West Virginia Officials in Hot Water Over Alleged Racist Tweets

The co-hosts talk about the anger both sides feel after the 2016 presidential election.
4:58 | 11/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for West Virginia Officials in Hot Water Over Alleged Racist Tweets
Not that you brought this up let me then it. Talk about the two West Virginia officials. Who are under fire for their reaction to the election. Nonprofit. Director. Post it on her FaceBook. That it will be so refreshing to have a classy beautiful dignified firsts. Lady back in the White House I'm tired of seeing and eight and heal us. At that town as the town's mayor Aaron. Then responded. Just made Monday girl now so when you talk about people rioting it out a lot of this we had contentious. Up presidencies before. This is different. This became about race. This became about gender and this became about how big abuse it became about a lot of things. That we would never normally be talking about now this is not something new because if you were called when Obama was elected. A post oh that was put out. By some kid who worked for some senator. But a poster out of all of the president. As a Washington jobs that everybody's. And it and the last picture that was the new president which was Obama and it was apparent big eyes and giant red lips so this is not new. But this is what has been unleashed. Now. In the country so. People are doing things and have people are riding cost are angry and you know I can't stay ahead. And all cons to any degree one thing is yeah it's different it does happen at West Virginia. Both women have reportedly apologized and and the mayor said hurt just made my day was not meant to be racist so you know what. Have to stop on Wednesday night it just went you know the pot has been start what S happening on the other side though that's bothering him what's happening from the answers from my I would saying that I'm Walt signs people are upset. You're saying it's justify it. To riot but at the same time got wet weather and I'm outfit I never said it was justified to right I said not understand iPod that people that's our idea that people are out branch and UNI read this because this is why people. Are having a hard time but never it's never okayed a riot. Listen I protest with the best album I've been arrested with the best of them. I believe any. Yeah I should be bullying. And one another because it happening on both sites would hit its second. Him it was such an emotional election that one thing that's crazy as I. I'm starting to get offended if offended by my own friends that voted like me because now there's act. Heated temperature that I'm seeing some of that come out in them. It's like at I'd I am not trying to normalize anything trump did because I do think as early as the Republican primaries we saw what despite was gonna look like it's among the Republican candidate it was raced to a new level. But I'm not trying to normalize where we are part of me says that is someone that believes in our right to push back when we disagree. I want to wait toll shows me something I can fight on his right now we still. Lining up the teen and some of the climbers are little sanity. But I feel like when you wanna use resource has anyone used power I love I love people that amount protests and don't wanna be forgotten what I want to use my voice in my power when I've something. Fight yesterday's we sat in agony that the president. I just have to sentence because I have to. It's a hard table to say this too but. You can wait yes OK but people who have been offended from day want. They are having a hard time. And I know everybody wants. It's at we'd all like it's like com that which you have to you have to understand when you talk about gay. Banning Muslims little kids. Are scared and that they're not going to be able go to school 'cause when it comes on the mother and father going to be gone. That's what we've got to deal went and that's why people are upset you know people up for. A lot of flight yet been startup incidents and fright not just look at what. You don't wanna part camps here her father and has been here for fifty years. Legally. Legally came in legally raised his children pays his taxes he now feels he's not welcome in his project he's an wants a there are as a lot. That people have to it's not as simple as you know we have to give it to get you have to understand people. US can't take a while before people and not frightened. You know what I what I was sort of grab an eyesore they put -- previous them because he's like a normal Republican you can deal with right that it put this guy Steve Bennett and everybody's how worried because he represents what they called all talk right out of one now let's talk about a scary yes say that yeah and that possession.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The co-hosts talk about the anger both sides feel after the 2016 presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43552810","title":"West Virginia Officials in Hot Water Over Alleged Racist Tweets","url":"/Entertainment/video/west-virginia-officials-hot-water-alleged-racist-tweets-43552810"}