"Vikings" Star Talks New Show

Clive Standen talks History Channel and good hair
5:10 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for "Vikings" Star Talks New Show
The History Channel is -- writing history so to speak with its first episodic series vikings the series. Is about a warrior named runner who is -- to become the king of all vikings -- stand in place Bravo drag -- brother who is. Feisty unpredictable. I was looking for way to get ahead. Troops and tell the truth. -- truth not the truth is human to human shapes you decide where it is we need. -- need to be pumped. Don't -- -- outside. I want to eat. Eat. And we pull them off the ship -- stand and join us now to talk about this -- thanks to be with us today it's not -- CA -- felt it was a panel was not involved in the in the -- I've dug out my translation got a little bit later and figs really that was that we not do you know -- I I don't know -- nor I barely know English often times -- record this role as the cool role. It's a fantastic -- at seven some takes for a very long time. Michael host on the show -- is not just a script varieties commitment historians well and when -- with history. You kind of ended -- was just an epic. This story in the sort of massive scale and -- a company based -- historical accuracy as well. It's a dream job and not just. Sword and sandals and most of action -- kind of -- the news amazing ethics the story as well so what was your knowledge of the vikings before you approach this for all I grew up in England went from my my parents to take me out to console some more mysteries and we played vikings and war isn't -- Estefan -- brother -- I -- he loads about vikings but it's since we started working into in the reset to what we like we realized that. Many people myself included you don't know anything about vikings because. Vikings who was being compiled and help the -- -- that they and the the film to help the villain trying to be the hero that he of that -- -- -- Holmes. Rebel warriors that come from the -- of rape -- -- and is not a case told what Michaels times he's going to Scandinavia and he's been recess from the inside out. Honesty -- -- -- some things that evening in the -- it's about things that. And the society -- -- and the cult that believed in their religions and an extended assuming it's -- moving them before it's going to be fascinating in some people's. Don't know much about him actually think it's upon sensors show an -- in History Channel at nine episodes -- have already been shot yeah. And you what you some pretty rigorous training to get prepared for this fraud -- we did yeah I mean when he style any kind of period GOP in his first thing they gonna wanna do is every -- -- up to speed horse riding and sword fighting and about what -- But I'm on this Joseph what was very different is that the vikings a big part of that culture was was being on the -- and on history who -- adamantly go to -- taxes trained up to the stunned when they can take -- -- along but we have three -- really don't see whether long we have one that was on the a gigantic hydraulic gimbal which kind of -- you left right -- -- -- -- -- weight machine splashing water and to simulate the storm sequences. But for the first week before we started filming we went out with Marines and we we trained and we we learn to row the boat but that's him on the -- we can -- up by the end of the week -- -- -- Will the Marines left to store on devices -- wonderful man. Hiding under this -- pulling sheet with the CB think it can't. Contact with the -- to -- -- but wow -- sailed out when you see that but that is reminds us that is amazing Super -- acting gig doesn't work at least you know they've got -- -- -- -- -- -- LC zoning district generally capsule rice we have Rick -- well you know on that you know the history -- kind of -- this transformation is like his re branding you know. And and I was wondering did you have any kind of hesitation in taking on this role because History Channel had. Had historically been no use of the word lightly there it. Had been an informational based channel in now it's kind of blending that information and entertainment and sometimes that can be a little. Under -- I would imagine you know -- -- to a -- -- Sure he could flip I'm think that led to spend a Larry long time gaining a reputation. Core audience that retrospect but kind of accuracy and now -- they've they've invested into the scripted dramas we've got to you know just getting. Something -- -- -- to tick boxes that demographic you're getting something which is epic in scale and -- -- -- -- it's a massive -- missiles. Something that he actually pumping Johnson from well and it's really possibly done -- -- -- you think they need to expand beyond estimates about the plot on a dozen lucky enough to see Michael's. What he calls the viking Bible which is -- his vision of a many many serious. On to win really just hitting the tip of the ice with what we do -- one that so many -- so many taxes yet to come into these stories it's can we just. -- -- -- -- -- Melissa he doesn't a lot of economists and obviously it's clearly getting into the spirit of things but I got to ask you about this because -- there's a little bit of rivalry on the set between you and Travis them I mean obviously both of you guys. Spent a lot of time. Working out at the gym. Who was got better hair. Go ahead affect economic status is on July and his policies on the -- Calvin Klein he's on the -- thousand -- stuff from them you -- in -- looks great with just these things are real warrior he's going to work with. We it was definitely we're gonna have warns the -- -- There the next an opportunity -- generator by -- thank you so much thank you found me.

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{"id":18628866,"title":"\"Vikings\" Star Talks New Show ","duration":"5:10","description":"Clive Standen talks History Channel and good hair ","url":"/Entertainment/video/vikings-star-talks-show-18628866","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}