Actor Steven Yeun talks about his new film, ‘Minari’

Yeun stars in a new movie about a Korean American family that moves to rural Arkansas to start a farm.
4:58 | 03/01/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actor Steven Yeun talks about his new film, ‘Minari’
You know him from the hit show "The walking dead." Now starring in a new movie "Minari" which just won a golden globe last night so he is a happy man. Steven yeun, thank you for joining us and congratulations on the golden globe, my friend. The movie won for best foreign language film -- well, first best foreign language film which is a little confusing, a little controversial because it's actually an American film so what did you feel about that? Yeah, you know, I think Isaac said it best, our intentions always with this film were to speak from our shared humanity and I think he expressed it the best when he said our language of love and, you know, rules and institutions can never really capture the nuance of real life and that is that asian-americans make up the fabric of America as well and so it just sends a weird message but happy that people will hopefully see this film and so very grateful. You said asian-americans make up the fabric of America and getting a lot of Oscar buzz for your performance but it's hard to believe that no asian-american actor has ever been nominated for an Oscar. Hmm. Yeah, I mean, that idea is interesting, first thing for me to answer too just because for me I'm just an actor trying to do my thing and it seems like sometimes the discussion around beak the first asian-american, that's well and good but it feels like not my problem. Yeah. Right? Like I'm acting but -- Sure. These things are happening so for me I just am just trying to do me and I'm asian-american and I proudly wear that on my face, so I'm just doing what I can. Good for you. Well put, indeed and congratulations again on the movie receiving the recognition that it did and like in the movie your family immigrated here when you were a child. Yes. I love, Steven, how you took your dad to the premiere at sundance and how he was just so overcome with emotion. What kind of conversations have you had with him since? Yeah, you know what, it was a really beautiful reconnection. You know, my dad and I, we're close but, you know, there's always barrier of generation, of language for me and to be able to reconnect those things and kind of say the things you can't verbalize and I'm so fortunate that I get to show my dad on a massive movie screen how I feel and how I relate so it was a big blessing for sure. Well, it is sparking a lot of conversation with your family and with families all around the world so we want to share a little bit of that clip right now. Yeah, of course. We just saw in that clip he works as a chicken sexer, works in a hatcher and separate the female from the male chicks. In research for this role you had a little help from your family, I heard. Yeah, my wife is actually also from Arkansas. We -- Isaac and her are cousins and so I got to ask my parents-in-law how to do it and got all the tips and tricks for sure. Whole bunch of family connections this this movie. I understand your cousin is the director, tell us how you guys came to connect on the project. Yeah, so he's not my cousin by blood. My wife, my wife is his cousin and I don't know how more I can be blessed by being associated with my wife, but I got to be connected with Isaac and make this beautiful film so, yeah, we never really talked about working together. We've only met a handful of times prior but getting to know him and getting to see how wonderful of an artist he is truly blessed that I met my wife and she continues to give me these blessings. Well, Steven, we're blessed you joined us this morning the we really appreciate you. Congratulations on the big win last night and we're looking forward to see what else comes your way but thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you very much. All right, "Minari" is in theaters and on demand right now so make sure you check it out.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Yeun stars in a new movie about a Korean American family that moves to rural Arkansas to start a farm. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76178080","title":"Actor Steven Yeun talks about his new film, ‘Minari’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/actor-steven-yeun-talks-film-minari-76178080"}