22 top movies to watch during the holiday season

Rolling Stone film critic on the top movies to watch this holiday season in a special edition of "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
13:07 | 11/21/18

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Transcript for 22 top movies to watch during the holiday season
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn we're we're going to talk about holiday movies I mean. Why is more fond. Then to start with Thanksgiving and to go to New Year's Eve and if the movies movies that did make it happy. When Wi fi movies that might be so dramatic that they're going to win Academy Award movie at a filled with action or make us laugh. This is what we all want and Hollywood is really good to us than islanders' season. They give their best efforts while in January and February they buried their dead movie should never be seen by anybody but people were in a good way. And I'm gonna start with friendly movies you know what's already opened it out there for you'd see is the nutcracker and the war realms. Which is all of such sugar problem. Such amazing Tchaikovsky and hear while we watch a little girls adventure. And then there's doctor sees the grinch with that'd be encumbered vacuum in the fourth at the ranch terrific. And then fantastic beef the crimes debris in the wall. Where Eddie read means new take on Greenville Walt played by Johnny Depp whose evil lord Baltimore. So you have dollars and you have more people and the one that's out there that you really should pay attention to it's called Ralph. Raked the Internet it's a follow up to wreck it Ralph it's animated remember when John C. Reilly did the voice route. Well now he's back with its partners there's still in place. The now plucking her name and the ego into a special area to get a computer parts and activate fine. A whole. He grew a Disney princesses. Who need to be rescued child and one feet c'mon this is a big. And then Spider-Man. In to death biter verse. This isn't that Tom Holland Spider-Man this is it animated by. And in this one we have should meet more playing miles around us who is like the new version of Spider-Man. But he's talking to the older Peter Parker Spider-Man pre ING job. From the look of the trailer you can tell there's something special going. If this were filled families you're gonna have a ball out. Okay for the holidays who doesn't like action who doesn't want to fit there with their popcorn because we are. And fit and watch action. And the number one movie in this department has to be increased to all of us loved the first one Michael B Jordan as Don its creed fan of Apollo creed. Who's in his corner. Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone himself who was nominated for an Oscar for the first. This is so great because we now read in another rocky character by Draco that Dolph Lundgren play. And Michael B Jordan is going to be fighting this time. Straight you know. Were -- that. Then we have rob which parent angered him. Elaine Robinson now a younger of this is a lively. More comedic version of what's happening here especially with Jamie Foxx signing on to play Little John. As the head of the Mary man so we're gonna have a good time but we're gonna see archery. We're gonna see great things. Is nothing like five if you want action and there's that film called bird box. Byrd but his post apocalyptic. And the bird bock has the power that when you look at. Her view that we violence in grade. For some reason Sandra Bullock is the star of this movie she's doing five violate she did when she did gravity. And we're going to see something he needs in terms of what movies can do visually with this one so sign up for that one. And then I'm gonna bring up bumble bee this is hard for me because you want now you've been watching this show how much I need transformers news. Actually the ones directed by Michael Bay which is all of them. But this time Michael Bay's not involved and Hayley Steinfeld is in Bob member she won an Oscar for playing the girl and true grit. This is the female version of the woman warrior version of the transformers movie where she gets that. Old Volkswagen called bumble bee who transforms into something special. This is it time for women take control they think and over the Michael Bay's transformers universe. Couldn't be better news is four times. And then we have op board we'll man. Is Jason Ramallah playing this guy that we always think and as an undersea a year and he's got amber heard help them against the villain. A real villain played by Patrick Wilson. Now this Bill Clinton is trying to get the trident of net in the way from that. All of this that I just love it when you can do something visual that we can fit there with our popcorn my guess it. It back and kill. Also for the holidays he can go we wanna laugh don't we really want to laugh all the time and there's a movie out called by. Doesn't sound like oh laughing but remember Adam McKay who did the anchorman movie is the director. But this is the Adam McKay who lost a bid to be short that there's something theories as well going on here. And in this movie we have Christian Bale lane change yet the vice president himself in May. Like I can't believe he's buried somewhere under all that. You're looking at if they huge thing which Christian bail he's in there and who was George W. Bush but Academy Award where pilots and that stand rock while. Who when it's not before three billboards. And who is doing at George Bush thank you can't believe. I'd laugh just watching the trail so the rest of the great. Then we also have green book green book which starts on Morton's. As an Italian chauffeur driving an African American jazz musicians through this out in the 1950s. When is dangerous for an African American. To be drive factors that. That's why they have the green book which actually existed. Telling black people how basically they should avoid certain spots in this out. This is the theory is moving in some way but you just can't stop laughing through legal Morton Herschel Lee will both be nominated for Oscars take it from me. Then we have second act second act. Is Jennifer Lopez doing a movie to me that sounds like it's truly of this time. She's a woman who's approaching fifty. Who her resonate doesn't impress anybody which he has the talent to do it. So with help should get somebody to embellish. Her resonate and then get hired by everybody. Feeling a little guilty but not that kills you it's nice to see Jennifer Lopez picked apart where she can also take expand. Make us laugh and make things as well. Then we have Holmes and Watson where all I need these days yet it Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson. This time played where homes is Will Ferrell doctor Watson has gone by they I'm there. Whatever it's gonna happen it's not going to be any homes and often the Iverson before. Also we have and the knowledge which is people love the movies that Stan laurel and now heart in him didn't. They're now going if he John C. Reilly. Callais Oliver Hardy and Steve Coogan plays and moral and we're gonna see them at the end of their career but we're gonna see one about them always made us laugh. No matter how old a movie is maybe it was in the 30s40. That we want to them it's time comedy. And then the fate the favorite is. A movie that is going to be out war Golden Globes and Academy Awards as best picture. But at its heart it's really fit here we've money it's about queen and in the eighteenth century. Who's just a little not and it played by Olivia Coleman who did a whole though ward now warm as it's crazy queen. And in her corner he has to rival ladies in waiting played by Rachel but that Emma Stone Oscars for the mall. You will laugh and you go home and think about it. Okay there is Noelle holiday. There is no ended the year with out Hollywood. Give me movie that they are desperate to be. Win Oscars is it's all about Oscar time. They feel that the Oscar voters have no memory and so they don't show them these movies at the end of the year they'll never remember a movie that opened in February. The thing year. They can't. So it's a pile on of award caliber stuff. And I'm gonna start with the mule because this is a movie directed by Clint Eastwood and starring him. In a true story. A ninety year old man which could this plan he says this is his last performance ever. Where he played a mule for drug cartel. True story. Comment playing it saying it's his laugh I'm sure is telling all those cartels to get off his lawn. Console. Then we have welcomed tomorrow. Which sounds like a comedy because that feed corral at the star but his character has suffered. In a kind of home invasion the worst kind of PB SE trauma so he builds. The army. In his backyard if the kind of therapy for him. I trust Steve Correll to take us places that we don't become so I'm totally Steve war. And then you want to talk about transformation. In acting performances look at Nicole Kidman and destroy. She plays an LA cop. Who looks like four miles is torn up wrote this is not the glamorous but called it meant that we've seen before this is a woman at the end of road. And she is going to solve the one crimes that's been wanting for. This is the kind of thing. Give me enough right away and watching it hold it is kind of risk. It from you don't want. And then there's. A dramatic movie called it Beale street can talk directed by Bernard Jenkins. Who did the Oscar winning best picture moonlight and here he takes on a novel by James Baldwin. That is basically said in New York not Beale street because you'll streets in the mind. It's what you want out of loves and it's about a couple that society. Won't really let it be happy. There's racism. There's the idea families in conflict it's as old as Romeo and Juliette. But what we're seeing in this is something elemental and the financial. This is when you've got to put on your don't miss. And then we have what to me might be the best picture you'll see any time this year and at that Netflix community. Which is meaning well is it television or is it real. Netflix has been releasing movies in theaters as well as you can feed them on Netflix so they're eligible for any kind of Golden Globe or Oscar. This movie's called Roma. It is written and directed by Alfonso core roan who won a directing Oscar for gravity with sensible. But here he's doing a movie in black and white. Yet in Mexico City you're thinking well isn't it called Romo will Romans actually suburb of Mexico City and it's about him growing up. In this suburb where he family as well off but they have no time and so he is raids. By the nanny by the housekeeper by the people that are hired. Who gave him love more love yet actual. You see this movie he laughed and we day. How could anybody have done anything this wonderful this unexpected. Soes so great. Am going and with a movie that doesn't necessarily sound like enough removing counts more like the friendly movie. But I think it's going to be out there in both categories it's called Mary Poppins return. I know you're on lap there's thing. They couldn't have remade this there's only one Julie Andrews she's the only Mary Poppins and that might be true but this isn't a remake of Mary Poppins he picked up with Mary Poppins 25 years later. He's now played by and we want. And we have Rain Man well ran from now. Laying. Sort of partner Mary in what is going on which he goes back. Cherry tree lane and deals with the now world thing. I just think if we had the potential to fire all of them so that people. Holland being we've gotten war than we can ask for I'd say get all the popcorn tan. Settle back and enjoy these.

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