'The View' Takes on the 'El Chapo,' Sean Penn Interview

The co-hosts discuss the latest details emerging about the interview done for Rolling Stones magazine.
5:09 | 01/11/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Takes on the 'El Chapo,' Sean Penn Interview
Happening is you have rolling Star Magazine has Sean Penn's interview would notorious drug blood chapel along with a all relevant magazine says was snapped. For authentication purposes to cite you know is really out chapel. They were making it that was really the top man. There's some hope and of course saying you know they were rested outshot are now so when you heard that Sean Penn and done this interview. Went inside. Like all these government agencies are going after Hamlet and the guy that finds image Shaun Pennington all the time and money spent. Not content trying to buy an Osama bin Laden we should just sent Sean Penn after. And yet because chapel reached out to Sean Penn through another actors because. He wanted to have a biopic meet him and I built not a doubt brought him down he should've thought Danny DeVito judging by that picks right now my. I don't don't look like sub Hanson made I think you're manslaughter sentence anti was fascinating to me was set in. The backlash. So so many people were saying isn't this illegal you know is an illegal and but that's how my question could he could Sean be charged with aiding and abetting a Puget know it. And the way I saw what was in order to aid and abet you have to provide material support so if he's like hiding out Chappell out he's giving a chapel money. I suspect seeing a chaplain to Apatow and culinary arts and that of you know that would be aiding and abetting but if he's. Acting as a journalist which he was Rolling Stone asked him to write this. Then he's protected and under the first and eminent remember a lot of journalists had interviewed. Fugitives like Osama bin Laden and a sound they have I took. I have a problem at all what Sean Penn but I do a problem with a Rolling Stone whether or not they aided and abetted fugitives who say they did I think. The fact that they gave final approval to Al chapel you don't do that when I'm going to interviews I actually had. I've had 7 AM PR people and some people asking would even ask me can I get a list of the questions not only can't he do that I know that might happen and entertainment news. But it doesn't happen in news OK let's say for example. I was going to interview Jennifer Garner she and her publicist and don't ask about Ben Affleck that might be something I might acquiesce to but I never gonna give you finally doing our special kind of an up until a girl what happened. Okay. Well we all want to know girl what I would say time and my kids see. I'm I don't when did you hear. I will say you are not. And make us laugh and we don't see you nearly enough babies they play. Another Christmas becoming more lottery ticket let that. Everything that might ensure that was the writing was so bad off it was honorable who redeemable it was like. Just like up compute what monkey is making typing Hamlet I needed didn't make any sense except for the part where he talked about partying in front about chop O type preceded. Which has just like classic and he's sat at this moment expelling minor travelers flatulence. Dashed out I'm crap. They've all gotten off an airplane America and Africa in in his defense I keep it was a seven hour meeting seven hours where the interview. He wasn't allowed to take notes a lot of it was going from memory at enough I could have done. Good as good job and I want to clarify that he actually he got the point he literally went down Rowling's U it's one thing don't know about him and then work to. And on and Rolling Stones and listen if we don't like what we see we're not going to we're not gonna run it and I'm I'm glad they magazines from me. If someone sits down and gives you an interview. You're just not entitled to just do everything I'm sorry I know they'd be you know a lot of people feel like. Journalists dispose say no women ask you what we want. Elicits a political person no I don't think you're entitled to that and I and that's not the way I remember I know you have to look for television you can do you have all content stopped when in a magazine. I just feel like listen. They got this interview. Whatever they needed to do to get into view as what they dad and they gave them and it's funny because they do they say yes we're gonna give you and liberal and or approve within. And editorial okay how are you really had not but he is it bad now well. But what are you giving it to you tallies solid yet well but here's the thing you're at Al chop while is talking to somebody. Who's not recording anything. So. You know use say listen I'm not gonna give you approval but what does he just a savage makes a stop. There's a lot of there's a lot of gray areas would this particular thing but you know the chop wanted to meet folks he wondered because I have. Yes that's stuff I chopped apple could sap want to keep up. You know but but you know Jack the cat got. Because famous Cherokee and Cherokee brought the top neck yeah.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"The co-hosts discuss the latest details emerging about the interview done for Rolling Stones magazine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36218102","title":"'The View' Takes on the 'El Chapo,' Sean Penn Interview","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-takes-el-chapo-sean-penn-interview-36218102"}