Anna Kendrick gets into the Christmas spirit in 'Noelle'

The "Pitch Perfect" and "A Simple Favor" actress stars alongside Shirley MacLaine in the new holiday film on Disney+.
4:04 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Anna Kendrick gets into the Christmas spirit in 'Noelle'
Why doesn't know fallen because we have a special guests here at the tables and. Oh. She's saving Christmas the new movie Noel please welcome. MacIntel. Call like that didn't. Relief for you to celebrate Christmas I know I'm Natalie I'm one of those people you bet that hang out until they are kind of do little time of the year YY Dele Joseph way. Home for the holidays main attribute any favorite holiday tradition love and changes being mean is this so amazing I'm so happy get in on this here and but we did something weird we watch football with the nutcracker Ron we turn the sound up up up only watch and little sign of where coming. Scooters every now and then it lines up perfectly encouraging. Intel Iceland where a plane align perfectly and he's a Christian as its. A favorite I go to Christmas and a movies you watch a holiday movies you watch every year time so many I love not that Christians can wrong I'm not so you. We also they'll line in. Get it free Alan stay for another credit. I'm saying probably cast I miss it. Yeah and Alitalia like that women speak about Noel because you play. Santa's daughter yeah and you have to save cream know why wouldn't decrease isn't everything like for YouTube to start your own tree. Christmas but I mean I'm always want to do Chris is there any and nationally than like a bucket list saying and you're gonna get Christmas movie like. Do daily Disney it's gonna be they don't like that Norris Hall we have ice eat everywhere they built like I eighteen clients of the sad how you get around at the North Pole but I had ice heat everywhere while we were filming this. To call that's how we do it. Faris chopping firewood and carry it on my back so that I could heat up the cottage and make your breakfast bubbles while I've picked up all the dirty clothes but none of that's really been a problem. He did you any of that stuff honestly he would starve and die if it weren't for me what you think. Violence this is Alicia. How am I part if he or she underwear needs flushing. All well then my Christmas wishes been grants that. I living on intended mainly to. Higher perjure all the time to really and I her living legend John claimed G and an eighteen at all Alan all her stories are not safer TV and it was out of time. I'm not it didn't the real hard landing lady and I lover got a lover for that's it looks fantastic. I Q we just talked a little bit about it's perfect because we love you it. Okay. Ty five and which are spending time with the all the parents think that you guys are really tight even with like the hustlers premiered. Yeah I'm not like with a caskets altogether fun. I mean she sounds. It sounds cheesy but I mean it is like family and around there it it's it's like family in the way that we didn't choose each other don't choose your family. Every time we get together it's just like everything's right back where I was and were just like really there for each other. All the time you know like there are times that we don't speak all the time and then they're like whenever we yeah. Isn't really like a family relationship and it's like it's amazing to know that you have these. Women that have your back to bring Willingham. It's okay. Not. Hundred I'm I haven't gotten it all but let me now viewed. That's not enough yeah on Saturday night that you always break it you are always a sheer delight. Sixty plus less yeah. Let that pumping and Smirnov yeah.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The \"Pitch Perfect\" and \"A Simple Favor\" actress stars alongside Shirley MacLaine in the new holiday film on Disney+.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66906431","title":"Anna Kendrick gets into the Christmas spirit in 'Noelle'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/anna-kendrick-christmas-spirit-noelle-66906431"}