'The View''s Sara Haines announces she's pregnant

"The View" co-hosts congratulate Sara and her husband Max on their baby news.
4:05 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for 'The View''s Sara Haines announces she's pregnant
We want to start off with some really good news. Right before the show, we found out there's someone in the studio right now who wanted to share the wonderful news with their family and friends at home that they have a baby on the way. So where are you? ??? Baby love ??? is it you? It's not you. Is it you? No, not you. Hey, you in the back, is it you? I hate to even ask -- Me? No, no, no. It's her. Thank you. I just love babies. And, you guys want to know what I'm having? We want to know. We know what you're having. Do it. It's a girl! It's a girl! Okay. That is too much. Oh, my gosh. So, is this the first -- is this the first anybody's hearing? -- Is this the first that anybody's hearing that you're with child? Yeah, other than friends and family. You guys all of course knew. And we're very excited. I've been having a rough time so I've had like crackers brought out to me and ginger ale. To anyone that's been in the studio audience probably could have picked up on it as well. I saw it online. Joy said you need to talk about this because I can see it across the table. I said okay. We've all been so excited and guessing, guessing for the past couple of weeks. You guys knew. Yeah, we weren't guessing. We kind of -- Leading up to, we were all like -- How old is the first baby now, your son? 15 months. He's so cute. He's delicious. It's almost what they call Irish twins when they're close. Sunny warned me about the date on these eggs. I don't have the privilege of time. I'm an older mommy. It's nice when they're close together in age. I think I'll appreciate that when they're a little older. You will. And you're having a girl. I'm having a little girl. I was so excited, so excited. We're happy for you. Thank you very much. Thank you. People always -- when you're having a baby as if they had the sex with you. I think it just makes everyone happy, like a little baby. It's going to be a different experience for you because you have a boy and now you're having a girl. Are you looking forward to it? I'm very much looking forward to it because I grew up with -- I have a brother but I had two sisters. I think I get the female experience more. I'm a little jealous because I only have one. I'll share with you. You know what, they do this to me on this show. That wasn't them. They turn it on e0 oh I don't know who this is. Maybe it's Steve calling. Anyway, I say I'm getting a little jealous so I'm getting a dog. I'll show you the dog when I get it. We're going to do another announcement with silly string. You don't have to do that. Get a male dog -- let me ask you something. Can a male dog do wee wee on the wee wee pad? Yeah. Even if they lift their leg? They don't always squat. The boy dog squats. If they're small enough because if you have a very small dog, them lifting their degree doesn't mean anything. You have to be this high off the ground to lift your leg. If you're this low, it's just kind of -- My little girl won't go on the wee wee pad, only my little boy. I have two boys, two boy dogs. And they both go on the wee wee? No, they like to mark. I'm going on a wee wee pad right now. And because we are, we have to

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{"id":48158969,"title":"'The View''s Sara Haines announces she's pregnant","duration":"4:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts congratulate Sara and her husband Max on their baby news.","url":"/Entertainment/video/views-sara-haines-announces-shes-pregnant-48158969","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}