VP. Joe Biden Weighs in on President-Elect Trump

Biden discusses the incoming president and the future of the United States.
4:39 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for VP. Joe Biden Weighs in on President-Elect Trump
I know Malaysia. So as you leave the office the country they say is very much divided. People are worried about a trap administration I'm terrified that he knows nothing. And is going to lead us into war now you have called him thoroughly unqualified. What makes you the most. Uneasy and remembers only an hour shall. First of all in the context of the campaign enters among qualified. There was in the context of how much to be Tacoma city know about American foreign policy. And understand we comes out of without any background in here. Except on Russia and well. Look II guys think it's. On. What I worry about is in the inadvertent mistake in the near term on foreign policy. By that I mean I don't mean any nuclear war that kind of Malarkey I went what I think is that. There's a lot of complicated circumstances in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. There's a lot of complicated circumstances that are exists today in the South China Sea there's a lot of complicated circumstances exist in Latin America. And unless you any does have people around him who have in depth knowledge and points of view may be the same or different in mind. But what worries me most his he's taken. Thus far I hope he doesn't mean it. The crowd insure old American security is our intelligence community's tax Payer does. Everything we do we rely upon those sixteen different agencies and did. And the distant and dismissed them out. It's really plays into Russia's hands which is the hand their playing mr. Putin's planned I know him well personally. Com is that he wishes to see. NATO. Not united and a dividing Europe because that puts him in a stronger position relative to. That continent and and so. The argument gets made. Palm joy that look Americans don't know what to do and Americans are under control Americans are. And this this adds to when you go at the heart of every country's security bases. The north of talking about now it makes your allies wonder will later what's going to an office hours and out of the allies but also enter Anthony's people who other countries who are viewing us and saying right from the start the president elect has this huge conflict with the intelligence agencies. How dangerous is that when you have countries that don't love the United States observing that in a conflict ripened and. Well it's. Of of the ones that are not necessarily enemies but our greatest potential concern for China and Russia. They're smarter than you know what we have they know our capacity is awesome. But what worries me most is the countries in between who are deciding whether or not they're gonna. Movement of the authoritarian direction or in a democratic and how. Then they then began to make you gamble sable is better to make the gamble would be on the side of the authoritarian side in this equation. Than it is to be in the democratic side of the equation because American is great democracy. Maybe it's not so great after all maybe we can't count on an act like maybe we can't reliance. I was down in Australia with the new prime minister is that really you repeat furnished you won reelection by smaller margin. He asked me to come down to solidify the relationship we have Marines in Australia and and while I was there I got a phone call from the president of Lafayette could I please urgently come the Latvia Estonia Lithuania. And I asked why and they said well the Republican nominee at the time said he's not sure you defend us against Russia were part of NATO what's going off. And so I went and reassured in the Republican Party is strongly supportive of NATO is a Democratic Party. What I'm hoping is that I mean this is certainly. I'm hoping a lot of what mr. metropolis has been rhetorical so far and vicious behind that chair he's a Smart guy. That he in fact begins to understand the gravity. Of and not consequences of words. Not just actions. And it's actually from the middle of the night continuously does he understand the gravity of what he's doing. Clearly not now do you still want it that it's it's continuous kind of like every minute he's we can't put the love children.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Biden discusses the incoming president and the future of the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44765644","title":"VP. Joe Biden Weighs in on President-Elect Trump","url":"/Entertainment/video/vp-joe-biden-weighs-president-elect-trump-44765644"}