'The View's' Star Jones Talks Politics, New Show

The former "The View" co-host Star Jones stops by to discuss the election, old times and her new show.
8:16 | 02/18/16

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Transcript for 'The View's' Star Jones Talks Politics, New Show
Original five women handpicked by baba wants to sit at the hot topics table. And did I mention that she's a lawyer you know I'm talking about you please I don't even at say it may just come out stock Jones. All the he's healthy or I'll ask them. I've got tissues and everything I'm Soledad. He didn't speak up virus and you know. I'm not read it don't worry. Stock yeah. Thank you very much admitting here you gave don't know that I don't wanna breed are pregnant girl and you may edit stuff so what you've been out there has suffered for Hillary yeah so was happening sunspot would stop with a really Telus have. I think what you know annex we have to go back on the road florists Secretary Clinton stumping for her and the southern states going now South Carolina. I'm gonna go over mrs. Tennessee down in Houston Texas. Did talk about went the importance is for women. In this election and Keller why do you think she's happens it's a hard time right now. I think that. Bernie Sanders is soda isn't new and exciting and enthusiastic. That Hillary is really the stall she is the one who has really been working for women. Her entire career for me I mean I remember sitting at the view table all those years ago. And say her when you're ready to run I'm ready to help young German jointly shot by her all the time. And if I was very sincere because of the work she had done for women did. I think for women this election is extremely critical stress is looking at you know Justice Scalia just passed away let rest his soul. The impact of the Supreme Court. The nominee. Com and probably the next three because there. They are a number of justices who are closer to the cradled ended up close to the great than the cradle so they probably go somewhere so. About that but I don't he's morbid but until drew little morbid maybe you don't retires to I didn't have innocently got there. Congress where it hurts our guy maybe some will hamper the next breath and it is will have a big impact on. The focus of the court and so that's why I'm getting there. Is having the big cat impact already yeah I mean he's. Rallying up all of the young people and including so many cultures can you elaborate on him and why you think he's doing so well. Well is so I'm let me in Hyatt I had sort of talked there's a little bit earlier today. Come it's almost sort of like being really quickly and everything shiny and new at this is different and you've not heard it before. But I choose to kind of live in reality. I know the problems that this country is facing and I know how serious it's going to be and move wailing I know what it takes to collaborate. With your neighbor. And two crossed party lines and to use diplomacy. And that's what I see it Hillary we tell me just. And accented. But it's not about Ken Duke it is has done this when you're running for president United States I want you to be written. To step bright you know America need you to step in. On January 20 at twelve all want. Take the raising god forbid something bad happens American families deserve to be able to step back to that plate. Right then and there UK learn on the job. Apprentice there are so many schools of thought that what heat the way he acts now is just you know to get elected and he's a different man behind the scenes. What are his quality is this do you remember Connolly yeah it's very strange demanding O'Donnell and I have not obviously been close since he started the birth movement back in the day against President Obama. However. I'm so surprised to have not seen that brilliant businessmen. In this race mean really Smart businessman keeps saying let's let him but then do you know what are you bring up the real point Buick. Would never allow you to come in to his office to propose a plan for a partnership or project. Without seeing a strategic plant he never permit it you couldn't get past his secretary. So I'm waiting for the strategic plan that. He does what are you going to do. As extremely it I'll have the plant and teach you put his rap you couldn't get into his office with the next week you'd have to come in with a business proposal. You get to tell us how much money isn't going to cost. Where you're going to get that money to give my lawyer those people that are boy different to stagnate in it. Who's going to be your leading advisors youth and youth require that for any business deal. And say. Now they have not switching T heiress gets. I see you're wearing red and fed you weary is is Har American heart mind yes. And we now they use survived heart disease even had open heart surgery yes but they can't what attracted just take your heart acts but it. I hate how and you know I call the how appealing you know what the breathing is again getting better after bronchitis but. I have to tell you is the greatest. Thing in my life I mean you don't know your purpose entity walk in and it and it be able to emphasize women's heart health. And to encourage all the ladies to get there well woman visit every year did you get too well woman visit yes I getting it checked his protocol for job yet and this also chronic cough mutilation that you stay healthy and day and every single year I built around my birthday. To remind yourself you know got thank you are keeping me here woman here so each and every one of you have to go for your physical and because of Affordable Care Act. Most of it is covered him. So you can go in Connecticut to an error plagues us. That was because of the Affordable Care Act yeah. Not because you know we can go on here about reminiscing about the years by that in 2011. You are wrote a novel called safe insists stacks. Which is basically about aids as long running. Daytime female talk show not everybody is lovely in note some people fight some people. We talking about the told look. Are you talking about in a home in this. Five very good by all the love my experiences and daytime television. Aaron. I don't like to say it every character. Is based on someone or inspired by someone I either interviewed was interviewed by. I. I prosecuted it cut the chase who's playing me. Well I have. He and I can tell you now that is a guarantee. VH one hankering that the series that is clearly is out and is. We're right in the middle of the casting I'm so excited he worked with Susanna pass and Sony television. And yeah as you don't tell you luck and as you know for Europe foot that character that is. This is beyond your life. You know I mean I think he really wants the money who is Smart. Funny. You did well I don't know study. A man he was a stunning if you don't think think Amy Schumer of needs. Who are my hero Rudolph. When sorry I can't do what I. Mean it's. We mavs aren't thank you for comment. I look forward to this show if you don't know the book rush out and get it it's quite wonderful.

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{"id":37030789,"title":"'The View's' Star Jones Talks Politics, New Show","duration":"8:16","description":"The former \"The View\" co-host Star Jones stops by to discuss the election, old times and her new show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/views-star-jones-talks-politics-show-37030789","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}