This Week's Top 5 Spotify Songs

Britney Spears, Fiona Apple make it on to the week's top 5 list.
5:34 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for This Week's Top 5 Spotify Songs
-- they are the most viral songs of the weak spot -- top five list that would California joining me today is -- -- trend expert my friend Shannon cook. Great to see you don't hit and poverty of their upper but list this week similar homes. Killers. Pop princess -- all kinds anything with Brittany that's -- -- -- -- -- -- this American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry. And Daughtry -- obviously with waiting on Superman it. Scientists say that I've been waiting season. You today I -- want and isn't. Let's tell your husband -- said that -- but you really -- -- my friend Vince -- and actually. And I love this song BK is only -- in countries should traditionally very sort of rock and -- -- rock vibe to them that they've added the move to electronic dance music now or ED him is as we like to -- in the world of cool. And it spices it up and it makes it very aren't conceding and is -- on fire them totally actually -- in on Spotify and. -- -- -- and the public -- the like usually American idols they really have to kind of identify who they are with them have to change immediately yet. -- -- to a broader audience yen and having doctor -- beautifully. Yeah he's he's one of the future is really -- -- a whole lot of idols Fred. They have managed to sustain a career this long because he's been added since I think 20066. 2000 -- Good staying power to. They are a number four on the list and this obviously is great everyone's favorite school girl turned Vegas resident Brittany spears with work. The I'll leave it there for -- -- -- -- really nasty stuff in music if you like and I just. -- in government you know I love it nasty I'll tell you what. Proves is still in my all time favorite music videos which she does Britain does not discipline which puts Dan and Tina she's put -- hand when they made them immediately why it visit -- which is lying on the floors is looking out yet camera. The camera or ally felon -- on the head and -- to go to hospital B stitched up and then she went straight back to -- and finished music media. And that is why her career advice is work. BIP Kelly today she's in cover right there and you're gonna get anywhere LSU will expect the preparation means lacking with your body split -- -- bleeding. -- -- -- Threaten others with this week in this is great you had to correct grammar pronunciation of this you'll notice is that correct I believe it's using this is -- -- -- I'm sorry the Norwegian version essentially of the lonely island here is the box. This video has in the a lot of people. And hilarious ideas I love playing a viral video translate to -- popular song and business on the Iranian staring him adding that famous because it's actually kept the song is ridiculously prohibitive. Angel and -- -- This is that you -- you -- of the next government style yet is it not -- so I love it even sounds of who hasn't been the -- on style sound. It's an addiction -- never -- killers they're back at this and I love this when shuttle tonight. The killing five -- left. In the mid 2000. I think some of their -- It's always exciting. Every leaf springs songs and the other -- one song which is going to be hot. -- greatest hits compilation -- and how many songs. On them out as well saying you know -- in new mixed in some there there -- great I love it I love and keeping on right and it never -- every Wednesday. Favorite heartthrob of the nineties and -- favorite certainly one of my Fiona Apple wit pure imagination. You. -- -- News channel saying. -- -- -- -- and leniency because these are we seeing here is and -- for the restaurant to public. And she's. -- is recording of the song your imagination from the Willy -- -- backing from way back in nineteen -- England gorgeous recording of the song. That's something within scratching their heads and -- -- CN apple. -- may have to raise two things. And out together. -- -- -- She had it is it is beautifully haunting and she's got -- that sultry dance that I think that that song lent itself perfectly to if you can remember when. Without part of the movie it's it's a little mysterious diary kind of like someone like it will -- was gonna run a corner Canada. I think this is a good song to listen to around Halloween is visited. Until it's time because it does have evidence to chilling -- -- and it also makes healing kind of very. What effect if there's a food methods and thought we're gonna find -- aesthetic thank you so much hate to see him. -- -- News channel -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20374010,"title":"This Week's Top 5 Spotify Songs","duration":"5:34","description":"Britney Spears, Fiona Apple make it on to the week's top 5 list.","url":"/Entertainment/video/weeks-top-spotify-songs-20374010","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}