Actor Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in car

The actor looked like a real-life action star when he rushed to free a baby from a car seat after a two-car collision in Los Angeles.
2:05 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Actor Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in car
Now we'll turn to that historic moment for actor Danny Trejo helping a child in an overturned car and will reeve has the story. Reporter: Yes, I do. Eyewitnesses said it appeared the car ran a red light and smashed into another car with a child with special needs and his grandmother inside. Danny Trejo happened to be in the area. When it flipped he sprang into action. He's known for playing menacing characters on the big screen. Nobody knows. Reporter: But this morning actor Danny Trejo turning into a real-life action star helping save a young child after this dramatic car crash in los Angeles Wednesday. Lady ran a red light. Crashed into that explorer. Flipped it over. Reporter: Trejo was nearby and instantly rushed in to help making a beeline for the overturned vehicle. There was a baby inside and a grandma. I couldn't get the baby out. I couldn't unbuckle the seat belt. Reporter: But like every good hero he soon got reinforcements and another person helped him free the child from the seat. The only thing that saved that kid is his car seat. Reporter: The actor putting his experience starring in "Dora and the lost city of gold" to good use entertaining and calming the boy until first responders were able to free his grandmother from the car. I kept facing him away from the accident and just talking to him. Reporter: The boy and grandmother soon reunited. Three people taken to the hospital after the crash, but luckily none seriously hurt thanks in no small part to Trejo who says he was just glad to pay itforward. Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. Everything. And that's the way I live. Reporter: He said to keep the boy calm he told the boy that they had to use their superpowers. No superpowers needed for Trejo to be a hero, though. That's really cool. Good story. Thanks, will. Coming up, urgent

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"The actor looked like a real-life action star when he rushed to free a baby from a car seat after a two-car collision in Los Angeles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64850813","title":"Actor Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in car","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/actor-danny-trejo-saves-baby-trapped-car-64850813"}