Why Andy Samberg doesn't want you to know much about his new film 'Palm Springs'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the new romantic comedy "Palm Springs."
19:42 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Why Andy Samberg doesn't want you to know much about his new film 'Palm Springs'
Let me you formal introduction of the year. Old people that have no idea the who are we need Peter Travers. This is Zetterberg who didn't. Doctor ZA more. I see you at your very best Eddie Keogh. Yeah thanks. You're living a life of misery an end and people are loving you everywhere. Total. You know obviously you wish we made it in there for your hats Paulo again and new media. In. You know having to live with yourself and figure out. Human life and live it and your options. Imagine that but you know you'd have a life and Donna writes and you're not alone in oral sure much better off the character. So I want you you before we start this east Lincoln people what Hans Marines. Really he's and a you did did did you it's alive than these. Tell you this. Well the lawyers this blow the main reasons I wanted to make it was so we shoot. Yeah. And I was going to be able bring him there and you know now. And hangar got a mountain dance and I loved arms aren't. Truly loves nominated actor and that. You know. Producer and well respected. This it is he would. More from. I'm scared for you my friend. You've got the jargon. No. Its owner. Religious you know you yeah our news. That's right your birthday coming up that will be. Oh off. Yeah sinner. Can be. Beauty. Sometimes just this people. You wife and daughter still love you. I put you yeah yeah still you know. I ask every day the nature. My daughter. Won't always like now. She. Have to distress. Now sometimes you have to say it young enough. He has. Until I approached it that way did. I tell her she's not confuse. And he had seen this man. No matter. I will say one thing that has not been doing a lot of press accounts. To ends. Which stringent limits. Movie is a hard. I need is not. Enough injured right. Young people better expecting something more network. There's like X sexual situations. Graphic. It's turning people law but now it's. No I just don't want to. Read read on to go hand and I sighed and our you know I remember like. Accident he's quirky. Rules and never article. Yet it never really got. Can you. Amber some. Those people that now been told that this movie wheels aren't MB us that. Graphic sexuality. Without language our rug. Everything else and it. Who is this Niles. Well. Practiced at all and apologize for dragging this out prime OS and you. If you are designed you want absolutely recommend going in knowing as little. There is an eight year. Other people just put on a blind full. They can use their mess up their eyes. And tell us a little bit out. On the way there on the matter our imagination. That's right yeah. I should probably talk. I'm. No it's that time me. OK that was easy yeah. It's got comes at the end and you've destroyed the success. Certainly not. Are taught you about this with Celeste and Jesse forever and always in me. Now I'm at apple saying. Yeah you know. You win any Golden Globe when. Actually. Do you less art yeah. I am labs. I think you really. 7 NEWS Brookline have it's that stress and I range a little it has made me feel more confident as an actor. I think also working with people think Andre Brower. Or other casts. Yeah has expanded my idea was a serious actors. Candy and it is hands it. Part of that is like getting to know now I made it very skeptical that self seriousness acting Kraft. That. As a comedian I don't always do what with Daniel Day-Lewis. Can. Well. He's retired on the table now he'll come back Jerry started over. Well possibly economic future. Terror getting at as I walk in there's dramatic acting and blown way out why. And the more I do have done more I see how hard it actually is the value and NN. Dan. It makes me. Eight get more seriously personally and also. My way of doing Margaret he's your. Vote improvement repetition and also an editing. I all the time in. There is in this. Character that we don't give to you or. Could say it's really got your clothes are you book that you me there's going on you really immediately and also. Dramatic. He ordered out of Albany. There's a lot. This. Want a relationship as. And how long and we. Life. Yeah immune to the court it is on main themes and how scary it is attain the climb shortest you know it's a really I read it and it's happen that we face consumer real relationship. Years. It's scary. Forever and it's it is scary. I think for some dual credit gratifying. Arguably the most. Well as husband Bobby it exactly right. You never know that we. You were making the booby in the movie where people go see it and the BE. I had to relive this aimed Aaron. Yeah yeah hopefully it will be cathartic not remind them the parts. There are certainly a more relatable. You know we're all and that little better. This isn't England now. All saying he's awaiting the much fun that is we don't know also you're not giving anything liquor the moody. Birds that wetting your characters actually already. On your and you into the reached her arm and got in your head. Yet see every Ron. In them involvement and we had a sort of error slain. A slightly different number aren't. The writer director meet Chris at my. And we Greece cannot say what our number is it's a long. Some law it really long time and let you know. At least all right. Yeah. So. That does affect performance totally different it was really just arteries and authority so where houses. He comes across the first is not at all the aircraft it out and the master. You know that's that. The real truth is that we broke. If you selling what. My actor is completely broken. Might as well be Burton and no egg. Content yeah. Meeting blow to pull the beer ads. Hinting that he is giving himself. It. Okay what's that all there really cell work. All the misery and all things we want to let that in the end it. There in this and the note. It took unmoved. It is fun. Look you started this. A lot of a former New Year's end and why. And soul measurably she from. Now. Eight I want to steal from you that way she. And you. And say not a you go to our guest. I'll say not bad again. I think I do. Ready to bounce Chris. AK. It's not keep hitting but it is aimed at getting a week after week the route are. Yet they're gonna felony whatever. Comes of the ace makes it intelligently. They are there. So you're Asian if they're so our nose. That this is race. Well as a person who is Saturday Night Live for so long and yours Sen. When shows on still watch it to unite. And Iowa area. Because there aren't serious look forever there and and a glass. Byron change. It was very typical parts of each and Bill Hader said. Can't do it because I just admit I'm not there anymore. I certainly makes you really craved human error and an Iranian. Mark Aaron. Hands and ultimately it had slowly now getting back suggests he's out. We are going to be back. Well RK so now that you are. Haven't you birthday yeah. And you look back on your career yet. You didn't meet me high courts here or where you had the best because other. I think it's really all about you look any UN saying knots. It be re projects. Aren't you could do it. S periods it obviously. Is getting hired S and okay. First that changed my where. I am and then everything S and allies could fall under that umbrella. Yeah. Anything less about what I thought I do hindered its even more as life. Always Wear when it happened well I can leave. Now. Hosting that he's was really cool moment. In my. All the crap. Just eat. Your angels union. It's something specific we always the man who matter cool night BDO. And bigger myself and getting you. We'll let it out golden glow when you won at DG say to yourself he came home with this that you did you say. Me period it was really great he was also weird position adjuster and I'm. We were thrilled I don't o.s still doesn't register to. You know I mean more recently finally get our personal islands you're. And yeah. We played bar. Which is a massive vessel it yeah we went out and ended at 1230. Enhance. We never were before you know mart announced aged. Thirty some thousand well. Singing along to arts student. Laughing. All together and who all of this is. Moment that our and you know hey let me exactly equal. It means something to that. But she got silly is crucial. That's why do it was always figured. You or. I. Personally so proud of what. And what. Just really. Religion and I know we've talked a lot over the years and you're. The first artists and birds. Yeah. And he would get working with really good people they're not. That. I did it. If you had one moment. Ponds. We did something and it doesn't it hasn't had to be the big G yet a lot. There are a lot of that it's something where a year in that particular scene and said okay you know blow us. It'll. We want there isn't seen it better when I saw a cop out guard because I hadn't seen that specific. Our energy from myself before and it has seen his meeting with Chris and I next you know. The longer seen and it's a little bits are understated and are more pauses in it and interest acted kind of moment hands. When I watched it got sucked into it just as you heard after. Yeah. This all day in the year. Always ended. On should hear something. Fabulous army you know. He's special and this year to this whole. Popcorn world and the world that we didn't win can't share our. Immediate. Sure yeah. Oh. Got to double time you know. Creek turned Ukraine. Yeah it's it's not digital it's actually. And a lot of feeling. But I still love you up what it means something in saw. Is this really not O time. Law. There let me up and carried me around you always able to make. Now you're sitting there are some routine. You have with you how are. You want. And yet nothing. That I. Pain. X and human and agree to. And you. Blue literal about it. A letter yeah. Lou. And Benoit who let me. That came from but. Yeah Wesley. And I'd appreciate it. I'm real that I got to talk to you at a time that I know it's a tough time. But indeed good body so good for yet. Another agrees yeah and I'm gonna make a song. For you later that I'll just seeing him. Oh loves art. Michelle.

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{"duration":"19:42","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the new romantic comedy \"Palm Springs.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71725857","title":"Why Andy Samberg doesn't want you to know much about his new film 'Palm Springs'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/andy-samberg-film-palm-springs-71725857"}