Alyson Stoner gives 2020 commencement speech for foster youth graduating high school

Alyson Stoner, Rainn Wilson, and others teamed up with "I Pour Life" to write a special speech for graduating high school students in the foster care program.
7:50 | 05/12/20

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Transcript for Alyson Stoner gives 2020 commencement speech for foster youth graduating high school
The class to the class the class of 2000. To the classes when he went to and 20/20. The class of 20/20. Were there she. Reached. SEC. And our mountains. Simply. Celebration seemed gosh you. All he accomplished. Right the cheese. Isn't expected me to action certain tax. Where. I came home for the past year looked to us. We never could have imagined that the last few days and your senior year would be spent and self quarantine. Apart from your friends and classmates. Believe generations before his graduation collided with a sense of epic proportions. You are stepping into a world trying to find new. How currency. Things are correct the now it's time. All obstacles and opportunities. Or she is more intense and future or earth our world. Cracks so poisonous as a class 20/20 DC how crucial it is to develop 20/20 vision in your life just like 20/20 eyesight in place sharp clear high definition used you are getting a firsthand. And unique perspective of the world our country and your communities. You are seeing life in its many dimensions and layers where moments aren't either one thing or another but both things. And plenty more simultaneously. For example there are both huge grounds were applauding your hard work to reach this milestone. And frustration the commencement have been canceled and postponed. Everywhere you turn your findings both inaccurate hello. Attention in our hearts. Throughout the world are both. Triumph. And essential workers becoming everyday heroes as well as are staying home and open to the current state locks. There is grief as loved ones to come to the disease and businesses close their doors. There is both courage by the medical professionals valiantly fighting on the front lines of this pandemic war. And uncertainty over the short and long term impact on jobs communities. And the economy. There's a unity and neighbors looking out for another and division from political differences and borders that. And we all act as both an individual doing our part independently. And as human T let them together as a whole this kind of busy and once showed that anything can. Or minimum. Instead they can follow our balance even I don't. Just absolutely I mean senator that day and earth seem contradictory. Or confused and that. Somehow they only. Who are. Let the days that many obstacles and hurt our company because they inspire these 8% positive and admirable piece let graduation even as news on the rise in real time. In our history and is he glanced continue to see you in coming days he faced them with more and more reserves. Because strike in synchronicity. That peacetime implying that your life. These are bonds and into new puts its. He's been rocked by Iowa wide moment of truth a momentous asks for self reflection and come to beat the throw it took us. I'm Amanda spots and more on Goldman's these guys we have VW. Never before seen quote Asem. I don't opportunities. For people to innovate in ways that set aside eagle you know there to protect people won't the planet. Social distancing has been hard you I'm. Week I mean even more importantly it was the end in. Largely stepped into the confidence. And you will become. As we lift our communities out of our TXP will take a whole lot of boat and thinking and balancing the attention that's been showing compassion. And making tough decisions about your future standing in this. Intersection. I invite you to choose trust. Over here and loved the parts of yourself that are still afraid anyway. I invite you to recognize your power as both a blend. Of grit and your vulnerability. You came evil act trap and adapting to changes and uncompromising in your integrity. You can grab yourself by building a strong inner foundation and rise above by taking risks and trying new things. You can order the lessons and experiences of the past and I learned some patterns to rebuild veterans for tomorrow. You can write your own story. And choose how you want to contribute to the larger human. Don't let the significance of this situation passing by. This hasn't been easy and has come with a great cost. You class of 20/20 have sacrificed a once in a lifetime event. That had to replace pomp of senior year with social distancing and self quarantine. Few graduating classes have ever been asked to give up this secret rite of passage into adulthood. These decisions have been made for you and on behalf of others and cannot be reversed. But even in the disappointment and deserve re you chose to recognize the lives lost. And the importance under willingness to embrace the sacrifice to see with 20/20 vision. It four has. Contributed to the Wallace and others and has repealed the goodness your character. And we need more of it as our 20/20 vision it's clear we recognize that we have a choice in how we allow this crisis to mold us. As Octavia Butler. All that you touch you change. All that you changed changed here. All life is into the connector and we inherit a previous generations have built for us and shape them into our own legacy for generations that follow. This moment will surely leave an impression on how you see the world. How you use your unique 20/20 vision shape a brighter future. When you walking compassion and extend dignity and respect yourself and others. Can you see first understand. Before expecting to be understood. It might have seemed easier to believes things were either one way or another just black or white but by embracing the gray. The mystery in the unknown. You can tap into your creativity and discover new ideas. With a bullet in you you can validate a heart rate. And destruction of this pandemic and open your minds that never before and it'll opportunities. That I have generated in such trying times. You remember. How fragile human life is an a for our almighty. We can eat when we are unified. In thought and action. You can find your own footing and sense of balance and help meet the needs of the vulnerable to underserved. And at risk. You do not need all the answers to me you are not there and tomorrow. Stepped boldly NT to check. Knowing you'll ever meet such as this. To the classics like it's funny even its congratulations. Out of your graduation. And one simple question went to you won't see into.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"Alyson Stoner, Rainn Wilson, and others teamed up with \"I Pour Life\" to write a special speech for graduating high school students in the foster care program. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70645958","title":"Alyson Stoner gives 2020 commencement speech for foster youth graduating high school","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/alyson-stoner-2020-commencement-speech-foster-youth-graduating-70645958"}