'Life of Pi' Stars on Filming in CGI

Lead actors on the process of filming a movie primarily in CGI and a water tank
9:02 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for 'Life of Pi' Stars on Filming in CGI
I never thought the smaller pieces she's -- so much. The divide of foods provided a nice. But Benson. Might become like to -- disclosures. With a knowing attitude but couldn't lose you might ever need -- -- -- CDs. I remember that he associated expedient to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now we've been from this disease certainly -- monster hits. His altitude -- I would have died -- -- My students and keeps me you know and -- to his needs he's minus food and. Who is the -- -- is -- Ang Lee is it. Who are you looking at when this has happened. In -- if you won't like Christian woman that went a -- -- -- metaphor afterward the right it's just the literal that -- -- well the -- you're looking at -- and air hair. So the -- is the time. What they're thinking yeah yeah well -- because he could be going her you know at that. It was you know. I don't really explain it to you live what was happening so. It wasn't -- You know eventually obviously visited -- things and act of that nothing. But eventually because we -- doing it for so long and every day and on being eventually became for me I would even welcome aboard. Thinking that okay featured bout -- -- -- the city. Understand and and so by the end of it thinking is that they became very. Natural and to have the -- on the boat. -- -- -- -- -- I would think that your life would have been messed up just a little bit when you finish this I would be walking around -- Where they -- there. You look back to be dangerous trio are you still -- them with. I still. Stuff is that -- -- the but. I mean for a guy that was it this week Steve importantly yeah. Battled -- out okay it's -- I'm glad. But if -- could you explain a little bit about Richard Parker I mean and just why the tiger has that name. Oh in the book it's books it's explained that -- medical mistake. And it's it was supposed to come within zoo but he was named you know does that mean of the -- Was which it. And you know this somehow the -- -- -- And you know they wanted to -- the tiger first. Then there's the and then become yet. But with fewer scenes shot and three yet where you're talking to -- are -- talking to another actor about what. How is that different -- I guess he did it with Spiderman -- equity it's either effective and different. But -- -- all of this. Because when you're watching the monitor. When you do the shoot you watching the morning to you don't really realize. What treaties mean to you but -- -- -- -- -- for the puts things. Last thing. I think it's it's a huge difference. That to be the performance of -- in previous completely different the 3-D becomes much more closely. You know it it -- -- It becomes more -- In a 380 is. Oh did I had this conception that. Two Indian treaty you know you don't need to change your performance. In -- is the scene but no. 380 is much more puts it's much more porous than it just -- solitude so you need to do. Less so than what to do to. But also because that the that -- is and his. U.'s treaties and it's in this to amuse you know -- he he has disclosed he has had a pretty much more than that it could and would equally. You know otherwise what happens that the -- -- -- try to put you out of groups he can do want to meet human its own time. But in initiative in in the beginning of the food exists -- who sit them down. You know you are much more most of the defeating the to have new -- And this is the first thing immunized so we need it it looks beautiful it's this as a political entity that is just something new -- Well I want to ask you to -- that because you've both seen the film. Why is there -- seen or even something that's less than a minute a moment. In this movie that. Has special meaning for you not because it's the best scene in the movie or the scariest -- the most spiritual just. Personal meaning for each of you when you watch them. There was one scene that he would meaningful energy known amen in the game and in how to swim and -- the -- -- not a swim and you're here in the water in the tank though. Grand let us go hey did you telling me that you couldn't swim -- tonight I don't like to get from -- -- the food yet ha ha ha ha. Anyway. The so act earnestly implement but the problem of ethnic -- in -- -- to me -- about a -- something that. And basically went by -- blesses them he drowns under what they'll. It's it's it's it's an important -- the best of the season for me because. You know. I -- doing so much of training. And that is that emotionally and do -- and Evelyn who trying to imagine your own -- he drowned. Why is being underwater and an order -- and making all those. We came for it was a V you don't then -- -- and notes part of be able to do it as well as those to -- link. And you know and -- finally did it. It was Judy good as Judy good feeling and then watching it and realizing why and made me do -- so many things. Yet that -- -- something to -- makes it does something so. But for me I was a -- was I mean that the food makes me cry and laugh says it's the same time. The the you know lullaby in the beginning of the food because there's nothing in it is so simple it's so simple just you know animals in the zoo. And there's -- -- And sense is -- it does something to you which I cannot explain. It makes me it makes -- -- makes me laugh but if you know that -- -- So that's the kind of thing and that the visits there's -- small sequence when he. Very he hasn't deemed to -- that is he would. The tightest it out to eat him because he's hungry and this -- flying fish comes on the boat. And he throws it to what's the it was chip I get AC is. It's year old it's. And the fight these -- with a bag as Balkan -- follow through. Why did in the in the -- goes away. It isn't it -- used -- and tested. This opening sequences make that it's. It's beautiful and the thing that I think makes -- -- me is that it's filled with -- -- -- have people can. There are that a few -- is that I I cannot speak about them right confident that he probably the story. But there are few scenes that I was fascinated the book as of and others. When. -- -- -- Under the sea and he just realizes that there's -- wounded Judy woods exists under the sea and the horn lake traffic is going on. You know with a new one night and you know. The the or both and its policy of -- can -- be happening beneath -- and that -- and has -- that you know. With Richard book and line bulletin condoned the sea and -- -- that one. Williams is the kind of -- And one. And somehow -- -- connected by Andreychuk. And have image unity you know that's. That's something -- humans. That a few moments at the end of the film but they cannot really problem. And you know I would have to stop you. I think that you think. And other. Little buzzer goes up and says it now -- sort of -- big -- -- we can't -- spoilers that's what they call with what we call them here. As one dollars. Go see the -- the year -- -- and then see what happens. You did a great job in this movie congratulate and thank you -- -- -- have incorporated.

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{"id":17779325,"title":"'Life of Pi' Stars on Filming in CGI","duration":"9:02","description":"Lead actors on the process of filming a movie primarily in CGI and a water tank","url":"/Entertainment/video/life-pi-stars-filming-cgi-17779325","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}