'The View' Recreates GOP Debate Entrances

The co-hosts discuss the recent debate in New Hampshire including what happened during Dr. Ben Carson's entrance.
7:13 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Recreates GOP Debate Entrances
I don't know. There may be. That's only a. And we now welcome two new welcome to them yeah. Want to start by saying don't have front so I didn't wish you all happy Chinese New Year David Villa here on the mom. Found that Republicans seem to have gotten lots in New Hampshire this weekend not their wed seven a man. And the Washington Post broke is now what went wrong hello. Texas senator Ted Cruz. Florida senator Marco Rubio. Okay. A former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Crazy I mean someone named did actually make it to the stage and. Pads. One the one to watch apparently Marco Rubio seem to be stuck and we wine. Perhaps sort of repeating the same thing without another clip what clip happened to me take a look. And let's dispel once and for all of this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what he's doing. So let's dispel what this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing this notion that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not there is he knows that there is looking to memorize point five seconds. Anyone who believes that Barack Obama is in doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. I think Groundhog Day last week. My next. Right I want Leon on stages Chris Christie I was reminded that he was a federal prosecutor but I think with interceded like turned into survivor you have all of his ally and says. And it also late the message has it has now extended beyond trauma so we're not decided upon trumpet everybody's going after Libya now if you think amazing how Obama he kept saying like. Obama is doing exactly what he's set out to do it's like well that's great note and I don't know about you but that's what it sounded like I think it's not how many people in the audience actually watches political shows I watch house Karzai wash all those movies and you rehearse you that's all they did was rehearsed and -- have to regurgitate what they what they learned back when they were being prepped and only people I don't do that right now is casing and try out but that's their skills in my opinion of being a solid president is being able to speak extemporaneously and come up quicker profits and we doing here and none of us they're running a de LA and a very able to do very good speaker but shouldn't you know now in within the scope of that evening that he said it three times previous night that he's all I imagine it's like it doesn't actually know the facts command just real happy endings. Under Obama unemployment has gone down from 10% to under 5% for the first time since 2008. In the deficit tripled from my main hundred billion to two point H really slightly. It set steadily climbed since 2000 when GW bush took office is now nineteen trillion now. The reason is because. He gave bush gave tax cuts to the wealthy and launched two ground was in the Middle East and would not want you to pay for Reagan gave that I'm cuts also yet well okay. And and man. You know he's cut the deficit as percentage of gross domestic product price 75% during his two terms in office maybe that's why because they don't actually looked to see. If there's any accomplishment yeah. I'd just say it. I know that when he came in opera's the country was on the Barak. And he he and the folks in a pulled us back and you know and as far as Chris Christie as you know I have a big bets when I am because. He had been around to sign in the 193. Bills are sitting on his desk Matt rubio patriots and move back. Trim my thing is as I think that people forget that the government all the policies are like rollover minutes it just doesn't stop it keeps going it every president can't fix the entire country in one session. It's not gonna have to fix mistakes of the last president. And our eyes is right. Can we think is now not the number two was doing and I'm on the net and got out and that's one poll and that was the Monmouth mall and I was taken before the debate he's the establishment candidate who could take the pleasant rubio Indians is out of the New York Times now I can't jump actually Jeb Bush also is now third in New Hampshire primary is learning that a couple of different polls and case ticket second and at least one of the polls but it's really between Cruz rubio Casey at bush for number TO may drop in U ample including a 62 number one candidate -- the slap him being number two. Yeah. How are. A moment as we really get to comment on Imus asked about walk out I know we did hear about like. Carson looked like he was waiting for blocks at Starbucks like I called her a lot tape then Brad Pitt and laugh I just means we can let's watch that Broward I just wanna say kudos CEO by act colleagues at ABC Martha Raddatz at David York for handling a situation Beckett. It's like TV admitted that's a reminder we're live things happen and you never know what's gonna happen so I think they have a separate flights out this landed in the is like hey I'm attractive yeah yeah. PA newsletter all you want to let you know the people not play went to Donald that's what he's after my time you know. Last week they were not. And when not what you you know plus complain when Donald Trump the that people in the audience yet hood but a blue dot I loved it because the so called an out on there until they work. And it really showed that you know what. Sometimes he is interstate pressure don't you do all the future debates at the showtime at the Apollo amateur. But yeah. I am. I diet I have to say I would like to be part of that moderating. Coming out of politics to see them get the look to the planned flee Somalia. I love.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"The co-hosts discuss the recent debate in New Hampshire including what happened during Dr. Ben Carson's entrance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36791592","title":"'The View' Recreates GOP Debate Entrances","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-recreates-gop-debate-entrances-36791592"}