'The View' on Trump's Claim That Election Is 'Rigged'

The co-hosts discuss the Republican presidential nominee's comments following the conventions.
3:31 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for 'The View' on Trump's Claim That Election Is 'Rigged'
A rally in Ohio yesterday. It's not warn voters that he's a three. The election is as want to be rigged against them out. She didn't even think he made a similar claim about the 2012 election being rigged against Mitt Romney. He didn't mention it against Al Gore are. And yeah. You want to talk. You know I'm just saying maybe Hamels and I remember that far back Dan let but aren't really that's the only time that I. Think we can all point to an election that was at the 2000. Where did the sort of the bush vs gore went all the way to the Supreme Court and we have to hanging chads and they're mad at him and then all of the sun. When that's I think back ten is the only time that we can really point to an election is say look at this election idea what to square this election. Isn't going to say it's rigged because he knows he's I pray that I think he's got to lose now. His numbers and only. Yet that he's Obama closed his numbers are down Hillary after the convention and numbers you got a really good on people realized that even though they think she lies they know he lights to go. So it's like well okay which liar do you watch and I have our top. How important and and he'd say it's illegal under important then hits kid in important to the wife. It's more important and the country we can't tell you gonna its rate because he knows he has to save face and no last builds a twenty. I think you but you know what's interesting he's talking about everything being raked in the election is being rich. But he's inviting Russia to hack into the DNC and Clinton Hillary theme out that's it's so what should we be worried about. I don't know you know if he did things yeah acting. I would like someone to hack so we know what's on his. Tax tax and tax yeah. I mean. He demanded Iraq Obama show is versatility and holiday transcripts and hospital chain college all kinds of Staten I'm man in all of this stuff. Now I'm walk show me when you served in the military but not him. I'm want to see a I. As the America as an American citizen if your gonna be my president wanna know you're paying taxes and they are taken a Matty you like they. An anatomy eyebrow and out. That's right now because he. They supported it he can't show you. But everybody else has already said that is not an issue Warren Buffett being ordered didn't gives us tax what's also interesting though he he's hiding behind the fact that it's it's still legal I mean he doesn't have to bite law turn over his tax returns basic I don't have to do debates by law easing now so that's what this let let's see what he's headed to enter the NFL night just behind hot. Or between about it I don't isn't that I mean he was like. They've had on. And for all night because they'd like Hillary like no cool not cold don't. Republicans do this stuff thought I've criticized them heavily in the past they they do things like all the system is rigged this is similar to me. When they say will the media is. Highest yes the media is largely biased against Republicans. Ideally that picture nod still could not many there are only somewhat confident that no that's not true critics second Hillary did etiquette mom on and the two billion dollars worth of free Abbott's I did it on my way I'm on hold you want to miss it this week have to come back.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The co-hosts discuss the Republican presidential nominee's comments following the conventions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41071635","title":"'The View' on Trump's Claim That Election Is 'Rigged'","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-trumps-claim-election-rigged-41071635"}