weak. I'm kinda makes you strong I thought this was my partner. And that might not understand because they're sometimes you'll be walking down as the small kick up so there's ample. You're taller than me that. And until we know that I would love for me to do but it can't really you know damn thing I like environment and here he's Nissen a link with. That's not I have actually yeah definitely there's some guys and that shocked position again the headlock and that I act. In a guy do that that wasn't real but what this is wild and Asia are lesbians that they have never. I even want to progress says she let the event and the next day and I about it. Well I'm not exactly. And I think sometimes when guys are walking or any partner relationship and you have someone that's. Over at their intention in the way they're walking is very possessive IP maybe she's talking about rather then I love you. Let's hold hands together are getting the woman space or mail space when they're walking you know Batman isn't different I got some video I like it I love and I. I am sad they play my husband knows if he wants to turn me on he can rub my back he can touch me. I love it so I love it when we the arm around me and that speaks to my life hasn't doesn't want to attack me on he sent somebody yet. I'm kick. The other thing she said and the census should be wet waiting for this because I'm about to say something that patient saying. On television if we're a real TV I thought I mean I what I would ever rob. She said that's the one thing she regrets in her life Damir America Clinton telling that. Is that she didn't say (%expletive) off tomorrow often to people what do you that you regret that I eyed people happy grant learned. How to say no at fifteen which is not at my noticing what seventeen hours a bigger deal to me and no look office the same thing yeah because you can especially in my industry you continuously. Have to say yes please people learn to get what you want action that's an all industries. But they were working to the bone and then say you're young you can recover that's lab to go to therapists every three weeks and have like I had to retire 27 note you have to say no to take care of yourself. And no and am pop is the same to me I'm. Do it. It hasn't chop it must have been hard to that I had to just my ounce up I've trained my grandson to say it but sometimes I'll put my mom around a reason why it. You know so I say that and I sit him you just tell anybody who does that please take your arm Martha bank. I'd give him permission to be you know asserted that sad thing you should do that with children that's a new ones that say that with Rick Helling herein. She angry at mean Helen Mirren is like a godly woman like that people our obsessive there. So of course she told me no alcohol I would be honored Billy Talent here have. Call me can't get your Rick Coca liking you glad my arm around them like Alan. And take a little bit of that spirit back to your twenties or your teenage years when you're seventy care and you're just trying to please people I would now back out acceptable like I mean almost or online Graham Erlich an anonymous person on line. But it's don't read those twelve I not known how heightens the thing lately I'm saying yeah I mean those negative way and we need dogs and we don't yet record I'm not a move along because rain left. I'm just had a big surprise this morning while I get a surprise. His rivals I woke up. Currently held this morning on but I had a 1 April encounter at the were at the right Roger's house. And we are going and doing a wonderful make over for a wonderful young girl was going through some health issues and me check it out at the ended this week we're gonna be. Ron Brown Ronald McDonald's via all right rob Roy Rogers not right ways this why Rodgers is triggered. You were running Darden right and McDonald house I'm it was yeah. Current. I just says nothing to do it this need to says trigger it's ironic that got. Yeah I love your Fries but we're gonna. Doing a wonderful make a mover may go over for young girl and it what you guys to watch idols. And didn't. We weren't she was she his genius is going to be on tomorrow now try note Friday after Good Friday a wonderful time that morning and you'll be here tomorrow tomorrow is not assured and I omni you're next because I have been I have another thing to do next week at another shot but really if it is popular or unpopular right and you don't get angry supporters in. You write two years I couldn't get arrested now everybody wants thanks for hanging around. Yeah.

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